UPDATE: Freebird has actually temporarily lessened the signup bonus as result of COVID-19. The new sign up bonus is now $1 for each that your very first two rides.

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Trying to track under a Lyft promo password so girlfriend can acquire the very first lyft journey free?

We have plenty of them, in addition to ways to save even an ext money.

Sick of shopping roughly for coupon codes the don’t work?

You’re in the ideal place!

Before we get into that, we’d like to introduce a brand-new app ~ above the scene that goes hand-in-hand v both Lyft and also Uber to really boost your save both for brand-new customers and also existing users.

Meet Freebird, the app that offers you cashback because that EVERY ride girlfriend take, not just your first ride (and the can combine with a Lyft promo).

The Freebird application is a companion app for Uber and Lyft users.

Take a peek directly below for a little an ext info ~ above this money-saving opportunity, then keep analysis for the deets on the illustrious Lyft promo code as well as info on just how to conserve even much more with rideshare.

We save our ears to the ground once it comes to rideshare promotions and also its publicity, therefore it’s here you’ll find the latest (and valid!) Lyft credit codes and such.

Lyft promo codes can be an unified with the Freebird promo code, by the way.

Looking because that a Uber Eats Promo Code?
usage Code: EATS-UBERVIP3 for $20 Off her Uber Eats stimulate OR much better yet get $30 credit for DoorDash.

So if you’re new to both?

Savings galore!

Take a peek listed below for not simply a list of existing Lyft promo codes to usage for brand-new users, but also tips, tricks, and some helpful information to obtain the finest out of your rideshare experience once you use Lyft (or Uber as well).

1. Lyft Promo code for a free Ride?

Here we are! The elusive Lyft promo code for new users.


If you’re looking front to do the efforts this business for the very first time, why not save some cash in the process with a Lyft promo?

Not certain what Lyft promotion might be working appropriate now?

We’ve done the study for you.

Take a peek listed below for the most current Lyft promo codes for new users, and continue analysis for more tips, tricks, and also handy rideshare information.

The complying with Lyft password list consists of promo codes precious for up to $50 in Lyft credit towards your an initial Lyft ride cost-free as a new user.

In general, there are many reasons to make use of on-demand services to make her life easier.

In particular, ridesharing is a pretty fabulous way to save time and stress.

And, together for ridesharing, they have a pretty stellar company society that client seem to yes, really dig.

Like what, girlfriend say?

Well, their society is all about being ‘your friend through a car,’ versus various other companies such as Uber the are less friendly.

They promote fist bumps as a greeting as soon as you fulfill your driver.

They also have the hashtag #WhyILyft because that riders and drivers come share experiences.

How cool is that?!

Lyft code Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits for First-Timers

With ridesharing, like many other points these days, over there are constantly unexpected variables here and also there.

To acquire the finest experience feasible when girlfriend ride Lyft, we’ve put our suffer to use to translate into a perform of advice & tricks because that you.

We desire you to have the many hassle-free suffer possible!

Promo codes expire! Make certain to usage your Lyft password within 14 job of entering right into the app.Your credit code will be used first before any pre-entered payment method.Choose one easily easily accessible pickup location such as a corner or a loading zone.Call or message the driver with much more specific indict if necessary. Because that example, if you’re in a parking lot.Enter your location into the Lyft application (or the Freebird app if you’re using it for cash back) before the driver come to conserve time and also hassle.Remember, ratings go both ways! You and also your driver price each other, so treat the or her how you want to be treated.If you’re using your Lyft promo password for organization rides, enter your firm card as your default payment method. Transportation expenses are mainly tax deductible.If you’d choose to have an idea of just how much of your ride would certainly be covered by Lyft promo codes, acquire a fare estimate prior to requesting your ride.Excellent times to use Lyft Coupon Codes

While girlfriend can’t save it forever, you deserve to save your Lyft free ride for when it can be the most useful to you.

Take notice, though, as soon as you actually enter it right into your account, it will expire.

We recommend using any type of Lyft promo password within 14 days.

You deserve to wait to get in it if you wish to save it because that longer.


Make sure to take note of its simple expiration date, too.

Don’t miss out by waiting as well long!

You can save her Lyft promo because that a day as soon as you work specifically early and don’t desire to take it public transit.

Or, perhaps you have an appointment throughout town and also don’t desire to drive.

The vacation season is a an excellent one to arrangement for using discount codes as well.

Whatever the reason, pick a time that isn’t during peak hours.

You’ll get more bang for your totally free buck!

2. Just how to use a first Lyft journey Free

You’ve regulated to track under this premium complimentary Lyft cost-free ride voucher.

How execute I actually use my Lyft discount?

Where do I go into my totally free ride code for Lyft?


When it concerns how to usage a Lyft promo code, we’ve acquired you covered.

It’s simple!

Be certain to enter any kind of promo codes prior to requesting your very first ride in order for it to be valid.

First, that course, make sure to download the Lyft application onto her mobile device if friend haven’t done so already.

To go into your Lyft code into the app, usage the complying with steps:

Press the menu button on the peak left.Select the ‘Promos’ option from the menu.Enter her Lyft promo code: ONDEMAND

Most of these Lyft promotion codes are valid because that a $20 credit in the direction of your very first ride.

The credit transaction from any type of promo codes will be used before you’re charged.

Lyft cost-free Ride password Errors

Sometimes v technology, things don’t go perfectly smoothly, particularly when it comes to promo codes because there are so many bad ones the end there.

If you’ve obtained an error message when trying to usage a Lyft promo, opportunities are that you’re frustrated.

Save yourself some stress and speculation and take a look at feasible errors you could encounter as soon as doing a Lyft sign up and subsequent Lyft free an initial ride.

Expired totally free Lyft Code

Be sure to inspect expiration dates before entering or making use of a promo code for Lyft.

Commonly, human being enter promo codes into their account yet forget.

Then, as soon as it comes time to usage that Lyft first ride, it’s as well late.

Don’t be that male (or girl)!

Pro Tip: If you enter your Lyft promo code and also wait too lengthy to usage it, it will certainly expire. If this happens and also you haven’t yet taken your very first ride, simply delete any expired promo codes from her account. Watch up another (current) Lyft promo from our list at the height of this short article and shot again! As long as you haven’t take away your first ride yet, you retain your new user status and also can cash in on Lyft coupons.

Location-Exclusive Credits

Sometimes, they will certainly release promo codes supposed for world in a specific location only to drive Lyft in ~ a discount.

This is much less common, however, that does happen.

For example, periodically when castle branch out into a brand-new area, castle will sell discounts (by utilizing a promo code usually) for new members to try out a Lyft ride.

While there is no working approximately this, be sure to examine out the restrictions prior to using these Lyft offers.

If you’re no in the allowed area, friend may be able to delete it and also use a various code before losing your new member status.

Already used a Lyft totally free Ride

This is the most common.

These new user codes space meant as a Lyft sign up bonus, to construct up consistent users the the service.

Therefore, if you’ve already used one on your account, friend won’t be able to use another.

In this case, we recommend do the efforts to use Uber. If you’re currently an Uber customer then shot out an currently Uber user code.

If you’re in search of a complimentary ride or at the very least a promo password of part sort yet you’ve provided both Lyft and also Uber before, examine out Freebird.

You have the right to snag a promo password on your first ride and also cash earlier every single time you usage the app.

More info about Freebird and also their promo code deserve to be uncovered at the peak of this post.

3. Know Your Lyft Coupon code Options

Knowing what you’re getting into and also being prepared is half the fight with a Lyft promo, or yes, really any type of promo or coupon codes.

More frequently than not, the more you recognize from the get-go, the more you’ll save.

Especially with rideshare services.


Information about ride choices and service locations are few of the most common things you should know, especially prior to your an initial ride.

Rides easily accessible with Codes

There are 4 options available on your rider account as soon as it pertains to requesting a ride; any type of can be used with your ride credit.

It all depends on what she looking for.

All options are accessible when you’re making use of a Lyft credit code (but lock will vary in cost).

Firstly, they have actually the initial service.

This is your standard, all-purpose option, which consists of seats for as much as three various other people. This is accessible everywhere you deserve to ride Lyft, every the means from Los Angeles to new York and also in between.

This option is what we indicate using v any kind of Lyft promo codes, as your money will certainly go further.

Next, they have actually Lyft Plus.

This is a heftier alternative for those times once you have much more than four human being to schlep around.

These Lyft plus rides encompass spots because that up to 6 people.

The vehicles are generally a valve or SUV versus a smaller vehicle like v the original ride option.

In part cities, Lyft Premier is available.

This is a luxury offering, frequently consisting that a 4-door high-end sedan.

Currently, this option is only obtainable in Los Angeles, san Francisco, and brand-new York City.

Lastly, we have actually the Lyft mutual (formerly Lyft Line) option.

This is much more of a true carpool than the various other services, in i beg your pardon you have the right to share a ride with someone else headed the same direction.

This option is less expensive than the others because you split your fare through the other passenger (and yes, you can still use your promo code).

Popular Lyft Cities through Promotions

Currently, availability has opened up up in about 65 cities within the joined States.

They’re growing, though!

Expansion plans have actually continued together with the rise in need for Lyft rides throughout the country.

If you specifically searching for a great deal, there are a few cities in ~ the United states that market Lyft promo password or various other Lyft coupons much more often than others.

These include:

San FranciscoChicagoLos AngelesNew York City (NYC)San DiegoLas Vegas

These space most certainly top cities in the United claims in state of free ride promotion.

4. Totally free Lyft Codes because that Existing Users

Already tried Lyft?

Love it?

You can still rake in part savings similar to that of a promo code on your next Lyft ride too.


There aren’t any Lyft codes because that existing users, however, there space still things you can do come decrease her ride cost.

We’ve acquired a the majority of ideas, and we’re sharing a couple of with you now!

If you’re trying to find a an ext in-depth look at maximizing her savings as a continuing customer, examine out our in-depth guide to yes, really cash in next time you ride Lyft.

Sharing ride Credit through a Friend

Another alternative to obtain Lyft credit transaction for present customers is to merely ride through a friend.

This can be one especially great solution if she socializing in a group.

Find the end which of your friends has actually never offered the platform before.

Set them up through the Lyft app.

Get castle a Lyft coupon.

There is no border to the number of people in the car when making use of ride credits, for this reason you deserve to all ride because that free!

Substitutes for a Coupon

Of course, this isn’t the just rideshare option out there.

If by chance you occur to be an present Lyft user, girlfriend could check some of these promo code choices out to save some cash.

Even if you room a brand-new user and also plan on utilizing a totally free Lyft password for your first ride, it’s always nice to view what rather is also out there.

Also, modern technology isn’t perfect.

It’s a good idea to have actually a pair of these apps ready to walk in situation one the them no working as soon as you really require a ride.

You can use an Uber password for complimentary the very first time.

Using the Freebird App

In lieu that a Lyft promo code, you deserve to use the Freebird rides app to earn cash back.

This actually works for every solitary Lyft ride friend take, not just your an initial one for new users. It works for Uber too!

That being said, you can take benefit of this alternative by using a Freebird promo code your very first time making use of the app as well.

Scroll up to the beginning of this article for a step-by-step to using their promo code, or inspect out our deep dive right into using the Freebird promo code.

5. Lyft Referral Program

Their offer a ride, acquire a ride program is the best means to acquire a Lyft promo code for present customers.

It’s easy!

You merely refer friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. To shot the service.


Give them your unique Lyft referral code.

They’ll input it simply as you would a Lyft discount password for new users.

This enables them to get their Lyft first ride free.

When they finish the ride, you’ll get a Lyft discount together well.

Everyone end up happy!

Pro Tip: Try introduce family and friends first, adhered to by coworkers. If you’re really feeling bold, you can expand out to teachers, classmates, acquaintances, etc. Simply keep the personal!

Lyft Coupon FAQs

Do you have actually questions around the Lyft promo code for $50?

Looking for extr help?

Again, you’re in the appropriate place.

What precisely is a Lyft coupon code?

Promo codes allow discounts ~ above rides and credits because that Lyft. Girlfriend can use them via a link or conveniently enter them right into the smartphone app. Friend can obtain a link from a girlfriend for a Lyft authorize up or click a friend’s virtual referral. Then a promo password is applied to your account instantly as lengthy as you a new user.

How execute I use my totally free Lyft?

You simply enter your Lyft coupon prior to requesting your very first ride. Then, ~ you take it your very first ride, any kind of ride credit transaction leftover must still stay in her account. To inspect the Lyft promo password details or the amount of staying credit, walk to ‘Promos’ in the Lyft application for much more information.

Is the very first ride on Lyft Free?

It deserve to be, considering that Lyft is in straight competition v Uber, and also both platforms offer ride codes because that discounts. Brand-new customers can enter a Lyft coupon code when signing up, enabling eligibility for approximately $50 in complimentary ride credits (use code RYDER). Brand-new customers because that Uber can likewise earn an catalyst by utilizing Uber coupon RIDESHARE.

How carry out I enter a Lyft promo code?

After producing your account, friend can click on the Lyft menu within her app. Madness the ‘Promos’ button to get in your Lyft promo code. Enter ‘RYDER‘ and also tap ‘Apply.’ This will provide you through up to a $50 off code in the direction of your very first rides.

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Are you supposed to sit in the former or earlier when taking a Lyft?

There are plenty of answers, here, although numerous drivers have actually a preference, therefore if girlfriend don’t have a preference yourself, it may be polite just to ask her Lyft driver prior to your Lyft ride begins. Store in mind, you room the paying customer, therefore most drivers expect you to select wherever you feel most comfortable.