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Sure, Walt Disney people is magical. However, plenty of guests continuing to be on Disney property additionally enjoy traveling to nearby parks, particularly Universal Studios in Orlando. Yet what’s the best method to get there? happy for you, her Disney Addicts friends have these helpful suggestions!

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Option #1: spaceship ServiceMears Transportation group offers spaceship service, which is a popular option for countless families looking for transfers native Disney’s on-property will to global Studios. Round pilgrimage transportation costs $21 per person (age 12+), $16 per boy (age 3-11), and complimentary for kids under 3. Guests can reserve transportation and schedule pick-up times by calling Mears directly at 855-4-MEARS-NOW. Mears shuttle company transports plenty of guests who have actually scheduled similar pick-up times, so be all set to carpool with households staying at other area resorts. Additionally, Mears schedules pick up time on the hour, so over there is less adaptability than with other options.
Option #2: Taxi ServiceSome families prefer good ol’ fashioned taxi service to get in between their Disney Resort and also Universal Studios. There are multiple taxi solutions in the Orlando area, with Mears Transportation group leading the pack. Expect one-way taxi fares come cost around $45. Call 855-4-MEARS-NOW or download the Mears Mobile app to schedule taxi service.

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Option #3: Get an UberUber has end up being a transport phenomenon throughout the country. This taxi organization is fueled by everyday people using their very own vehicles to transport passengers to their destinations. Uber is in reality so popular in the Orlando area that it’s causing some significant competition for the local taxi companies. If you’ve never “Ubered” before, it’s fairly simple. You’ll require a smartphone to download the Uber app. After setup up an account and linking your credit card as payment, simply turn on your place services or go into your pick-up address and select a destination. Uber will certainly generate price for her party (approximately $18-20 for one-way transportation from her Disney will to Universal) and alert girlfriend of the Uber driver the next to your pickup location. Uber will likewise tell girlfriend the make and also model of auto that will pick girlfriend up in addition to your driver’s name. You’ll also have the option of choosing music for your ride!
Option #4: Rental CarIf you’d fairly be in fee of your family’s transportation, take into consideration a rental car. Disney’s automobile Care center located near Magic Kingdom Park provides guests the services of Alamo Rent-A-Car and also National automobile Rental. Family members must submit a refundable deposit the the total rental fees upon booking. Day-to-day rates for mid-sized vehicles cost around $45; these prices are topic to change. Contact 407-824-3470 ext. 3 (Alamo) or ext. 4 (National Car) for auto reservations. Are you wondering just how to get to the automobile Care Center? Disney has actually you covered! You can schedule free transportation from your will to the auto Care center by call 407-824-3470 ext. 1. You’ll should schedule a pickup time and wait exterior the key lobby at her resort.

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Once you decision upon your transport option, you can openly enjoy the magic, wonder, and also excitement of both Disney Parks and Universal Studios. With so lot to do and also see, you’re certain to have actually an impressive adventure!Are girlfriend thinking about a visit come Walt Disney World? There are still some exceptional Summer packages available. Fill out our kind below to receive your free quote!   

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