The Atlanta Braves winner their an initial World series in end 20 years. Now, that time to celebrate through a complimentary taco.

On Nov. 4, Taco Bell is providing out totally free Doritos Locos tacos.

The chain recently claimed Atlanta Braves’ 2nd baseman Ozzie Albies as this year’s “Taco Hero.” Albies stole second base in the very first inning of game 1, enabling Taco Bell come officially move forward with its “Steal a Base, steal a Taco” promotion, USA now reported.

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That means complimentary Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos taco for everyone — as lengthy as gives last, follow to a news release sent to the News.

How to case your civilization Series totally free taco

There are a few ways to case your totally free taco top top Nov. 4:

Taco Bell Rewards members can go ahead and redeem their totally free taco now via the app or online, follow to a news release. Client will also be maybe to acquire their cost-free taco all day ~ above Nov. 4 one of two people in-store, v Taco Bell’s website or via that app.

Breaking news!
ozzie just stole a base. This brand-new Taco Hero won America a free
— Taco Bell (
tacobell) October 27, 2021
The giveaway — now in the 10th year — is reserved for every day Nov. 4.

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