As the UFC proceeds to put on new shows and also the rankings continually change, it can be difficult to know where and how to begin watching the UFC as a new fan.

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You deserve to start city hall the UFC indigenous anywhere, however it’s ideal from the early UFC’s and Ultimate Fighter reflects to see how its evolved. Brand-new UFC pan should additionally watch the present champions of each division and their height contenders, plus acquire to understand the styles used to yes, really get associated as a UFC fan.

So, let’s jump in and see how and also where’s the finest place to start watching the UFC, including:

Right in ~ the beginning at UFC 1Catching up on the UFC’s current champions & contendersAnd finally, some other points you’ll want to understand as a new UFC fan

Where & exactly how To begin Watching The UFC

The UFC’s popularity recently is huge, an interpretation every year that attracts new fans from anywhere the world. Yet the early beginnings of the billion-dollar firm stretch earlier over years, long before the mainstream fans, money, and media.

So, where and also how need to a new UFC fan begin watching? The ideal place to start is to rewind earlier to those early days, you don’t must watch every struggle from every event, yet it’s an excellent to get an insight into exactly how the sport began out and also to see how it has advanced over time.

This will provide you a solid foundation and appreciation for what the UFC is every about, and also how far it has come native its simple beginnings. So, where better place to start than UFC 1.

UFC 1: The Beginning

In November 1993 in Denver Colorado USA, the UFC held their first event. The event was referred to as a “landmark martial art event” through no rules, no judge’s scores, and also no time limits, the to meet was half empty and also the mainstream media were i do not have anything to it is in seen.

Eight the the “world’s most most dangerous fighters” were collection to step into the cage to determine who to be the “Ultimate Fighting Champion”. Ago in those days, the concern of which martial arts was the best and also which would win versus another was a hot subject.

After year of martial arts movies, live combat sporting activities events, and a entirety lot the misinformation, the world was around to discover out.

UFC 1 looked nothing like the UFC us all know today. The occasion had eight fighters, each of which dedicated in a single martial art/ fighting form, who went head-to-head in a tournament where just one winner would come out on top.

Nowadays, the UFC’s fighters usage a complete mix of just the best martial arts and also their many effective elements which has become its own format known as mixed Martial arts (MMA). This is since not all martial arts are efficient or useful, to uncover out i m sorry martial arts space the ideal you can inspect out my other article.

The reason the sports of MMA adapted and progressed into the method we recognize it today, is because that UFC 1 and the way in i m sorry the fights unfolded. Therefore, for brand-new UFC fans, the best place to begin watching the UFC is ideal at the start at UFC 1.

“UFC 1 to be a landmark martial arts event with no rules, no judge’s scores, and also no time limits”

UFC’s existing Champions & Contenders

As discussed above, yes sir no need for you to watch every one of the UFC’s ahead fights leading up to the current day (plus the would most likely take girlfriend years), yet the ideal thing to perform is to capture up top top the current champions and also their top contenders.

The UFC’s matchups are always to recognize who moves up the ranks one action closer come a title shot. So, if girlfriend really desire to gain into the UFC together a fan, it’s best to know who is top top top and also who space the ones come watch as they work their way up the ranks to take them out.

To do this just head end to the UFC’s website to watch who is the present champion of every division, and who is in the top 5-10 rankings below them. Then record up on few of the champion’s vault fights leading up to their title victory to obtain to recognize each champion and their fighting styles.

You can check out mine other write-up on just how to clock old UFC fights which additionally includes 5 must-watch fights for new UFC fans.

Things All new UFC Fans should Know

For a brand-new fan the the UFC, it have the right to take part time to very first get come grips with exactly how the sport works and also what a brand-new UFC fan should know.

In general, the things new UFC fans should know are exactly how the sports is structured in ~ the year, including seasons, types of events, and the varieties of belts and also titles. Brand-new UFC fans should likewise learn around the varieties of martial arts gift used, who the fighters are, and how the rules and also scoring work.

To help you the end with few of these inquiries in relation to the UFC, I have actually written a couple of other articles i m sorry will help you get completely involved with the UFC as a brand-new fan, including:

Final Thought

If friend are fully new come the UFC and the sport of mixed Martial arts don’t worry, simply tune in and start watching. You’ll have the ability to learn a lot around what’s happening inside the cage in regards to the different styles and techniques since the commentators provide really clean explanations around what she seeing.

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In general, you deserve to pick the UFC up from anywhere really, the UFC does a an excellent job of cultivating each fight and telling the back story leading as much as the fight, meaning you’ll soon gain an insight into those going on and also get hyped because that the next live UFC event.

“You don’t need to watch every one of the UFC’s ahead fights, just tune in and start watching”

For some need to watch UFC fights & exactly how to clock them, inspect out my various other article: 3 methods To watch Old UFC events (Plus 5 have to Watch Fights)”