Today, book publicist Scott Lorenz, chairman of Westwind communications is honored to have actually the satisfied of interviewing country syndicated talk present host George Woods. The topic, how to be an excellent Talk Radio Guest


Scott:Hello George thank you for participating in our interview. George, please tell our reader a tiny about your experienced background.

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George:I’ve been in radio because that 25+ years hosting talk reflects on KCMO in Kansas City and KTRS in St. Louis. I’ve acquired radio in my blood and I know a an excellent story once I listen one. I’ve interviewed countless guests and have to be the recipient of 10s of thousands of pitches. So think me once I tell girlfriend I recognize what makes an exceptional talk present guest and the pitch the gets mine attention.

Scott:Why should an writer work to gain booked on talk radio?

George:Self-published writers, nationally-known writers, performers, salespeople, inventors, true loyalty everyone desires to obtain on the over 1,000 speak radio stations in the nation (1) because that ego satisfaction, (2) to spread out their personal gospel, and (3) to sell more stuff and also make more money. To add radio talk shows require content daily so we space constantly in search of authorities on subjects our listening audience would choose to hear about. It’s really a symbiotic relationship.

Scott:How essential are the writer credentials in gaining booked on a radio show?

George:Let me price your inquiry with a inquiry or two: If friend wanted assist for a medical problem, would you contact a railroad engineer? If you needed info on gardening, would you contact a automobile dealership? hell no! I get dozens of emails, calls, faxes and also letters every day that room pitches native would-be guest who room not the best person to be discussing a particular topic. So, yes, credentials and experience are really important.

Scott:What is the best means for authors to acquire booked top top a talk show?

George:First of all target only those talk mirrors that are likely to it is in a great fit for your information or material. The writer or the publicist will need to know the slant of various shows or stations. If a station is all-sports, they’re not going to it is in interested in the brand-new miracle wonder diet for women or a book on just how to communicate with her dead pets. A news/ politics display isn’t interested in the joys of cooking with herbs or having a effective garage sale. Simply as you would certainly tailor a talk or speech, understanding who your audience will be in advance, execute the very same for your pitch to it is in on a specific show. Yes’this take away a lot of extra time and money from the normal mass mailing approach. However the ideal results come native the best preparation.

Scott:If email is the best means to with you why do you happen on so countless pitches?

George:Over 90% that the emails coming in to me space trashed or merely unanswered. Why? because most guest wannabes use a remote shotgun approach, sending out their press releases and also emails to hosts whose shows are not suited to your offering. Talk reflects that space news/political in nature aren’t walk to bring on the writer of my Uncle Is an Alien! or someone v a new and distinctive spin ~ above collecting stamps.

Scott:How go an writer compel you come open an email and check out it?

George:Tell me precisely what you’re all around in your headline, topic line, or call message. Gain to the suggest FAST.

Scott:Just to it is in clear provide me instances of good and negative subject lines.

George:Here space two verbatim instances of emails I got that to be trashed immediately based top top the topic line:

New Book! Author available for Interview GuestIt’s vacation Time

And right here are 2 that got my attention:

In 150 years of presidential campaigns, has anything changed?How to Beat Those lengthy Airport Delays

Note the not just do the 2nd two phone call me precisely what the product is about, but also, the subjects pertain to the news/political category, which my station happened to specialization in.

Scott:How can an author improve the chances they’ll gain the nod for a radio interview?

George:Localize your product for EACH present or market as lot as possible. How is my regional audience influenced by her information? What benefit will lock get? Why must they hear to what you have to say? Here’s an additional email subject line that caught my attention, combine all 3 tips therefore far: Experts Available-Missouri’s economic situation vs. Brand-new Energy Bills

Scott:What have the right to an writer do come prepare because that an interview?

George:Visit the radio station’s website come familiarize yourself through the station and its all at once personality. Perhaps pick increase one quick piece of details you can include when you’re ~ above the wait that makes you much more local and also not just a strange voice ~ above the phone on the various other side the the country. For example you could point out the host’s alma mater or the score the the baseball game the night before or the surname of a neighborhood politician.

Scott:What is the purpose of a Pre-Air call and also what should the guest be involved with?

George:Plan to have a pre-air call. A phone contact with the human with who you will be talking (or the person’s producer) not only creates a little rapport, however will add an massive amount that familiarity the sounds an excellent on the waiting both for you and your host. It allows you to cover any type of fine clues on both ends that you have to know, such as exact quantities of time you will certainly actually it is in on the air; a 10-minute slot may wind up being 6 minutes after continuous program features and commercials. Clean up any type of questions girlfriend or the host may have before you go on the air and waste priceless time!

Scott:I know you recommend the authors produce a one pager for the talk show host. Define that for us.

George:Ah yes, I speak to it The Magic Page. Fax or email the most pertinent information about you, your information or material, on a solitary 8 x 11 paper for display host use. Do it easy to read, uncluttered, and include no much more than 5 bulleted significant talk points. Hosts don’t desire or require lots of document when they’re talking live. Also, be sure to encompass easy voice pronunciations for any kind of unusual or ambiguous surname or words.

Scott:How frequently should a guest cite their web site or surname of the publication etc.?

George:Don’t Oversell. If you space an writer or selling something, border yourself to 2 mentions that price, where, or exactly how to order during your visit, one around midway through and another about a minute before the scheduled end time.

Scott:What have the right to a guest perform to endear themselves to the talk show host and also get invited back?

George:Definitely monitor up your appearance through a mailed, personally signed thank-you note. So couple of people do this, you’ll really stand out from the crowd. Think me, it gets noticed much more today than ever in today of email.

Scott:What else can a future superior talk show guest do to boost their possibilities of gaining booked?

George:Be sure to upgrade your radio station contact list once a year. Make sure that you’re sending info to the right person, not to someone that left four years earlier (yep–another true happening); that the station’s style has not changed dramatically; and that the station/host still desires to receive information from you.

Scott:Do you have actually a perform of resources where future talk present guests can discover some that these speak radio stations?

George Woods: 

Try these:

Talk radio information at your fingertips ~ www.newslink.orgGreat perform of talk stations by city and state ~ list of stations and links ~

Esoteric radio links large list, simple to use. This one has links to listen live online if the station provides live streaming

Scott:If who would prefer to gain booked on her radio show how perform they reach you?

George:Send a note to:George Woods, 14409 W 83 PL, Lenexa, KS 66215-4172 or an email to: ”>

Scott:What space your plans for the future?

George:I am currently developing talk radio stations that’ll emphasis on non-political talk and also are accessible for syndication both ~ above the Internet and traditional radio. And, i am developing an ext than a dozen net radio train station in both talk and music formats. So i am type of busy ideal now yet thoroughly delighted in being interviewed for a change! But, let me rotate the tables below for a minute. Allow me ask girlfriend a couple of questions.

George:What execute you carry out as a publication publicist the the writer can’t execute himself?

Scott:Man you’re good! basically I have a sleep for news and also know what the media will desire to hear about so I deserve to craft a pitch that they’ll bite on. Plus I currently have all the media databases and much more importantly contacts that I’ve been working v for 20+ years. I’ve followed some members of the media from internship in ~ a neighborhood paper, climate to a huge city radio station and then on to TV anchor in a optimal ten market. They to trust me when I provide them a pitch. Friend can’t beat relationships that go method back. But, a an excellent story trumps everything, the difficulty is that most books are not breaking news in nature for this reason that’s where we come in and make it appropriate now.

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George:Do you monitor my advice?

Scott:Yes, quite much, back I might send out a few more hand signed say thanks to you notes; but I do suggest that to mine clients. It’s a pretty touch and it walk work. Thanks again George.

Is this interview over????