What is required? What do I should know? Figuring out exactly how to obtain married in ras Vegas deserve to be a challenge when it involves procedures and also paperwork. We"ve done every the legwork for you and also organized every the details in simple form. Every little thing you require to recognize to gain married in vegas is ~ above this page.

What execute I need to gain Married in Vegas?

Find the most current information to get married in las Vegas ~ above this page. (Updated July 8, 2021)

What documents Do I need to gain Married in Vegas?

1. A valid, federal government issued photograph ID because that you and also your fiancé. 2. A credit transaction or debit card to pay the $102 dues (cash, credit, or debit.) 3. Internet accessibility to use for your las Vegas marital relationship license online. 4. If you space a united state citizen, girlfriend will need to recognize your social protection number. You carry out not require to bring the card. 5. If you have actually been divorce you will require to know the month, day and also year and also where (city & state) your divorce to be finalized. You do not require the divorce decree unless it grants you the capacity to usage a new legal name. 6. Widowed applicants must know the month, day, year and also where (city & state) they were widowed. The death certificate is no needed.

How to gain Your marital relationship License in ras Vegas in 2 straightforward Steps

Special security protocols have actually been implemented in bespeak to continue issuing marital relationship licenses in ras Vegas during COVID-19. These have actually slightly modified the vault procedures and requirements to gain your marital relationship license.

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How To gain Your marriage License in vegas in 2 simple steps:

1 apply for Your las Vegas marital relationship License virtual

it is now required that you apply online no much more than 90 days prior to your wedding. Fill the end the ras Vegas marital relationship license applications here. Important! girlfriend are using for a legit document. Make certain the surname you go into exactly matches the name on the federal government issued id you will certainly be using to gain your ras Vegas marital relationship license. marriage license details in various other languages:

2 You and your fiancé need to go in human to the marital relationship License office in ras Vegas

Remember to carry the items you need provided above. Yes, you review that right. You both have to go in person. The license bureau is located on the floor floor the the regional Justice facility in downtown las Vegas.

The deal with is: Clark County marriage License Bureau 201 E. Clark avenue las Vegas, NV 89101 (Northwest edge of third Street and also Clark)


What type of ID do I need to get a marital relationship license in Vegas?A valid, government issued photograph identification. Any type of of the complying with are acceptable:

Driver"s LicensePassportMilitary IdentificationResident alien CardU.S. Or foreign country issued I.D. Card mirroring your photo and also birthdate

just how long walk it take it to acquire a marriage license in las Vegas?The procedure itself does no take long. Once you space with the clerk it only takes around 15 minutes. However, we cannot insurance how plenty of other couples will display up in ~ the very same time to acquire their marital relationship license. This is the variable that cannot be accounted for and also could an outcome in a much longer wait.

What are Las Vegas marriage license hours?The Clark County marital relationship License bureau is open up every job of the year native 8AM till midnight. Yes, that includes holidays! Yet one more reason why the is so straightforward to acquire married in Vegas.

What other documents do I require to gain married in Vegas?Zero, zip, zilch. None various other than what we discussed above!

Do you require divorce files to get married in Vegas? perform you need proof that divorce to gain married in ras Vegas?No, you carry out not need divorce papers, however you cannot get married in las vegas if girlfriend are currently married. That would certainly be a pistol misdemeanor.

Do you require a birth certificate to acquire married in Vegas?No, you do not require a bear certificate.

Do you require a marriage license to renew your vows in ras Vegas?No, You do not need a marriage license come renew her wedding vows in las Vegas. Once you renew your vows through Vegas Weddings we give you a vow regeneration certificate in a one-of-a-kind leatherette holder that also houses a 5x7 experienced photo from your experience with us. However, if you desire something much more official you might purchase a vow renewal certificate from the Clark County marital relationship License Bureau for $21. This is not compelled to renew her vows.

What Else perform I need to Know before Getting Married in Vegas?

How long do you have to be in ras Vegas prior to you can obtain married?There is no waiting duration or time constraints.

How fast can you obtain married in las Vegas? can you acquire married in vegas the very same day?You can acquire married in vegas the very same day you arrive need to that be her desire! get your marital relationship license and walk across the street indigenous the patent bureau parking many to vegas Weddings for a ceremony. We can likewise pick you up, take you to acquire your license, get you married and bring you back to her hotel. Whichever method you choose, you deserve to on average get your license and also get married in an hour or 2 if you want it that fast.

Can you simply walk right into a chapel in Vegas and also get married?YES! vegas Weddings accepts walk in weddings. You can gain married on the clues here. That is just one of the reasons it is so simple to obtain married in Vegas.

How execute you obtain married in ~ the courthouse in Vegas?In las Vegas girlfriend cannot acquire married in ~ the courthouse. Las vegas Weddings provides inexpensive, non-denominational, basic and quick ceremonies. Otherwise, if friend are searching for a courthouse kind service, please visit the marriage Commission of las Vegas right throughout the street from the license bureau.Marriage board of directors of las Vegas515 South third StreetLas Vegas, NV 89101(702) 998-9315

Do I require a blood check to get married?Unlike numerous other states, there is no blood trial and error required to get married in las Vegas.

How lengthy is my marriage license great for?Your ras Vegas marital relationship license is valid because that one year. In other words, you must have a wedding awareness in ras Vegas within one year. Discover your las Vegas wedding parcel here.

Are ras Vegas weddings legal? If you get married in las vegas is that legal everywhere? perform I have to gain married in the state ns live in? have the right to tourists obtain married in las Vegas?Yes, marital relationships in Vegas execute count! They room legally binding. If you get married in ras Vegas it will certainly be legitimate everywhere. Needs for U.S. Citizens and also non-U.S. Citizens room the same. You re welcome read over to easily discover what is compelled to gain married in Vegas.Couples that reside in the US, regardless of i m sorry state, will merely need to gain a Certified Copy that the las Vegas marital relationship certificate after the wedding for your state to identify the legitimate marriage. If you are coming from an additional country you may need one Apostille ~ you get married in order for your nation to recognize your marriage legally. This different by country.

Can I acquire married in las vegas without a license?If you desire to just for fun then you certain can, however it would not it is in legal.

Can I obtain a marital relationship license online in las Vegas?Kinda, sorta, no really. Due to COVID-19 related changes, you must use online for your marriage license, however you both have to go in person to obtain the physics copy.

What if my fiancé can not physically concerned the marital relationship license bureau?Under certain circumstances favor hospitalized or incarceration there might be an exception. Please check the instructions in ~ the web links below:

To get married in vegas you should be no nearer in kinship than 2nd cousins, or cousins-in-law and not have a living husband or wife.

How old execute you have to be to gain married in Vegas? What is the legal age to get married in las Vegas?To gain married in las Vegas you need to be at least 18 year old. Under especially circumstances, a 17 year can go through a process with the ar court to obtain special approval to it is in married. In the case, both applicants need to be occupants of Nevada. To uncover out more your following step is to contact an attorney or the Clark County household Law Self-Help center at (702) 455-1500 or at www.clarkcountycourts.us.

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How lot does it expense to get to the marital relationship license office from las Vegas Boulevard? just how do I gain to the marriage license bureau?While it does depend upon how much south top top the strip you room staying, an average taxi ride come the Clark County marriage License office is $45.Save yourself the $45 and get a really nice wedding package v limousines rides, your choice of wedding venue, a fresh floral bouquet, a professional wedding video and photos and also more!Our most well-known Vegas wedding parcel which includes a roundtrip limo ride to get your marital relationship license is on sale now. Publication this month to conserve $100 on this wedding package. So through the $45 cab ride, that’s a complete savings that $145!Vegas Weddings packages that encompass a limousine ride are currently beginning at $599.

Remember vegas Weddings is located just across the street indigenous the parking lot of the marriage license bureau. Come on in for a free, COVID-19 safe tour! We’ll hold your all marriage paperwork come ensure that is here on your wedding day! One much less thing to think about on your one-of-a-kind day!