In this video, I’m walk to give you examples of what to say and also do to acquire a girl to favor you.

First, let’s start with reminder number one…

1. Be a good guy, however don’t be also nice to she

There’s nothing wrong through being a great guy or also being nice to woman.

Problems emerge when a male is being way too nice come a woman.

If he’s being as well nice to her and laughing at every one of her jokes, being an extremely polite and essentially gift on his finest behavior, she beginning to come to be suspicious.


She’s walking to watch you together charming.

Other guys who room looking on who don’t understand how a woman’s attraction works, will certainly be thinking, “What does she check out in the guy? Why go she like him? I’m nicer come her than he is. That doesn’t even seem like he’s trying the hard. He’s teasing she at times. He’s saying some points that i think are rude. Why walk she prefer him?”


She is emotion attracted to his confidence.

She’s feeling attracted to the reality that he has the balls to say things that other guys are fear to say about her.

She also understands the truth that he’s just joking.

He’s no being serious around those things.

He’s not turning to her as soon as she’s checking her phone and also angrily saying, “No. Nobody cares about you. Nobody is sending you a message. Why execute you check you phone therefore much? placed your phone down sometimes, jeez. Human being are so addicted to your phone this days.”

He’s no being a jerk favor that.

He’s not being one asshole.

He’s no being a stunner weirdo.

He’s simply playfully talking to her and saying, “No. No one sent out you a message. Nobody cares around you. Sorry,” and then having actually a laugh with her about that.

In addition, he’s additionally being good to her.

Generally speaking, once he’s talk to her, he’s being a good guy and also getting in addition to her, having fun and also having a chat, but 20% the the time, he’s adding in part playful humor to furious her and also make her feel attracted.

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3. Stop qualifying you yourself

Qualifying you yourself is essentially around telling a girl things about yourself to hopefully make her decide the you’re good enough because that her and also to then provide you a opportunity to be v her.

An example is where a man is talking to a girl and also she’s complaining around how other guys treat her, just how guys are just interested in sex and how lock don’t treat females well.

A male who qualifies himself will then start saying, “Well, I’m not favor that. I would never treat a woman favor that. Ns think it’s disgusting. Ns think that a man and also a woman should acquire to recognize each other for a pair of months before having sex. I think that guys should be more polite and much more considerate that women’s feelings.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong v a guy having a ideology like that if he desires to have actually that type of viewpoint.

However, if a man is speak those species of things to hopefully gain a girl to see that he is no like other guys, for this reason she will certainly then decision to give him a chance, climate he’s doing that in the dorn way.

Additionally, if a girl gets a feeling that a male is lied in the hopes of impressing, she guard will certainly go up.

She won’t have the ability to trust him.

She will feel as though he’s placing on an act come hopefully get a possibility with her.

Another example of qualifying is wherein a man is talking to a girl the he likes and he wants to obtain her to like him.

He notices the he’s not showing much indicators of sex-related or romantic interest.

She’s a little bit indifferent around him, therefore he feels like he requirements to advanced his worth in she eyes.

He climate starts talking around his achievements.

He starts talking around his automobile if he has actually one, if he has an apartment or a house, he talks around that, or if he desires to end up being successful, that talks about that.

If he desires to make lots of money, the talks around that.

If he has money, the talks about that and he hopes that by saying those things, a girl will then decide, “Okay, this man is good enough for me.”

Yet, the way that it functions is that, if a mrs gets the feeling that a male is make the efforts to construct himself increase in her eyes through talking around his positions or success or his desire come succeed, she will actually watch him as reduced value.

She will watch that that doesn’t feel great enough because that her as he is.

Therefore she starts to think, “Well, probably I’m too good for him.”

Even though she’s not too great for him, that has produced that late in her mind.

He has made himself look reduced value by do the efforts to do himself look higher value.

So, if you want to make a girl like you, don’t do the wrong of qualifying yourself and thinking that you should raise your value in her eyes through bragging about things or talking about how successful you want to be and so on.

There’s naught wrong through talking about success or talking about what you’ve achieved, as long as you’re not saying that in a method to hopefully raise your worth in a girl’s eyes so she climate decides to give you a chance.

4. Talk to her favor a potential lover, no a potential friend

When a male wants to acquire a girl to like him, among the greatest mistakes he renders is talk to she in a neutral means like a friend.

He concentrates on having actually a neutral, everyday chat and hopes that if he keeps talking to her, she will progressively start to choose him.

Yet, if a girl is attractive, she will have experienced that type of approach from guys many times prior to in she life and it’s no exciting.

What girlfriend may have noticed in your life is that some guys can start talking to a girl and hit it off immediately.

Sparks begin to fly between him and the girl ideal away, there is no him having actually to gain to recognize her because that a long time beforehand.

She’s instantly happy, she’s smiling from ear to ear, she’s emotional him, she’s flirting v him and also she’s yes, really happy and also excited to be talk to him.

The factor why sparks paris so conveniently is that the guy is using strategy that provides the ladies feel sexually attracted and also turned on.

He’s no using strategy where he’s trying to end up being a friend and also slowly thrive on her over time in a neutral way.

Some males can acquire laid and also get a girlfriend by doing that (i.e. Farming on a mrs over time), but what girlfriend may have actually noticed is the if a man is making use of that approach and also talking come a girl for weeks or months, all the it takes for him to be pushed to the next is an additional guy to come along and also make her feel sexually attracted.

Sparks begin to fly instantly between the two of them and she pipeline the other male behind.

What you’ll notice is the it’s no necessarily since the male is better looking, or because he’s affluent or an effective in society or anything like that.

It’s simply because he’s using a different strategy to the other guy.

The man who it s okay the girl is no trying to come to be her friend and also slowly prosper on she over time.

He’s immediately making her feeling sexually attracted and also turned on by the method that he’s interacting with her.

5. Be a challenge, however don’t play too hard to get

The reason why girl prefer males who room a an obstacle is that if she is attractive, climate pretty much every guy that she meets wants to have sex v her or be she boyfriend.

It’s an extremely easy for she to obtain some sex or acquire a boyfriend since there space usually many guys in her life (e.g. At work, university, through friends) that want to have actually sex through her or be she boyfriend.

Alternatively, she just needs to go the end to a bar or club and also there are going come be lots of guys who space hoping to gain a opportunity with her simply based on her feather pretty.

This is why girl prefer men who space a little of a challenge.

However, where men go wrong is the they come to be too much of a challenge.

A guy will act together though he’s not interested in the girl that he likes and also as a an outcome he will certainly make the whole process of getting her to like him more difficult than it actually is.

Getting girl to favor you is a very basic and straightforward process.

You don’t have to put on an plot of not liking her, or anything choose that.

It’s much simpler and an ext straightforward 보다 that.

What you’ll discover is that once you space a an excellent guy and focus on do a girl feeling sexually attracted to you throughout an interaction, however aren’t gift desperate about trying to acquire a connection with her or make the efforts to get a chance with her, she will prefer you.

It’s as an easy as that.

Additionally, it’s actually very easy to obtain girls to choose you because most guys do the wrong.

Most guys are top top their finest behavior and also are being yes, really nice in the hope of acquiring a opportunity with the girl.

The girl knows that most of those guys are hope to have actually sex with her or be her boyfriend.

It’s an extremely obvious and it’s not amazing to her.

What is interesting for she is when she meets a guy who provides her feeling sexually attracted right away as soon as he starts talking to her and also he isn’t being being desperate around trying to gain a possibility with her.

That peaks her interest.

That renders her want to seek him.

That makes her like him.

Learn More?

Okay, ns hope you’ve enjoyed this video and learned something indigenous it.

If you’d choose to find out more, i recommend the you read my e-book The Flow, or hear to the audio book version The circulation on Audio.

When you read The circulation or hear to The circulation on Audio, you will learn specifically what to say and do to make a girl prefer you in a sexual and also romantic way.

Once you begin using the techniques from The Flow, friend will see that it’s actually very easy to obtain most girl to favor you in a sexual and romantic way.

When you’ve offered The circulation on one or two girls and also gotten come a kiss or sex, you’ll realize the you have actually your an option with girls.

It’s not about you hope to get a possibility with 1 the end of 100 girls the you meet.

What girlfriend will find is that many of the girls the you fulfill feel sexually and romantically attractive to you and you have your an option of them.

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Most girls Are simple to Attract and Pick Up

One final suggest that I desire to make for girlfriend in this video clip is that many girls are method easier to pick up 보다 they make themselves the end to be, or 보다 they show up to be.

The factor why is sometimes it shows up that girls are tough to attract and also pick up is that most guys are using an approach where they’re trying come be liked in a friendly way by the girl.

They’re ~ above their best behavior and also being nice, friendly and also neutral and hoping the something happens.

Yet, what works and also what cuts v all the games and gets the result, is where you communicate with a girl the you like and you make her feeling sexually attracted and also turned on by you throughout an interaction.

You still continue to it is in the great guy that you are, however with one important addition to what you’re doing.

You are now making girls feeling sexually attracted and also turned on by you in subtle methods when you interact with them.

The funny thing, is that other guys looking top top can’t work-related out what you’re doing due to the fact that it’s no obvious.

You’re not being sleazy or anything like that.

Instead, you’re being what women refer to as charming.

You’re being a an excellent guy who likewise makes them feel sexually attracted.

If girlfriend really desire to obtain girls to favor you and also chase you, climate you’re also being a little of a difficulty to get as well.

When you take it that method with girls, you will realize the they’ve always been means easier to pick up than they’ve do themselves out to be.

You may have gotten rejected by part girls in the past, however the truth is that you were an excellent enough for many of those girls.