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Are girlfriend accidentally stuck to a item of chewing gum in her hair? If you"re considering cut off her beautiful hair simply to eliminate the stubborn gum, stop.

Removing chewing gum from her hair is not an easy feat. However, do not worry, because that here’s help.

Listed below is a wide range of basic yet effective methods to remove chewing gum from her hair without the must visit her hairstylist. More importantly, many of these remedies involve usage of easily easily accessible kitchen ingredients and also household items. So, scroll under to know more.



13 methods To remove Chewing Gum from Hair Without acquiring A Haircut

Getting stuck to a item of stubborn gum in your hair deserve to be troublesome. In most cases, a pair the scissors may seem prefer the only great solution. However, over there are couple of commonly accessible ingredients and also items you have the right to use to avoid a haircut.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one oily, special compound v hydrophobic attributes. Using a small amount of peanut butter ~ above the gum have the right to minimize the adhesive property, make it less complicated to eliminate from her hair. Together both chewing gum and also peanut butter space hydrophobic in nature, it is common for them to connect to each other than to connect to her hair.

How come use:

A. Use peanut butter evenly on the impacted section of her hair.

B. V the help of her fingertips, work-related the butter v the affected section that hair and also leave it for a couple of minutes.

C. This will make the gum stiff, make it simpler to eliminate from your tresses.

2. Cooking Oils


Cooking oil are additionally hydrophobic in nature. As soon as you mix water and also oil in a bowl, they separate to type distinct layers. The chemical contents present in these oils break down the adhesive shortcut in the chewing gum. Hence, these oils deserve to be supplied in remove gum from your hair together they don’t cause any damage.

Cooking oil which deserve to be supplied for this purpose incorporate coconut oil <1>, olive oil, canola oil and groundnut oil.

How come use:

A. Use the food preparation oil onto the influenced area and also rub the ar of hair gently.

B. Making use of a comb or your fingertips, eliminate the gum gently.

3. Ice Cubes

If you desire to avoid using cooking oil because of its stickiness, you may use ice cubes to remove the gum from her hair. Freezing off the gum might minimize its adhesiveness, which makes it less complicated to remove.

How to use:

A. Store an ice load on peak of the chewing gum because that 10-15 minutes. This will certainly harden the gum.

B. Alternatively, you may wrap a towel containing a couple of ice cubes around the affected section that hair for prompt action.

C. Please keep in mind that this remedy is efficient only once a small piece the gum is stuck in your hair.

4. Vinegar

This is also an effective solution wherein the organic solvent <2> helps failure the bond in between the chewing gum and also your hair. However, the solvent pipeline behind a solid odour after ~ usage.

How come use:

A. Firstly, saturate the impacted section of your hair through a little amount that vinegar.

B. You have the right to either soak your hair through a cloth dipped in vinegar or immerse that in a glass the vinegar.

C. Once you soak her hair in vinegar because that a lengthy duration, it becomes much easier for the gum to come off.

D. Friend may likewise use lukewarm vinegar for prompt action.

E. The time required for the removed of the chewing gum depends on the size of the chewing gum adhered to your hair. As soon as the gum starts to end up being mushy, comb your hair v a wide-tooth hair comb.

5. Petroleum Jelly

An easily available household item, petroleum jelly such together Vaseline, is an reliable remedy for removing chewing gum from your hair. A non-abrasive, for sure lubricant, petroleum jelly is also suggested because that removing other aggressive compound such together tar.

How come use:

A. Dry your hair thoroughly.

B. Take it a little amount that petroleum jelly on her fingertips and work top top the impacted section of your hair.

C. Continue to rub the lubricant gently till the gum comes off.

D. Rinse your hair through a mild shampoo after ~ the gum is removed as the lubricant renders your hair sticky and also oily.

6. Oil-based Cleansers


Face cleansers job-related on chewing gum in the same way as peanut butter does. These are mainly used to eliminate specific species of challenge lotions and also makeup. Numerous ointments, creams, and moisturizers contain liquid paraffin, which is a sleek mineral oil. The is primarily made up of saturation hydrocarbons. Utilizing an oil-based cleanser to eliminate a chewing gum works successfully as both room non-polar solvents.

How to use:

A. You deserve to evenly use an oil-based cleanser ~ above the affected section of your hair, specifically on the edge of the chewing gum adhering to your hair.

B. Enable it to sit for a couple of minutes and also gently pull it the end of her hair through the assist of your fingertips.

7. Rubbing Alcohol

If a chewing gum is grounding onto her hair or your delicate fabrics, you can shot applying rubbing alcohol <3> on the affected area v a Q-tip, sponge, or cotton ball. This is an isopropil alcohol the is advantageous in dissolving non-polar composites.

Rubbing alcohol easily breaks down the polymers current in the chewing gum. Also, it doesn’t stain or damage any kind of sensitive materials. Therefore, it is generally used in cleaning polyester or silk fabrics, satin pillowcases, or other materials which need dry cleaning.

How to use:

A. Dab a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol top top the influenced section of her hair and allow it come dry.

B. When dry, you can gently comb the gum downwards from your hair.

C. Rinse your hair v a mild shampoo afterwards.

8. Baking Soda

Even though no a renowned fact; baking soda <4> can be an efficient remedy to eliminate chewing gum from her hair there is no causing any damage.

How to use:

A. Take it one teaspoon of baking soda and add a little amount that water to do a thick paste.

B. Use this thick dough on the wad of chewing gum and the section of hair where the gum is stuck.

C. Permit it come dry for a few minutes prior to combing out the chewing gum.

9. Toothpaste

Easily easily accessible in any kind of household, toothpaste have the right to be used as a quick fix and also home remedy for numerous issues. One of the concerns being the remove of chewing gum indigenous hair.

How come use:

A. Apply a special layer that toothpaste ~ above the wad that chewing gum and also the affected section of her hair.

B. Leave it to dry for a few minutes.

C. Once the toothpaste is dry, you might remove the gum with the help of your fingertips.

10. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has actually the same effects on gum as food preparation oils do. The is oily and also sticky in nature, because it is a high-fat compound.

How to use:

A. Take a moderate quantity of mayonnaise and apply it same on the ar of your hair where the chewing gum is stuck.

B. Also, gently rub it ~ above the edges.

C. Eliminate the gum gently from your hair and rinse it after that to wash off the build-up.

11. Hair Mousse


It is a good tool to eliminate gum from her hair without any kind of external damage. Hair spray can additionally be used efficiently to remove the wad of gum.

How come use:

A. Spray hair mousse directly onto the wad that gum or into your hand because that application. Avoid obtaining it right into your eyes.

B. As soon as sprayed or applied, work-related it gently onto the impacted area of your hair.

C. You can conveniently take the end the chewing gum from your hair by making use of your fingers, a toothbrush or a comb.

12. Lotion

Lotions can help chewing gum to glide quickly out of her hair without any fuss.

How to use:

A. Use a generous amount of human body or hand lotion onto the influenced area of her hair and also gently massage that to spread out it evenly.

B. Next, tenderness comb or traction the chewing gum the end of her hair when it i got loose up.

13. Conditioner

As the is wonderful lubricant, conditioner works properly in removing chewing gum from her hair.

How to use:

A. Take it a small amount the conditioner and also apply it onto the wad the gum and the impacted area of your hair through the aid of her fingertips.

B. The will produce a glossy surface in between the gum and your hair.

C. Next, take the end the gum through combing her hair.

What not To Do when You acquire Chewing Gum In your Hair? 

While gaining gum in her hair deserve to be frustrating, act the not correct things deserve to spread the gum further and also worsen your problem. Right here are a couple of aspects you must consider.

1. Don’t pull at it: protect against pulling top top the wad of chewing gum grounding in her hair v your fingers as it can stretch the chewing gum additional into her hair, do your trouble worse than before.

2. Stop the spread: stop the chewing gum indigenous spreading into your hair by tenderness separating the impacted section from the rest of her hair.

3. Go easy: constantly be gentle when taking out the wad the gum from her hair and also rinse her hair thoroughly after using any kind of remedy such as cooking oils or petroleum jelly. Select a shampoo that suits her hair type.

How To eliminate Chewing Gum From your Hair If naught Works?


Despite your finest efforts in trying to remove gum from hair, there might be times when nothing works. If she left through no choice but acquiring a haircut, then do the best of this opportunity. Over there are many ways to chop the chewing gum complimentary from her hair and flaunt a new hairstyle! below are a few recommendations based upon where the chewing gum is grounding in her hair.

1. If you have actually the chewing gum grounding on the end of your hair length, then try a V or U shape hairstyle i beg your pardon suits the shape of your face. Both options primarily target to create a layered style at the end. This way you can avoid shedding the length of your hair.

2. If the chewing gum is grounding on the mid-length of her hair, climate you can pick a medium-layered hairstyle. While friend may have to reduce your hair-length, you won’t have actually to reduced off your whole mane! A layered reduced will aid hide the affected area of your hair without losing the hair length.

3. If you have actually chewing gum stuck close to the root of your hair, then try getting a pixie cut to eliminate the stubborn wad. This can be a correct makeover if friend love your long locks. However, if you can muster her courage, you deserve to pull off this hairstyle v elan!

The last Word

Getting chewing gum accidentally stuck in her hair deserve to be a reason of worry and anxiety. However, this problem is a treatable one. You can constantly choose safe residence remedies and household assets to take the end the wad the gum fairly than visiting her hair stylist for a quick fix.

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By making use of a couple of natural, straightforward ingredients and no extra effort, your lustrous hair will certainly be back to its former glory in no time.