**Any photos of the stage or the dedication plaque in this article were taken throughout my time ~ above the Warner Bros Studio Tour. You room not able to take it photos that the set when you attend a taping. Though you have the right to take picture in the riff-raff room. **

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Welcome! This write-up that girlfriend are reading is all about my experiences with getting tickets to Ellen’s 12 days of Giveaways. I have a separate article all about getting ticket to a continuous taping and also what the suffer is like. You deserve to read that write-up here.

Please note that the score of this write-up is not to brag that I’ve acquired to go to 12 Days. I composed this write-up to assist give you an knowledge of how you can acquire the tickets. As well as what the suffer of attending this taping is like. If you have any questions you re welcome feel cost-free to reach the end to me via society media.

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The quick answer to exactly how you can get tickets come the 12 job of Giveaways is honest but not an extremely helpful. You need to win the tickets. While you have the right to request totally free tickets to the show throughout the year the does not work for this. Exactly how do you victory the tickets? There are several various ways but unfortunately, over there isn’t one particular means that deserve to guarantee friend will acquire the tickets. An initial I would choose to share how I acquired tickets to walk in both 2012 and also 2019. Please keep in mind that there are no standby tickets because that the distinct tapings. 

The Riff-Raff Room (2012)

The riff-raff room is whereby the Ellen Shop is located. It is on the backside of the studio audience. There room cushioned benches whereby standby ticket holders who perform not do it into the key audience deserve to stay and also watch the taping. Ago in 2012 when I very first went to the display I wound increase in the riff-raff room. Anyone was provided a ticket and also three numbers were pulled the end of a jar. My number was among the ones selected and also my compensation was two tickets to 12 Days.

I always encourage people to remain for the taping even if girlfriend only gain to be in the riff-raff room because you never recognize what great things it can lead to!

Be In The Studio Audience (2019)

I recognize that you have actually no control when you walk to a taping as to whether or not the audience wins 12 job tickets. The is other we have no regulate over but, when you walk to the taping over there is constantly a chance that it could happen come you. Therefore if you ever before get a possibility to go to a taping of the display please go!