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mockery Mayeux, network defender, works at the waiting Force an are Command Network operations & Security facility at Peterson Air pressure Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado July 20, 2010. REUTERS/Rick Wilking The national Security agency is one of the many secretive branches the the knowledge community, butwe know a small bit about how to obtain a task there thanks to Glassdoor.The task site where anyone deserve to rate your workplace and give an inside look at how to apply and interview has actually a page just for the NSA, which right now has a rating the 3.8 out of 5 stars. An ext than 35 people have left feedback on your interview process.

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The reviews might not be individually verified due to the fact that they to be left anonymously, though numerous of the questions and background info seemsto match up with other thingsalready known around the NSA. The firm did not respond to inquiry for comment.

One user interviewing because that a Vulnerabilities Analyst — a job tasked with finding software application bugs because that hackers to make use of — said the interview was largely technical.


Flickr/Johan Viirok

“I was asked basic questions around buffer overflows, SQLinjections, XSS, and also some various other things ns don"t fairly remember," the user wrote.

Buffer overflows, SQL injections, and also XSS (Cross-site scripting) space all exploits hackers usage to gain access to networks.And NSA employs some of the world"s peak hackers in its ultra-secretive Tailored accessibility Operations unit.

That the interview to be technical and jargon-laden is no surprising, since NSA is said to be ahead of personal sector modern technology by five to 10 years, according to "The Puzzle Palace" through James Bamford.

Another user said they were given a technical puzzle to solve, which didn't it seems ~ all the difficult.



"You have actually a black box v no separating marks ~ above it. The just input/output is an ethernet port. Just how would you identify what is to run on the box?"

The interviewer was basically trying to get an knowledge of the applicant"s thought process, assessing the steps they could take to determine what kind of software program is running on a specific machine.

A crucial reason one demands to know what"s running on the machine, especially in the NSA"s case, is as result of it being beneficial in figuring out specifically what vulnerabilities exist so that software deserve to be hacked.

Another user offered an answer, i beg your pardon is come "port scan" the box, which would recognize what type of software is running (Specific software application programs usage ports come communicate, like port 80 for net traffic or 587 for email).

A user interviewing for a place as an technician was given an verity check.


Netflix/"Liar Liar"

"Have you excellent anything illegal that was never reported officially or ~ above record," the user wrote.

At this point, the applicant has currently filled the end paperwork that most likely asked about any crimes or medicine use. But this question is a sort-of "catch all" to view whether someone might shot to slip through the process without cite of the moment they ran a protect against sign earlier when they to be 16 year old.

That"s probably not a an excellent idea. "Our best word the advice is to be totally candid throughout the defense process," the NSA to write on the careers website.

The security clearance needs are stringent, and also the comprehensive background examine — which includes interviews withfriends, family, neighbors, and others — together with a polygraph test, will likely uncover every skeleton a human being has.

"I when went 95 mph without obtaining caught," one user wrote. "I have due to the fact that been rental after comment this question and also no penalties have been incurred for the 1.5 years I"ve worked."

A few users who claimed they interviewed come be software program developers talked around the weird test called "Fizzbuzz" the determines even if it is a programmer is any good.


not this kind of fizz. Flickr/laurenbosak

"Write the algorithm because that Fizzbuzz in your programming language the choice," one user wrote.

The so-called "Fizzbuzz test" is a usual question the will easily determine whether a programmer can actually program. The actual check sounds something like this, follow to CodingHorror:

"Write a routine that prints the number from 1 come 100. Yet for multiples the three print "Fizz" rather of the number and also for the multiples of five print "Buzz." because that numbers which are multiples of both three and also five publish FizzBuzz.""

Any developer who knows anything will be able to write out the equipment on a item of paper ina few minutes. There space actually numerous different solutions, but the most reliable one will certainly be much less than ten present of code.

It's no all technical. Numerous users stated standard interview concerns you'd hear in ~ just about any company.

chris Hondros/Getty

Some were asked, "Where execute you see yourself in five years?" and also many others were asked, "Why do you desire to work-related at NSA?"

There were other variations, favor "what perform you want to achieve?" or "what brought you come NSA?"

But, like any type of other task interview,the concerns are two-fold: They offer an interviewer one idea an applicant to know what lock are getting into, and also whether they could be a an excellent fit because that the company, or in this case, work-related in the mystery world of intelligence.

A user interviewing because that a language analyst said they weren't asked any questions in ~ all.


"None," the user wrote. "I was provided a newspaper editorial to interpret on the spot, which ns did."

That"s certainly a quick method to figure out even if it is someone has the translation an abilities you need. Translate in is in high demand because much that the signal thatNSA collects is in a foreign language.

Right now, the NSA largely wantstranslators ofArabic,Chinese (Mandarin),Pashto,Persian-Dari,Persian-Farsi, andRussian.

Whatever the interview concerns were, virtually all the customers on Glassdoor discussed the hiring procedure at NSA is exceptionally long.

Headquarters that the NSA at ft Meade, Maryland. Digital trends

"The background procedure is very extensive," one user wrote. "Took 7 months from time of application. I"m still waiting to listen if ns passed the elevator investigation. Don"t use if you space under a chop deadline to gain a job."

Once friend apply, the NSA doesn"t really care about your timeline. There"s a lot to gain through prior to someone go in the door, consisting of the normal job interviews, behavioral assessment, psych test, and polygraph exam.

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But the background inspect seems to be the hurdle the takes the many time. The NSA only says the process can it is in "lengthy" — which individuals say can be all over from 7 to 12 months.

The company also says you shouldn"t be talking about it either, other than to nearby family and friends. "Weask the you simply state that you have used for a government position with the DoD."

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