If you’re plugged right into the social world of weaving, also if it’s simply a little, you’ve viewed or heard the got2b movement. In the occasion that friend haven’t, allow me to capture you up. Got2b glued is a “water-resistant” hair styling/spiking gelatin from the brand Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf is a skilled brand that hair care products. The Got2b glued gelatin is the newest tendency of securing wig and frontal units. Ns am going to share through you 7 advice I’ve choose up along the method to ensure a secure organize for her lace wigs, frontal units, and also 360 frontal units.

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got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel, 6 oz

Now some of you might be wonder “why would I usage gel on my lace wig?” Well, permit me come explain. Got2b glued comes in a white (regular) or clean (ultra hold) form. Both products boast water-resistant insurance claims of a screaming hold. Still not following me? That’s okay. What this users space doing, including myself, is applying a thin layer that the gel to everything area they desire their lace wig come be applied to. When the gel has dried come a tacky consistency, the lace wig is then applied for a strong glue-like hold! Awesome, right? Well, perhaps not so awesome for some. I have come throughout reports of lack of hold, difficulty removing, and hair loss as a result of this product. My guess is the these civilization did not recognize the tips that I have learned from personal experience. I am confident that if friend follow these tips, her Got2b glued suffer will improve!

DRY with COOL wait ONLY

Heat is not this gel’s friend. When you space using a blow dryer to dry her gel, you must use that on the coolest setting possible. Now let’s think around this; hot air promotes sweat, humidity, and moisture right? So how on planet can you insurance a solid hold through a hot box party on her head? Hmmm?! therefore cool air is certainly key!


Don’t read that and take off! over there is a method to the layering process. If friend are familiar with timeless lace glue, you understand a an excellent bit of them calls for at least two class of product. This will certainly “guarantee” a strong hold. I’ve found that the Got2b gelatin is no different. I start by cleaning the area through Isopropyl Alcohol (75-90% because that me. Perform what is best for your skin type). As soon as the area is clean, I use a scalp protector such as the dab on walker Scalp Protector. Ns then apply a very thin layer of the gel on the areas I want my wig come adhere to. I dry this layer completely before including the 2nd layer. ~ I include the 2nd layer, ns blow dry it come a tacky/sticky consistency and also then I apply my unit.

Walker Scalp Protector 1.4 oz Dab-on


This gel will certainly not fare well at a summer yacht party or the rooftop swimming pool party. Ns regret to inform you that the YouTubers’ water resistant case has to be nothing brief of a lie in mine experience**. The minute I begin to sweat the verity of my hold begins to diminish. This is particularly true in a nightclub or bar setting where it has tendency to acquire a bit warm.

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**Keep in psychic this product was no designed because that lace adhesion!

THE gelatin DOES “RE-DRY” and HOLD

One night I went to an engagement party and also danced the night away. Needless come say, the sweat proved up through a vengeance. Ns had one more event immediately after. Due to the fact that my next event was 45 minutes away, I made decision to wrap the perimeter of my hair with a scarf and also turned the wait on high throughout the drive. Dangerous, right? ns prayed mine gel would certainly not only dry in time however would organize my lace in location for the remainder that the evening. My prayers to be answered and I to be able to continue my slayage because that the rest of the night!

Click below for advice on just how to apply your lace wig making use of Got2B Glued


In mine experience, both gels have flaked top top me and also turned white. However, the quantity of white flakiness varies with application. I uncover the ultra (black packaging) flakes and also turns white considerably less 보다 the continuous (yellow packaging). To minimize this, i only use the gel under the lace (not in front) and also I minimize manipulation. Running your fingers, combs, and also brushes traction the hair and lace from the gel. Have actually you ever tried to peel clear ice cream gel? that flaked, didn’t it? The same goes for this stuff. Once it’s in place, leaving IT ALONE!

IT will certainly PULL your HAIR OUT, NOT

YOU will pull your hair out. I’ve heard plenty of world say “it traction my hair out”. The critical time ns checked, meaningless objects won’t move unless they’re plot upon. If you attempt to eliminate your lace or the glue without correctly saturating it through water and/or conditioner, you will pull your hair out. I find that spraying a generosity amount the a water-conditioner mixture, and allowing it come sit because that at least 30-60 seconds, will reason the gelatin to deteriorate enough for safe removal. Personally, I job-related extra conditioner right into that area ~ the lace has actually been removed. It provides the cleaning procedure much easier and hassle-free. My edges room still perfect intact!


I dislike to it is in the bearer of negative news but everything go not occupational for everyone. Part YouTubers, who we shall surname Susie YouTube, may not be offering you the complete picture. Over there is a possibility that Susie doesn’t sweat at ALL. She might be intentionally editing out additional steps to store you watching for this reason you have the right to see what she does differently. Or perhaps she’s done it long enough that she it s okay it best 100% that the time. Do what works for you! i encourage friend to make mistakes due to the fact that it will only make girlfriend better.

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