To affix an older TV to the internet, you can use a committed streaming device, HDMI cable, Blu-ray player or gaming console.

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Streaming devices generally cost around $30 without 4K compatibility, and $50 with it. If you think you could be upgrading to a 4K TV soon, it can be worth going with a 4K streaming device. When your brand-new 4K TV would be maybe to affix to the internet directly, streaming devices almost always administer a better user experience, and they generally give you access to more apps than smart TVs.

We walk v the pros and cons of each streaming device in detail, but here space the basic stats ~ above the most popular brands the end there:

Google ChromecastApple TVRokuAmazon Fire TV Stick
Starting price$35$149$30$25
Pros✔ allows you mirror your phone, tablet computer or laptop ~ above the TV ✔ Google Assistant voice control✔ works seamlessly through Apple ecosystem ✔ Siri voice search✔ simple to use ✔ Extensive totally free movie channel✔ basic to use ✔ Alexa voice control
Cons✘ No remote ✘ need to download streaming apps to your machine ✘ no compatible v Apple image or prime Video✘ an ext expensive than other streaming devices✘ Voice control doesn’t work as well as other streaming devices✘ Prioritizes Amazon content

Keep in mind, no issue which streaming an equipment you walk with, you’ll still need to subscribe come apps choose Netflix and also Hulu separately.

Connect one HDMI cable

If girlfriend only plan on using your TV because that streaming every as soon as in a while, you have the right to probably obtain by just fine with an HDMI cable. Together it mirrors every little thing on her laptop, tablet or phone, you deserve to use this method for things favor sharing vacation photos or home videos as well.

Almost every laptop has actually an HDMI port built into it, so every you’ll need in this case is the cable itself. If friend don’t already have one lying approximately the house, they normally cost around $10 new.

Connecting a smartphone or tablet usually needs an extra step. For Apple products, you’ll need a Lightning Digital AV Adapter, while many newer Android phones and also tablets have a form C connection (also well-known as USB-C) or kind D (Micro HDMI). Depending on which form your Android machine uses, girlfriend may need to purchase one adapter.

Use a Blu-ray player or gaming console

If you’ve purchased a Blu-ray player or video clip game console in the previous decade, you likely currently have everything you require to connect your TV to Wi-Fi. Consoles as far earlier as playstations 3 (2006-2013) and Xbox 360 (2001-2013) come equipped with the capability to affix to the internet. Granted, you i will not ~ have accessibility to as numerous apps together a committed streaming device does, however you’ll have no difficulty downloading popular services favor Netflix and also Hulu.

Blu-ray players space slightly much more hit-or-miss. If you have an enlarge model, it can not have the capacity to affix to the internet. Yet most models exit in the past five years or so all tout their streaming ability as a vital selling point. If you’d quite invest in a brand-new Blu-ray player end a streaming device, many models v Wi-Fi start around $70.

Tips for obtaining the many out of your web connection

Connecting her TV come the net is only step one come a smooth streaming experience. We also recommend taking the following steps to ensure the dreaded buffering wheel never ever derails movie night.

Use one Ethernet cord if possible

While wireless connections have actually improved a ton in recent years, Ethernet cords still carry out a an ext reliable link in many homes. But since they plug into your wireless router, her TV will need to be reasonably close to your router to usage a wired connection. Of the 4 main streaming devices, only Apple TV has an Ethernet port on all of its models. For Amazon Fire TV Sticks and also Google Chromecasts, you’ll have to purchase one adapter separately, when Roku only contains one on its most expensive model. You have the right to learn much more about choosing the best Ethernet cord in our guide.

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Make sure you’re getting sufficient download speeds

Most streaming services recommend approximately 5 Mbps that download speeds because that smooth, buffer-free streaming in HD — an quickly reachable target for many homes. That said, the much more devices room using your link at once, the higher speeds you’ll need. If she not certain what speeds you’re currently getting, you can use our speed test below to find out.