You can access the latest info published by the shooting Show regarding COVID-19 FAQs and also Exhibitor Guidance for the 2022 show by click here. 

Attendance at the SHOT display is limited to the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade and commercial buyers and also sellers that military, legislation enforcement and also tactical products and also services ONLY. The show is not open to the public, and NO one under period 16 shall be admitted (including infants).

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NO an individual firearms or ammunition allowed. Only weapons on display by exhibitors who firing pins have actually been removed (and have actually been inspected by SHOT present Safety Advisors) will be permitted at the shot Show.

In the Exhibitor Resources center website in ~, begin with the warm TOPICS right NOW and DEADLINES/INFORMATION/CONTACTS sections. The Budget and also the deadline Checklist will assist you decide which item you need for her exhibit and how to succeed at the show.

You"ll additionally find exhibitor move-in hours, policy on booth changes, show exhibition hours and much more.

Freeman is the Official service Contractor giving material handling, furniture rental, practice booth rental, labor, hanging signs/rigging (under 200lbs) carpet in ~ The Venetian Expo, to add cleaning and utilities at caesars Forum. Specialized Events services (SES) gives cleaning, electrical, hanging signs/rigging (over 200lbs), internet, telephone, catering and plumbing at The Venetian Expo only. Encore gives electrical, rigging, telephone, internet and catering at caesars Forum only.

Refer come the electrical Services order type from dedicated Events solutions (SES) because that The Venetian Expo or Encore at caesars Forum. Inspect your tools for the amps/watts needed. In enhancement to bespeak the outlets, girlfriend will need to order electrical labor because that the distribution of the power. Mark on the order form the days for which service is requested, and also the time asked for for electric to it is in installed. Over there is a minimum charge of one hour come install and also 1/2 hour come dismantle electric if the electric is inserted somewhere other than the ago of the booth. If you have actually an island or peninsula booth, friend must administer a floor setup with her order showing the desired location the the outlets or lock will ar them at their discretion.

To pay for Freeman and/or SES services, you must complete their Payment Authorization forms. They expropriate check and also credit map payments. If you pay for solutions in advance by check, that is ideal to bring a agency credit card or agency check come pay any kind of balance due in ~ the conclusion the the show. Other builders will ask for payment on your order develops or on their particular websites.

You have the right to ship with a 3rd party in among two ways. The very first is to ship in breakthrough to the Freeman Warehouse whereby shipments deserve to be got anytime in between December 13, 2021 and January 5, 2022. Freeman will certainly then provide your freight to your booth at her appointed target time. To print shipping label(s), click on the Warehouse Shipping brand or the present Site Shipping label.

If you space shipping straight on-site to the Sands Expo center or caesar Forum, freight should arrive on her assigned target time (see listed below to change your target time).

If arriving direct on-site at your appointed target time, vehicle drivers must check-in in ~ the Freeman Marshaling Yard very first to receive a Freight Door assignment prior to coming to The Venetian Expo or caesars Forum.

If you are driving your materials to the show, take benefit of the Privately Operated auto (POV) Program. This takes place on Sunday and also Monday before the show and also Freeman will supply your products on a flatbed cart. First round pilgrimage is paid for by the shoot Show. See the Material dealing with — POV kind in the Exhibitor resource Center to watch if you qualify, and the inquiry below.

If you room shipping firearms to the show, you need to separate them native all various other freight and use the provided Security straight or present Site shipping labels located in the Exhibitor resource Center. This items will certainly go directly to security and you can pick them up on site from defense in Room 306 of The Venetian Expo (Level 1) or Room 406 at caesar Forum. Please execute not delivery non-firearm products to Secured Storage. If you space bringing guns with you to the show, please finish the weapons Survey form on the Exhibitor source Center therefore you can be fully apprised that the programs placed in ar for receipt of firearms in las Vegas.

If you space transporting v checked luggage top top your trip to las Vegas, you can carry them come the shooting check-in desk at McCarran Airport in ~ Terminal 1 and also Terminal 3 after ~ you obtain them from her airline’s baggage organization upon her arrival. Your firearms will be transported come Secured warehouse by SHOT present security.

This date and time has been developed for the come of your freight at the Freeman marshaling yard by your usual carrier. This is vital in order come accommodate the huge volume the freight that demands to be unloaded top top the limited freight dock room available. Target time are provided by booth numbers. If you delivery in development to the Freeman warehouse, the freight will be at your exhibit space at your designated target time. If you need to adjust your target time, complete the Target Time readjust Request Form. For an ext information evaluation the Target Time Map.

Material managing is the business to move and also store your freight from the freight docks to your booth. This company includes off-loading from the distribution truck; distribution to her booth; removing north crates and also boxes; save the crates and also boxes during the show and returning castle after the show; and finally, distribution of the crates and boxes to her carrier. This business is all provided exclusively through Freeman. It is a one-time charge for incoming and outgoing. View the Material dealing with Order type in the Exhibitor resource Center for rates.

Yes, there room two means to unloading your materials at the show. You can take benefit of the POV/Cart service Program provided by Freeman and the shoot Show, or you have the right to hand lug your very own freight. See summary below.

Hand bring is allowed if a screen or product is qualified of being brought from the exhibitor privately owned automobile into the hall by hand. Just a small, two-wheel dolly have the right to be used. Exhibitors through hand-carry freight can arrive any time ~ their reserved target time. To use this service, your full freight should be ceded in a Privately Operated auto (POV), no advertisement carriers and also driven by a company employee and cannot be unloaded at any type of of the loading docks.

A Privately Operated car (POV) is a car driven by girlfriend or her employee and Freeman will supply the materials to your booth. The very first cart pack (round trip) to her booth is payment by the shooting Show. Additional cart lots are charged by Freeman in ~ $100.50 per cart fill (round trip).

Delivery must take place throughout move-in on:Sunday, January 16, 2022 from 8:00 am to 8:00 PMMonday, January 17, 2022 native 6:00 to be to 8:00 PM

During move-out, POVs will be reloaded top top Friday, January 21, 2022 from 5:00 afternoon to 9:00 PM. Check out the Freeman POV Service kind for an ext information and also details of just how to take advantage of this program.

If you have firearms in her booth, you need to secure them overnight. The SHOT display offers a totally free service that allows you come secure your weapons overnight in a secured warehouse area. The person who checks them in also must examine them out and also a signature is required. For sure storage locations are situated in hall G (Level 1), hall D (Level 2), Level 2 ballrooms in ~ The Venetian Expo and Room 406 at caesar Forum.

Exhibitor booth personnel can receive a Letter of invite by click “yes” when requested throughout the argorial registration process. The letter is climate emailed come the exhibitor to publish out and also take with them to their visa appointment. If extr documentation is required, please email present Management at visa

Outboarding is when any firm that is eligible come exhibit, yet is no exhibiting in ~ the shot Show, hosts an occasion anywhere in the city that attracts SHOT show buyers. The SHOT show considers outboarding a severe offense and also akin to theft together it is basically taking away from the investment made by you, the exhibitor. Therefore, the shooting Show automatically takes far credentials because that the existing show and similarly bans the offending separation, personal, instance and company from joining or attendance at future shoot Shows.

If you hear the or view an outboarding event while you space onsite, please contact the present Management Office, (702) 691-8508 or tell your floor manager. To contact Show administration in breakthrough or after ~ the show, please speak to (855) 355-7468 or email regmgr

Suitcasing is when any non-exhibitor do the efforts to market their products to attendees or other exhibitors in ~ the show. This contains having meetings, offering merchandise, samples, catalogs or any other materials. This is not permitted at the show. The SHOT show considers suitcasing a major offense and akin come theft together it is essentially taking far from the investment made by you, the exhibitor. Therefore, the shot Show automatically takes far credentials because that the existing show and an in similar way bans the offending separation, personal, instance and company from authorized or attendance at future shoot Shows.

If friend witness a suitcaser, call the display Management Office in ~ (702) 691-8508 or your floor manager immediately.

Exhibitors are not permitted to photo or video clip the exhibition or product of another exhibitor without prior approval. You are prohibited from entering the exhibit room of another exhibitor without permission from the exhibitor, and at no time might anyone enter an exhibit an are that is not staffed.

SHOT display Exhibitor registration will open up the beginning of October. You will merely sign in to your Exhibitor Dashboard and click top top REGISTRATION. Badges room allocated based on booth size. Watch your allocation on the badges & assignment Form.

You can update your catalog listing on her Exhibitor Dashboard through going come and entering your username and password. The information on her Dashboard will be reflected in your digital listing (The SHOT present Planner), the mobile app and also the printed directory. The deadline to be had in the published SHOT Show brochure is October 8, 2021. If girlfriend have any type of questions or require assistance regarding your company"s catalog listing, call Customer company at (855) 355-7468 or email exhibitorhelp

You deserve to upgrade your SHOT show Planner listing come a Platinum Listing through your Exhibitor Dashboard ( The Platinum Listing consists of 500 extr private message to attendees, a banner displayed at the bottom the every web page in the planner, and also in the header on the online floorplan, banner in ~ bottom of Attendee welcome email, and also banner on means Finders at the show. This is in enhancement to your SHOT Marketing Package i beg your pardon includes straightforward company information such as agency name, description, and also product categories, your firm logo (SHOT show Planner, mobile app and also printed directory), push releases, and show specials. You likewise have accessibility to leader (attendees who have actually visited your digital listing who interests enhance your product categories). Friend can likewise private article with attendees through your dashboard. Every listings bring over come the cell phone app and electronic means Finders in ~ the show. For an ext information call Customer company at (855) 355-7468 or email exhibitorhelp

All buyers will have a badge through their registration info encoded in the QR password on the badge. To retrieve this information, you need to rent a lead Retrieval Scanner or purchase the lead retrieval SWAP app from Maritz. Command retrieval scanners deserve to be choose up on-site at the Maritz lead Retrieval counter. Every scanners room portable therefore you will certainly only need to order electrical power if you plan on charging the devices within your booth. Stimulate the scanners or SWAP application on or before November 9, 2021, to acquire the early bird rate or on or before November 22, 2021, to acquire the breakthrough rate. For much more information, contact Exhibitor services at (800) 787-0475 or via email at exhibitorservices

Many companies may reach the end to you for help with housing needs, carpet options, or countless other solutions relating to her SHOT present experience. You re welcome be assured the only home builders authorized to contact you space those referenced in the Exhibitor resource Center and also the SHOT display places strictly guidelines on any kind of contact they can make. The SHOT show protects your contact information very closely. Unfortunately, through the internet, unscrupulous companies have actually a method of collection anybody’s email address and phone call number. Please testimonial the complete Solicitation notice in the Exhibitor resource Center relating to this issue.

Yes, you deserve to have a automobile or mobile unit in your booth. Every Clark ar fire codes, you can purchase a permit straight from present Management if the appropriate application is filed with show Management by November 26, 2021. If you miss out on the deadline, you have to purchase a permit from the Clark county Fire Department straight at (702) 455-7116. Exhibitors must additionally submit the Motor devices / motorized Vehicle kind with Freeman and pay a spotting fees of $196.50. Vehicles displayed in your booth need be relocated in follow to your Target Time. At the appropriate time, you may proceed directly to the freight door for your booth and also Freeman will escort the car to the booth. Check out the Freeman Vehicles & cell phone Units kind for more information. Creates must be finish by December 14, 2021.

No. Present badges constitute a limited, revocable license to the named badge holder to to visit the present SHOT Show. Badges cannot be reproduced, sold, mutual or otherwise transferred to an additional person. Present badges room the residential or commercial property of the show and also may it is in revoked at any kind of time for any type of reason.

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We will not be mailing badges, friend will be able to pick up the badges at Venetian Expo, caesar Forum or any kind of of out plenty of locations throughout las Vegas. Click right here to view a complete list the locations. New THIS YEAR: every registrants will have to agree come the authorized waiver before the badge will print. Friend can discover out who has actually or has actually not excellent this by signing into your it is registered portal thru her exhibitor dashboard.