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So you"ve selected her wedding stationery, addressed the envelopes, and also sent her invites, yet you have a couple of extras left. Placed them to use by inviting high-profile guests, prefer the president or your favorite celebs. To help make that happen, we discovered the deal with to send a wedding invite to the White House, as well as instructions on just how to send invites to her favorite A-listers. (Psst: You can order envelope addressing along with your stationery order over on The node Invitations.)

Of course, these famed individuals most likely won"t attend her nuptials, yet they often send replies you and your partner have the right to keep as a memento. Possibly the celebrity is part of your love story (they"re the voice behind your first dance song, because that example) or you"re just fans. Either way, we accumulated all the info you require so you deserve to send the end a wedding invitation to your favorite celeb.

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White residence Mailing Address

As you start addressing your wedding invitations, you may be wondering what the correct address to send her wedding invite to the White House. Listed below is the ideal White residence mailing address:

The chairman & first LadyThe White HouseGreetings Office, Room 391600 Pennsylvania way NWWashington, DC 20502

You"ll obtain a pre-printed card earlier signed through the offer president and an initial lady, which you can add to her wedding scrapbook. As soon as the Obamas to be in the White House, your correspondence office opened up to end 10,000 letter daily—many the which were wedding invitations. Castle sent back a lovely post to couples obtaining married i m sorry read:

"Congratulations on your wedding. Us hope the your marital relationship is blessed through love, laughter, and happiness and also that your bond grows stronger with each passing year. This chance marks the start of a lifelong partnership, and as friend embark on this journey, understand you have our very best for the numerous joys and adventures that lie ahead."

While they"re no much longer in office, the Obamas quiet send replies to people celebrating huge life moment (such as weddings, births, graduations and more). If you"d prefer a post from the famed couple, input her wedding info here and also wait to get a printed, signed card.

How come Invite a Celebrity to her Wedding

You deserve to invite other celebrities to her nuptials too. Reach the end to her favorite singer, actor, sporting activities professional, network personality or writer and send lock a wedding invitation. You can just get a response. That knows, you might even score a star illustration at her nuptials! Celebrities prefer Ed Sheeran, Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift have all crashed genuine couples" weddings (and wedding-related events).

If you want to try your luck at acquiring a response, letter an invite to your favorite celeb. Check out FanMail.Biz to watch stars" contact information, and peruse our favorite examples below.

Taylor Swiftc/o Taylor Swift Entertainment242 West main StreetPMB 412Hendersonville, TN 37075

Oprah WinfreyHarpo ProductionsPO crate 909715Chicago, IL 60690

Beyonce KnowlesParkwood Entertainment, LLC1412 Broadway24th FloorNew York, NY 10018-9235USA

Mickey and also Minnie MouseThe Walt Disney Company500 southern Buena Vista StreetBurbank, CA 91521

Trevor NoahThe day-to-day Show733 11th AveNew York, NY100198

You have the right to also try your luck at contacting the celebrities end social media (though they gain so countless messages they could not see it). If you"re exceptionally serious about getting a celebrity come attend her nuptials, you have the right to hire a skilled to do it happen. For example, some legal professionals specialize in booking A-list celebrities because that weddings and other events.

However, arranging a celebrity appearance go come in ~ a price, so testimonial your budget before committing to anything. If you"re may be to make it work and want to insurance a star performance, us encourage you to check out this option. After ~ all, it"d be much more romantic to sluggish dance come "Perfect" while Ed Sheeran sings that live, wouldn"t it?

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