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Booking hotels with points earned native the best hotel credit transaction cards is a good way to conserve your hard-earned cash. Yet did you recognize there’s another method you can score a an excellent deal?

Many of the major hotel chains offer timeshare properties under a different brand, and they often have substantial incentives to gain you in the door to listen to their sales pitch! these incentives could include certificates for totally free hotel stays, gift cards, bonus points, and also more!

Getting your hands on these incentives just for sitting v a timeshare presentation could sound too good to it is in true. In many cases though, there’s no much an ext to that than simply that. Hotels build the “giveaway” of this incentives into the cost of act business. They recognize that these sales pitches are a numbers game, therefore they wouldn’t be doing the if wasn’t rewarding for them in the lengthy run!

In plenty of ways, the a win-win for everyone.They spread out the native on your timeshares, and you’ll have actually the opportunity to learn around whether it might be a an excellent fit because that you.Check out team member Meghan’s endure with a Hyatt timeshare sales key in Arizona, and another timeshare presentation in Belize.

If you’re curious around whether timeshare ownership might be precious it, we’ll go through how you can obtain invited to one of these presentations, what come expect, and also which major hotel brands offer timeshares. Worst-case scenario, you’ll discover that timeshare property is no for you, and you’ll quiet walk away with a gift card, bonus points, or some various other incentive.

Even if you’re not interested in timeshare ownership, you might earn some rewarding rewards simply for attending a timeshare presentation. (Photo courtesy the Hyatt)

How to conserve money by attending a timeshare presentation

Hotels regularly give folks financially rewarding incentives to get you in the door to your timeshare presentations. You’ll understand what the incentive is prior to you attend, of course, and they’ll usually market things like certificates for cost-free hotel stays, bonus points, and gift cards.

Sometimes, you could even have the ability to negotiate a much better deal! ns was may be to find reports virtual that stated different civilization were given various incentives for attending the very same timeshare presentation. So the lesson right here is that if you’re speak with one of their representatives and the incentive isn’t enticing enough, asking if they can offer other better!

You typically won’t need to pay anything to attend among these timeshare presentations, for this reason your only “cost” will certainly be the several hours it takes come sit through their presentation.And even if there is a fee because that attending, the worth of the incentive oftentimes outweighs the initial fee.

For instance, I found a report from Stephen at regular Miler who declared he payment $150 to attend a timeshare presentation, and also in return was awarded 45,000 Wyndham point out (enough because that 3 nights at any kind of Wyndham hotel) and a 7-night remain at a timeshare resort.I’d to speak those incentives were fine worth the $150 fee!

How to acquire invited to a timeshare presentation

Many the the major hotel chains, like Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG, offer some type of timeshare brand. If you’ve ever stayed at these hotels, you could be targeted either by phone call or mail. Gift a member the the hotel’s loyalty program could likewise get you target at some point.

If you finish up staying at one of their timeshare brands on a trip, girlfriend may likewise see part promotional materials about the hotel, so keep your eyes open! because that instance, team member Meghan took advantage of this on a pilgrimage to Arizona. As soon as she to be checking in in ~ the Hyatt Residence club Sedona, Pinon Pointe, she saw a sign in the lobby that stated something about a $100 gift map in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation!

The most direct way of obtaining an invite though is to simply call the general variety of the hotel chain you’re interested in, and also asking around timeshare ownership. They’ll transfer you to the appropriate department at which suggest you have the right to ask if lock have any presentations easily accessible in your area, or if over there are any kind of promotions you can be eligible for.

What to suppose out of a timeshare presentation

Before you to visit a timeshare presentation, be aware that they have the right to be an extremely aggressive in their tactics! I’ve been on the receiving finish of a very high-pressure sales pitch and realize how difficult it have the right to be come say no, even when I recognize it’s no something I desire to sign-up for! The ideal thing come remember despite is the you can constantly say no, very firmly, however politely.

Try not to allow the high-pressure sales tactics acquire to you. It’s OK come say no!

Also, be aware that attending these timeshare presentations can take several hrs out of her day, for this reason you’ll need to decide if it’s precious it, especially if you on vacation!

Tips for gaining out the timeshare presentations quickly

You’ve gained an appointment

This is more than likely the earliest trick in the book. But if you’re looking to gain out the a timeshare pitch, collection a meeting for you yourself by telling the salesperson that you’re conference someone because that plans (drinks, dinner, etc.) at a specific time.

Don’t show any kind of interest — at any kind of price

This cheat is only an excellent for those that aren’t quickly swayed.But if girlfriend can, try not to interact in the pitch. Be firm in your decision and let the salesperson recognize that the transaction doesn’t make sense for you and your family.

Just be mindful that they’ll shot to press you ~ above the price. There room reports from part readers that salespeople have the right to sometimes reduced the price by as lot as 75% less than the early stage offer. Again, they’re do the efforts to make the sale. And these space tactics used to make it appear as despite you’re gaining a great deal.

Mention that you favor using take trip rewards

This is another trick that’ll be pretty difficult for the salesperson to argue with. Just tell them the buying a timeshare doesn’t make sense for you because you prefer to usage miles & clues for your travel. Why would certainly you pay for lodging as soon as you might stay at a hotel because that free? There’s yes, really no counterargument to that point!

Bring your children along

We all know exactly how well youngsters behave once it pertains to sitting quiet for long periods that time (HA!). And there’s may be no much better excuse to obtaining out of something than when you have a cranky boy to to visit to. So bring your kid(s) follow me to the presentation and also make your escape when their patience has run out.

Hotel Chains with Timeshares


Hilton’s timeshare operates under the name Hilton cool Vacations. To provide you one idea of the dimension of your timeshare operations, if you decision to sign up with as a club Member, you’ll be joining over 300,000 various other members worldwide, and have access to vacation exchange options throughout over 4,300 resorts globally.

Most of their timeshares are located in the US, although lock do have actually 3 worldwide locations together well:


Hyatt’s timeshare go by the name Hyatt Residence Club. Although they don’t offer almost as plenty of locations together Hilton, they do advertise and market luxurious stays at 16 places in the US.

One the the neat things Hyatt provides right on their website is a section for “Featured vacation Offers.” Some world online have actually reported getting even much better deals by call in and referencing this offers, stating the they’re interested in timeshare ownership yet want to get much more information.







Puerto Rico:



IHG calls their timeshare brand Holiday Inn society Vacations. comparable to Hyatt, they likewise have a ar on your website for “Special Timeshare Offers,” therefore if you contact in asking about timeshare ownership or their special offers, you might be able to land an also sweeter deal and also possibly an invite come a timeshare presentation with an ext incentives!

IHG has timeshare areas within the us in several different states. They likewise have a variety of locations designated as component of their “Signature Collection” for an even more luxurious stay.

If you’re in search of a top-notch deluxe experience, take into consideration IHG’s Signature Collection, choose the Cape Canaveral Beach resort in Florida! (Photo courtesy of IHG)

You can discover a full listing of your timeshare areas here, and you’ll view they’re located in rather a few different states:

ArizonaFloridaGeorgiaIllinoisMassachusettsMissouriNevadaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexasVermontVirginiaWisconsin


Marriott’s timeshare brand walk by Marriott holidays Club. according to their website, they sell over 50 resorts, 4,000+ Marriott hotels, and also 3,000+ affiliated resorts.

You’re almost guaranteed to uncover somewhere to remain with Marriott’s network the hotels!

You get an yearly allotment of Vacation society Points as soon as you join this program, i beg your pardon you deserve to then usage to book a continue to be at among their locations worldwide.

Choice Hotels

Back in 2013, selection Hotels ventured into the timeshare ownership segment by partnering through Bluegreen Vacations as their desired vacation property provider.

You’ll be able to book a continue to be at any kind of of their 60+ will in over 40 unique destinations. The vast majority of them are located in the US, although castle do have actually 2 global locations together well.

AlabamaArizonaArubaBahamasCaliforniaColoradoFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIllinoisLouisianaMassachusettsMichiganMissouriMontanaNorth CarolinaNew HampshireNew JerseyNevadaNew York


Wyndham’s timeshare brand operates under the surname Club Wyndham. You’ll have actually the versatility of vacationing in different locations each year with their club Wyndham plus program, whereby your property is interpreted into point out deposited annually into her account. Depending upon where you desire to stay, accommodations space assigned different suggest values and you have the right to redeem them throughout the year.

Wyndham has actually a variety of timeshare resorts accessible both in ~ the US and also internationally:

ArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIdahoIllinoisLouisianaMarylandMassachusettsMissouriMontanaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth CarolinaOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexasUtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWisconsin

International Locations:

AustraliaBrazilCanadaCaribbeanFijiMexicoNew Zealand

You have other (better) alternatives for saving big on hotel stays!

If you nervous about sitting with a high-pressure sales pitch, store in mental it’s no the only means you can save big on traveling! There are still countless amazing hotel credit cards the can gain you cost-free nights at your favorite hotels.

Here space a few of our favorites:

The details for the Hilton Aspire map , and also the Hilton Surpass has actually been collected independently through Million Mile Secrets. The map details ~ above this page have not to be reviewed or noted by the map issuer.

For instance, with the civilization of Hyatt credit Card, you can earn enough points because that as plenty of as 10 nights in group 1 Hyatt hotels! The map is at this time offering a welcome bonus of approximately 60,000 bonus points– earn30,000 bonus points after ~ you invest $3,000 on to buy in the first three month from account opening. Plus, approximately 30,000 an ext bonus points v 2 bonus points every $1 invested on purchases that normally earn 1 bonus allude up to $15,000 in the very first 6 months of account opening.

Or if you use for a card the earns versatile points, prefer Chase ultimate Rewards points, you can likewise transfer the points come a hotel companion for cost-free nights together well.

Bottom line

Attending timeshare presentations deserve to be a profitable way to conserve a many money on your trips. That’s since many hotels market incentives prefer certificates for totally free hotel stays, bonus points, and also gift cards, come motivate you come attend among their timeshare presentations.

Many the the significant hotel chains have some kind of timeshare brand. If you haven’t been cold-called or targeted for a details timeshare offer, friend can always call the general number for the hotel and ask around timeshare ownership.

If you execute attend a timeshare property presentation, be all set for a really high-pressure sales pitch, and also don’t be fear to to speak no.

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If you not certain if you can make it with their tactics, remember the you can constantly focus on earning miles and points native the best hotel credit cards to redeem for free hotel remains instead.

What space your thoughts on timeshare ownership, and have girlfriend sat v a timeshare presentation before?