Along with making pristine pop, hitmaker Justin Bieber likewise has a sharp eye when it concerns streetwear-inspired style. His madcap blend of tie-dye, sliders and logo tees combined into what has popularly to be dubbed scumbro, a look so wrong on file that fashion researchers are tho scratching over there heads as to why the feels so right once you’re scrolling under the ‘gram.

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The look at is capped off by Bieber’s ever-changing rotation of hairstyles. Part cuts have missed, yet when Bieber access time you’re sure as hell likely to check out that cut copied up and down the streets by his legion that fans. Here we current Justin Bieber’s best hairstyles, his biggest follicular access time if friend will, and also ask peak barber James Hooker, a stylist in ~ the Liberty branch of british barbershop chain Ruffians how you too can obtain the look.

The Platinum Fade

From Channing Tatum come Zac Efron, a totality host of A-listers have actually dyed your hair platinum to differing levels that success. Bieber is on the effective end, combine the sprightly shade with a spry undercut linking up v his healthy boyish face for a reduced straight out of teen idol heaven.

“Ask her barber because that a fade indigenous a 2 to four on the sides with the peak disconnected to accomplish the fohawk,” states Hooker. “This style works best with thinner straight hair, more thick hair would require thinning out. Use sea salt spray in towel-dried hair, blow dry to the preferred side and also finish through a pomade or paste, applied with finger to the source to offer that unwashed look.”


The Undercut sweep Back

While there can be much more than a tiny of our favourite pokemon, Pidgeot, in this layout from Biebs, we’re really much enjoying the soft and less severe dye job. According to Hooker, this is under to the dark roots cultivation out and softening the contrast in between the platinum and also his dark features.

“This would certainly be a grade two or 3 on the sides but ask the barber not to sharpen or shape the edges,” he says. “This androgynous, purposefully messy look have the right to be accomplished using sea-salt spray used to the root, first blow drying it forward and also then back to provide greater volume. Use a pomade or dough to the roots, leaving the ends softer and less defined. Tussle and manipulate without too lot fuss to attain this just-out-of-bed look.”


Grungy long Hair

Plaid shirts ripped jeans, beanies – grunge format hasn’t to be this trendy due to the fact that 1992. And Bieber has gone and also grown his locks to enhance his new-found rockstar-meets-surfer-dude image.

“Have it maintained the same size all over, texturizing the ends because that a messier unkempt look,” says Hooker. “No require for layering here, just plenty the texturizing. Use a volume mousse or cream to towel-dried hair and also sea-salt spray throughout.

“Either allow drying normally for that just off the surf feel or scrunch dry it through a hair dryer. If you want to go one step further, add a pomade or paste to the roots through your fingers for the ultimate long day in ~ the beach look.”


The Buzz Cut

Blonde tinge on a buzz reduced with a diamond earring gleaming away. Is the you, Slim? Nope, it’s simply the real Justin Bieber keepin’ it real with one of the easiest to manage hairstyles around. The severeness the the reduced can highlight and exaggerate your facial features, but this slightly longer buzz reduced softens the look through the much longer sideburns illustration the eye down to Bieber’s square jawline.

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“Ask for a grade two, or if you desire a bit more skin mirroring a class one,” claims Hooker. “No need for a product with this style, yet if girlfriend did desire to define it, add some dough to take far the fluffiness.”


The mode Mop

A throwback textured mod-cut, this hairstyle is the anti-thesis to Bieber’s platinum fade haircut – an updated take it on a generations-old style. “Ask her barber because that an all-over scissor cut,” says Hooker. “If your hair is flat and also straight prefer Biebs then you will need to ask for plenty that texture, feathering the fringe and sideburns come soften the look. Ask because that the hair to it is in tapered top top the sides and around the ears to clean increase the look.

“Roughly punch dry the hair, working from the ago to the former in circular movements to enable the hair to settle and also sit naturally. Rub a pea-sized quantity of matte clay between your hands till tacky, applying vigorously throughout the hair.”