Every kid custody case starts with a petition the is filed with the Court. For married parents, a “Petition because that Divorce” will be filed and for unmarried parents, a “Petition because that Paternity” or a “Petition because that Custody, Visitation, and Support” will be filed. The needs for every Petition are a bit different, but any kind of time the Court is identify custody the judge will certainly make a decision based upon the “best interests” of the children.

Filing your Petition for Custody in the right Court

There space a variety of requirements that need to be met before a Utah Court deserve to make a decision regarding a parent’s custody and visitation rights. Over there are various exceptions and other lesser-known rules that may use to your individual case and also your attorney can assist you kind through those if they’re applicable, yet for most situations where your children have to be living in Utah for the past 6 months the complying with general rules will certainly apply:

If you married and filing a Petition because that Divorce, friend must document your petition in the ar courthouse wherein you or her spouse have resided because that the last three months. If you’re no married and you’re filing a petition to establish paternity over your child, friend must document your petition in the county courthouse wherein the kid resides.


Requirements as soon as Filing for Joint boy Custody

Whenever you paper for any kind of share custody (joint legit or joint physical custody) you must paper a “parenting plan.” failure to record a parenting arrangement can possibly be devastating. This is so due to the fact that many custody battles end up in a short-term orders hearing whereby the court will certainly implement a temporary parent-time schedule. If you room asking because that joint physics custody, and also the other parent has actually the youngsters a majority of the time, and you have actually not filed a parenting plan, the court cannot technically award you joint physical custody. This would mean the court would certainly award the other parent with major physical custody, girlfriend would have actually less time through your children, your boy support amount would be higher, and also your case for long-term joint custody can be weakened.

Getting deserved custody and parent-time with your kids as quick as feasible is big for any type of concerned parent. Since of this, you should be sure that you begin your situation out ~ above the appropriate foot. Do even an easy errors can cause serious hold-up in obtaining the court come intervene and also give you court orders protecting her custodial rights.

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