If you"re utilizing the Google News application for iPhone, you have the right to customize it to your personal interests, check out in-depth, preserve content, and also a whole lot more!


Google update its Newsstand app with a new name and a completely different look. There"s lots of new features and also a beautiful new design. Here"s whatever you should know about Google News for iPhone.

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What"s the recent news because that Google News?

May 16, 2018: Newsstand i do not care Google News v a whole new look

Google just pushed out a significant update to its previously-named Newsstand app. The completely overhauled Google News application has lots of new features and a completely new means to acquire the news friend want. Even if it is you"re reading your local paper or complying with a long-standing story, Google News can be customized to your preferences.

How go the for You tab work?

Thanks to Google"s integration, points you"ve searched for, news stories you"ve read, and location-based contents is currently built because that you with your Gmail account. As soon as signed in come the Google News app, you"ll view a list of five stories under her Briefing. This stories room catered to her preferences, including local news coverage.

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Under the five top stories, you"ll see more content relating to her interests. If you"re into tech, you"ll see news about smartphones, computers, and the like. If you"re a gamer, you"ll view news about the games industry.

If the for You tab doesn"t satisfy your expectations, girlfriend can continue to customize this ar by "liking" or "disliking" contents as that appears. Doing for this reason will an ext closely guess the types of story you desire to read. You can even hide all content from a specific source.

What mirrors up in the Headlines section?

Headlines are various than the for You tab. They"re no catered come your particular interests, but act an ext like a basic news section, spanning the U.S., world, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science and health — prefer your regional newspaper would.

Under each tab, you"ll find news stories relating come its category. Scroll down to read about business or sports coverage indigenous the previous 24-hours. If you view a topic with a complete Coverage symbol under it, you have the right to get captured up on everything relating to that particular story once you tap on it.

How is the Newsstand section various from Headlines?

The Newsstand ar is where you"ll discover content native magazines and blogs you have the right to follow, and also news sites you deserve to subscribe to.

In this section, you deserve to directly access full contents from a resource instead of having actually a mix of different sites. Because that example, you deserve to open the PopSugar attach and access all the the establishments content, indigenous celebrity news to pets.

Some contents is free, extending such magazine organizations as entertain Weekly and also Traveler, blogs choose The Verge and PopSugar, and news sites like CNN and also the connected Press. As soon as you follow any of this organizations, content will populate in your For friend section.

Other content calls for a subscription to accessibility content, like the wall surface Street Journal, Washington Post, and brand-new York Times. If you have actually a subscription, you can sign in from in ~ the Google News app.

If girlfriend don"t already have a subscription to payment content, most sources will allow you to review a specific variety of articles for cost-free before you"re closeup of the door out.

If girlfriend don"t have actually a subscription, the Google News application for iphone does not administer a way for you come subscribe in ~ the app. Instead, you"ll have to visit a source"s main website or i ordered it from within a related official iPhone app and also use your login credentials to sign in come the Google News app.

What does "View full Coverage" mean?

Under the for You and Headlines sections, you"ll an alert an symbol that looks like a vibrant newspaper graphic. It"s dubbed Full Coverage and also it"s curated content specifically for a topic.

If, because that example, you view an article about Apple"s $100 billion buyback, you can tap on Full Coverage to read height stories top top the subject, clock videos, review opinion pieces, view tweets, and follow up on all content relating to it. It"s a means to deep-dive into a specific subject, covering a variety of sources, therefore you"re not just reading the one post from her favorite site.

How to save, share, like, dislike, a news story

Once you start reading content in ~ Google News, you have the right to really obtain into what understanding you many by liking or disliking a story. Girlfriend can likewise hide details sources native the because that You and also Headlines sections. This help Google aggregate content you"re many interested in, giving you a much better experience (though not specifically an unbias experience).

To favor or Dislike a specific article in the because that You section, insanity the three dots beside an write-up in your feed. Climate tap More stories like this to like it or **Fewer stories choose this* come dislike it.

To hide a source entirely in the for You or Headlines tab, insanity the tree dots beside an short article in your feed. Then tap Hide all stories from .

To save an article to read later in the for You or Headlines section, madness the three dots next to an short article in your feed or madness the three dots in ~ the peak right corner within an article. Then tap Save because that later.

To share an article, topic, or resource you"re interested in v others, tap the three dots alongside an post in your feed or the 3 dots in the upper right edge of a topic or source. Climate tap Share. You deserve to then select how you desire to share it making use of the iPhone"s built in Share expansion feature.

How come follow specific topics, news sources, and also locations

You can follow stories about people, categories, locations, and also sources. When you follow something, content based on what friend follow will populate in the because that You ar of Google News.

To follow something, tap the Search icon in ~ the height of any kind of section and kind in the topic you want to follow. Then, insanity the star next to the subject.

You can additionally follow a resource directly through tapping the star in the top right corner while visiting a certain source"s web page in Google News.

How to check out stories and also searches you"ve saved

If you"re saving up all the posts you desire to check out for later, you can find them in your Favorites section.

Here, you"ll view topics, sources, and also locations you follow, plus story you"ve saved. Girlfriend can likewise remove a story native this section by tapping the three dots alongside a story and also then tapping **Remove from saced stories.

How to get local news

That"s easy. Simply make sure you have actually location services enabled for the Google News app. You"ll see local news in the because that You section.

How to readjust the language

If girlfriend live what in the U.S., yet prefer to check out your news in a different language, you have the right to do for this reason from the Settings section in the Google News app.

Tap on your Profile in the upper right edge of the Google News app.Tap Settings. Madness Language & Region.Select the Language | Region you want to use.

How to make the text bigger or smaller

If you"re having an obstacle reading the fine print or want to fit an ext news top top the page, friend can readjust the dimension of the text.

Tap on your Profile in the top right edge of the Google News app.Tap Settings. Tap Article message Size.Turn turn off Use mechanism Text Size.Select a brand-new text size from small, normal, or large.

How to rotate on notifications

If girlfriend didn"t automatically enable Google to send you notifications as soon as you first opened Google News, you have the right to manually cause the notification permission procedure within the Google News app.

Tap on her Profile in the top right corner of the Google News app.Tap Settings. Madness Notifications.Tap Google News notifications room turned off... at the optimal of the notifications setups page.

Then, simply follow the measures to allow Google News come send friend notifications from her iPhone"s settings.

How to customize your notifications

Don"t worry, you"re no going to get a beep, buzz, or blast every time a new story is post in Google News (unless you want that). You deserve to customize what you get notifications for and also how regularly you get them.

Tap on her Profile in the top right corner of the Google News app.Tap Settings. Tap Notifications.

Here, you deserve to turn ~ above or turn off the different an alert types. You can include or remove notifications because that headline news, features, break news, and more.

The meter bar in ~ the top of the an alert customization page likewise give girlfriend the capacity to select how regularly you receive these notifications. If you choose High, you"ll be informed every time a brand-new article shows up within her notifications options. Standard will send you a notification a couple of times per day, yet not appropriate after an short article is posted. Low will just send girlfriend notifications when or twice per day.

How to turn off video clip autoplay

Oh, the dreaded autoplay for videos. Plenty of of us hate it. Ns can"t understand why it"s even an option. By default, it"s ~ above in the Google News app. You deserve to turn this function off indigenous the settings section.

Tap on her Profile in the upper right corner of the Google News app.Tap Settings. Insanity Autoplay videos.Tap Wi-Fi only to save data consumption or Disable to revolve autoplay off completely.

How come customize i beg your pardon browser, email app, and also map organization is used

Though your alternatives are limited to one of two people the default application for iOS or among Google"s apps, friend can customize which service opens automatically when you want to send an email, open a browser, or beginning a map.

Tap on her Profile in the top right corner of the Google News app.Tap Settings. Madness Google application Settings.

If you have the Gmail application or inbox by Gmail, Google Maps or Waze, and also Chrome set up on your iPhone, girlfriend can select to use one of these apps rather of opened to the default integrated apps ~ above iPhone and also iPad.

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To collection one of these apps as a default, revolve off the switch to Ask me which application to use every time.