Where carry out I go to attain or renew my Indiana allow to carry Application?


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If you live in Johnson County, but outside of the incorporated boundaries to any kind of city or town, friend will involved the Johnson county Sheriff’s Office to finish your neighborhood processing payment for license or renewal.If you room not sure if you space inside an integrated area or not, contact the Johnson county Sheriff’s Office Communication center at 317-736-5155 and also inquire with the Sheriff’s dispatcher.What are the actions for completing my application?

NEW for OCTOBER 1 2014 all applicants need to be fingerprinted electronically.

Step 3: lug your application Number and receipt the fingerprinting to either your neighborhood Police room or The Sheriff’s Office because that approval.Step 4: your application will certainly be electronically transferred to ISP for last review.Where is the Johnson county Sheriff’s Office?

The Johnson County law Enforcement facility is located in Franklin straight behind Johnson Memorial Hospital. The resolve is 1091 Hospital Road, Franklin, Indiana 46131.

What hours can I come in come fill out the application?

By bespeak of the Johnson ar Sheriff, gun permits space done 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for your convenience.

What perform I require to bring with me?Applicants will certainly be compelled to bring a Driver’s License through their current attend to and the exactly amount the cash needed for the local fee. WE execute NOT have CHANGE. Girlfriend MUST have THE correct AMOUNT.

You will likewise need to lug the receipt that fingerprinting listed by Morpho to trust (L-1).

On July 1st 2006 the Indiana regulation was readjusted to produce a “Lifetime Handgun License”, renewals for an existing patent will only be accepted 180 work or much less from the date of expiration. The brand-new fee schedule is as follows:

License TypeLocal FeeState Fee
1. 4 (4) year Hunting/Target$10/$5 Cash Refundable*$5.00 Money Order
2. Four (4) year personal Protection$10/$5 Cash Refundable*$30.00 Money Order
3. Life time Hunting/Targetwith No current License$50/$30 Cash Refundable*$25.00 Money Order
4. Life time Hunting/Targetwith Current/Valid Indiana License$40/$30 Cash Refundable*$20.00 Money Order
5. Lifetime an individual Protectionwith No present License$50/$30 Cash Refundable*$75.00 Money Order
6. Lifetime personal Protectionwith Current/Valid Indiana License$40/$30 Cash Refundable*$60.00 Money Order
7. DuplicateNot noted in Law$20.00 Money Order
8. Retired legislation Enforcement OfficerNot detailed in LawFee exempt †
9. Retired corrections OfficerNot listed in LawFee exempt †
10. Firearms DealerNot noted in Law$60.00 Money Order

Additional Fees – All brand-new license applications incur a $11.95 fee because that MorphoTrust digital Fingerprinting. Additionally, ALL patent applications incur one IN.gov processing fee the varies according to the patent type.††

Local Fee details – Please keep in mind that neighborhood fees can not be paid online. Please call your regional police department or sheriff’s office for details on neighborhood fee payment policies.

Special note – * A section of the neighborhood fee is refundable if a patent is not issued. The whole state fee is refundable if no patent is issued.

† fees exemption uses only come the initial license application. Every duplicate licenses incur the a fees of $20.00.

†† The virtual payment business is listed through a partnership between the State the Indiana and its online organization provider. A processing fee that $1.00 to add 2% of the transaction amount is added to the price that the service, together outlined in Indiana code 4-13.1-2-4. Because that applicants who carry out not desire to usage the virtual service, the applicant will require to carry a certified examine or money order to the Indiana State Police firearms Unit situated in Indianapolis Indiana at general Headquarters. The resolve is 100 N. Senate Avenue, Indiana Government facility North room 302.

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Do I require a total permit just to have actually one in my service or home?

Indiana law states the a handgun license is not compelled to bring a handgun in the person’s dwelling, top top the person’s residential property or your fixed place of business, so long as they have the right to possess said firearm no contrary to other restrictions or criminal convictions.

You CANNOT acquire an Indiana Handgun permit if you:Have a conviction for resisting law enforcement within 5 years before the person uses for a patent or permitHave a conviction because that a crime for which he might have been sentenced for more than one (1) yearHave a record of being an alcohol abuser, an interpretation one that has had actually two or an ext alcohol related offenses, any type of one (1) the which led to conviction through a court or therapy in one alcohol abuse basic within three (3) years before the date of applications o have actually a document of being a drug abuser, definition one who has had actually two (2) or an ext violations of: handle in Cocaine, handle in Narcotics, or dealing in a Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V managed substances – any kind of one the which caused conviction by a court or treatment in a drug abuse facility within 5 (5) years prior to the day of application.Have documented evidence i beg your pardon would give rise come a reasonable id that he has actually a propensity because that violent or emotionally turbulent conductMake a false declare of material reality on his applicationHave a conviction of any type of crime including an inability to safely take care of a handgunHave a conviction because that violations the the provisions of IC 35-47 in ~ the last 5 (5) years of his applicationHave adjudication as a delinquent kid for an action that would be a felony if cursed by one adult, if the person using for a license or permit under this thing is less than twenty-three (23) years of age.Indiana password 35-47-2-1 also states:A human who has actually been judge of domestic Battery might not own or bring a handgun in any vehicle or on or about the person’s body in the person’s apartment or on the person’s home or fixed location of business