This post explains exactly how to gain anything for totally free on Ebay. This is an extremely simple, proven and guaranteed come work. You can get, for example, an iphone 4, a 64GB IPad 2, or also a Macbook agree laptop for free.1. If the seller does not use shipment confirmation, you currently won. Just tell ebay you never received the item. Castle will always side v you (bhe buyer) and also refund her money, including shipping, at THE SELLER"S EXPENSE. There is nothing the seller can do. Ebay will not inspection further, lock close the case. I have hard countless reports of this happening. Watch this on facebook threadand this article. The the person who lives now has actually no item, no money, and in enhancement he is the end the expense of shipping. Entirely screwed.2. If you are dealing with a savvy seller, they will certainly use distribution confirmation. Don"t worry, you deserve to still get your item because that free. ~ you receive the item, open a case and also claim the article broken. Let"s usage an iphone phone 4 together an example. Open up a claim and say the media buttons don"t job-related well. Define you visited the apple store and also they refuse to fix it due to water damage. The seller may ask you come send evidence of water damages (underneath the battery, there space sensors which change color if water touch them). Don"t send proof. Ebay will close the case, refund your money (including shipping if you paid for it), in ~ the seller"s expense. Friend can also wait a main or two, and then send your claim. You will certainly NOT need to send the "broken" item earlier and there is no means for the seller to afflict you, or for them to plague ebay.Why am ns posting this? by no means am i encouraging anyone come actually carry out this, you"re screwing the sellers over. This simply happened to me v an iphone phone 4 ns sold. The maker was in perfect condition. I marketed it, and a couple of weeks later on the seller opens a claim, complaining that the media buttons quit working, the Apple declared it was water damaged. We talked about the trouble extensively, I ultimately asked because that proof it to be water damaged. The seller refused. I asked him come send the phone call back. No response. At some point ebay REVERSED THE CHARGES and also closed the case. Ns can"t contact ebay or the seller around this case any more. Over there is no very nice one process. I have actually no iphone, no money, and also I obtained charged because that shipping costs.This is what girlfriend will check out in your paypal:
Temporary host For

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DetailsTemporary HoldForeBay buyer Dispute9146568253138724F-$199.99$0.00-$199.99 USD
Nov 29, 2012Temporary organize For
DetailsTemporary HoldForeBay buyer Dispute9146568253138724F-$199.99$0.00-$199.99 USD
Dec 12, 2012Update From
DetailsUpdateFromReversal0SJ660238P781433W$199.99$0.00$199.99 USD
Of course, I likewise lost the money I spent on shipping the item. In my particular situation, ebay closed the situation without even responding to my appeal to at least my iphone phone 4 sent ago to me. This is the email I got:
Thanks for your message

Thanks for your message. The case you contacted us around was closed after we made a last decision on it. We"ll testimonial your inquiry or concern and also get earlier to you in ~ 72 hours.

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There to be no further messages from ebay (they promised come get ago within 72 hours). If I open up the case in ebay, this is what ns see: