Would friend love to have larger breasts, but don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having actually breast implants? over there is an excellent solution for women that would prefer to naturally get a cup size: the procedure known as fat transfer.

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Fat deliver to the breast, additionally referred to as minimally invasive breast improvement or fat grafting, is becoming an significantly popular kind of chest augmentation: according to a recent article on RealSelf.com, plastic surgeons have seen a 37.3% climb in requests for breast fat transfer due to the fact that 2015. As a board certified plastic operated doctor with practically two decades of endure in the nuances of chest surgery, ns am dazzling to see increasing interest in the procedure.

What is a organic boob job?

Fat transfer to the chest is often referred to as a “natural boob job” because it offers fat native your very own body, quite than silicone or saline chest implants, to adjust your chest size.

Fat injections have the right to improve breast shape, increase symmetry, and also give girlfriend a usual size increase without implants. Other advantages include a 100% herbal look and feel, no hazard of implant-related complications such as capsular contracture, and no scars top top the breasts.

Fat injections deserve to improve chest shape, rise symmetry, and give girlfriend a usually size increase without implants.

The benefits expand to other parts of her body: the liposuction we usage to harvest fat will concurrently slim under “problem areas” such together a belly pouch or a muffin top, thereby enhancing the proportions the your top and lower body.

I execute this herbal breast augmentation process in 2 steps. First, I use liposuction come harvest unwanted fat from another area or areas of the body. I then purify that fat and also transfer the to your breasts via injections, including fullness where desired. (The American society of Plastic Surgeons has a thorough animated video clip to help you visualize the fat move process.)

Will fat carry to the breast occupational for me?

If you’re searching for a modest (one cup size or less) increase in volume and also you have sufficient fat to take from the hips, belly, thighs, or other areas to achieve the preferred result, you might be a great candidate because that fat deliver to the breast. One method to call if this procedure is appropriate for friend is to examine before and after image of patients who’ve had actually a fat transfer. Look for patients whose breasts have comparable characteristics come yours in the “before” images and also see if you prefer their results. If the results look also modest when contrasted with your goals, chest augmentation v implants might be a far better choice for you.


The above photo mirrors an actual beauty beauty by Buford patience before and after fat carry to the breasts.

What room the drawbacks of fat injections come the breast?

While the procedure is best in so many ways, fat transfer has a few drawbacks when contrasted with traditional breast augmentation:

Future weight changes can affect your results.
because fat cells fluctuate through your body weight, as soon as you shed weight, friend may shed fat proportionally throughout her body. For this reason fat cells transferred to her breasts will also shrink with weight loss. The same thing go for load gain—transferred fat cells will respond like any type of other fat cell in her body. We say that whatever fat is still existing at 3 months post-op is most likely there for the long term—as long as there’s no far-ranging weight loss.Results space not together predictable. Fat is a breakable substance and also some cells don’t make it through the transport process. Additionally, her body may absorb a percentage of the moved fat end time. Since of these two factors, you’ll probably shed some that the volume transferred to your breasts, and so the exact amount of irreversible volume may be somewhat unpredictable. (A second fat transfer deserve to be offered to compensate because that this volume loss if needed.)Breasts can not be considerably reshaped through fat move alone. compared to chest implants, fat move adds a an ext modest fullness and, due to the fact that fat cells absence structure, castle can’t create the rounded breast shape we can accomplish with implants. If you are searching for the shaping characteristics of implants or desire to go up more than one cup size, pick breast implants instead.You require enough obtainable body fat. If you’re fairly lean, implants might be a better breast augmentation an option for you.

Can I incorporate fat transfer through breast implant surgery?

Yes, friend can absolutely augment breast implant outcomes with fat grafting. When this procedure is currently trending, I’ve to be optimizing chest implant outcomes with fat move for years. I regularly use fat grafting to add a more natural-looking roundness to the upper pole of the breast (the quadrant over the nipple), or to boost the illustration of cleavage in between the breasts. It’s also a good option because that augmented women that wish they had chosen larger breast implants and also want to boost their dimension without replacing your implants.

If girlfriend are in search of the shaping qualities of implants or want to walk up much more than one cup size, choose breast implants instead.

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Looking because that a organic breast augmentation medical professional in Denver?

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