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"I would build a good wall, and also nobody builds walls far better than me, believe me, and also I’ll build them an extremely inexpensively. Ns will construct a great great wall on our southerly border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall."

All of the Trump-O-Meter

"Mark my words," Donald trumped said once he introduced his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015.

Trump had just promised come "build a good wall," ~ above the U.S.-Mexico border, "very inexpensively."

"And ns will have Mexico pay for the wall," that said.

More than 3 years into Trump's presidency, his administration's actions have actually not risen to his promise.

Trump's administration mainly replaced obstacles installed through previous managements with brand-new ones that room expected come be an ext effective in avoiding illegal immigration and also drug smuggling. Mexico has actually not paid for any kind of construction. Americans are paying the costs

The U.S.-Mexico border spans about 2,000 miles, and around a 3rd of that has barriers raised through the U.S federal government over decades. That hasn't increased throughout Trump's presidency.

Some sections of the border have up to three layers of obstacles that run parallel come the border. The first impediment a migrant heading come the United states may confront is well-known by officials as the primary barrier — fencing to stop civilization on foot and in vehicles. An additional barriers, situated behind the primary, room in location to stop pedestrians. (A third layer, or tertiary fence, is primarily used come delineate home lines rather than come deter illegal entries, claimed a 2017 report native the U.S. Government Accountability Office.)

When trump card was marketing to end up being president, the southwest border had 654 miles of primary barriers. Under Trump, that has increased by three miles, to 657.

What else? as of so late June, 184 mile of dilapidated primary obstacles were changed with updated fences. Twelve miles that had dilapidated secondary barriers now have new structures. And second barriers were raised for the an initial time along 17 miles.

U.S. Customs and also Border security over the years has used bollard, cable mesh, and chain connect style fencing together barriers. "Landing mat" fencing — developed using Vietnam War-era helicopter landing mats — has additionally been used. The new barriers going up include 18- come 30-foot high stole bollard fences.

The Trump management says it's constructed a brand-new "border wall surface system" — steel-bollard fences, all-weather roads, lighting, cameras and other surveillance technology.

The barriers constructed are an extremely different native the pedestrian and vehicle fencing that they space replacing, stated a January report from the Congressional study Service. Lock pose "a formidable barrier, yet it is not the high, thick masonry structure that most dictionaries ax a 'wall'," the report said.

Overall, once Trump says they've developed 200 mile or more of border wall, what he's referring to is the replacement of older barriers with new fences, not 200 mile of obstacles protecting the border because that the an initial time.

It's not a wall, yet it's not nothing.

"Replacing vehicle barriers with the bollard-style pedestrian obstacles may no represent brand-new miles of primary barriers along the border, yet it does stand for a new obstacle that changes the calculus of those attempting to overcome the border between ports that entry," the conference Research business report said.

Trump gave various answers throughout his 2016 campaign when asked about the price of building a border wall. At times he said $8 billion, or $12 billion.

Customs and Border defense in June called the the management had identified about $15 exchange rate to construct more than 700 mile of brand-new "border wall surface system." (That mileage contains projects completed, and about 400 of the 700 miles are replacement projects.)

The Mexican government is not one of the funding sources. The money would certainly come native the U.S. Departments of landscape Security and Defense, and also from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund.

Trump has largely fail to get Congress to appropriate funds to rate up construction. Congress has actually appropriated $4.47 billion for border barrier planning and construction: about $1.04 billion specifically for barrier replacement projects, about $1.41 without specifying whether capital was for obstacle replacements, and about $2.02 billion specifically for building and construction needs in the Rio Grande valley sector.

Another problem Trump has faced originates from landowners in Texas that are placing up a legit fight versus the administration's will to achieve their exclusive land because that border barrier construction. Offered the current pace the construction, recurring court battles concerned the Defense room funding and also land needed for construction, the Trump management will not complete a full 700 mile by the end of 2020

Trump walk not project saying that would enhance or reinforce present barriers, and that's mostly what he's done. As soon as Trump said he would construct a wall, he gave the impression the he would certainly barricade parts of the border that were no protected. The work that's to be completed doesn't reflect his campaign rhetoric. Mexico likewise hasn't paid for the construction.

Trump walk not fulfill his promise to construct a wall surface and make Mexico pay for it. We rate this a Promise Broken.

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President Donald Trump remains committed to building a border wall with Mexico, however he hasn't to be able to acquire the money to carry out it. And Mexico doesn't seem poised come pay for it, either.

The federal federal government is in a partial shutdown because Trump says he won't sign any spending bill that doesn't encompass $5.7 exchange rate to develop the wall. Democracy in Congress space unwilling to poll for a bill providing that money.

Even despite Trump is demanding billions because that the wall surface from U.S. Taxpayers, he's also contending the the wall will be payment for through a renegotiated trade deal the hasn't however cleared U.S. Congress. It also needs final legislative approval native Mexico and Canada, the two other countries party come the agreement.

Trade professionals have driven back against Trump's false claims that the renegotiated north American complimentary Trade agreement (renamed by Trump together the united States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) will pay for the wall. Trump claims that the United says will see added revenue indigenous the potential deal. However even if U.S. Tax revenue rises in response to boosted revenues that U.S. Firms, Congress would certainly still need to allocate that money because that the wall. Trumped so far has failed to secure that wall money native Congress.

The Trump administration earlier received around $1.6 billion from Congress for border barriers. But that money wasn't used to build any brand-new wall. Conditions for the money stated it could only be because that designs formerly used, such together fencing.

As the government is in a partial shutdown end Trump's need for money because that the border wall, he's claimed that the wall surface doesn't have to be concrete, that it could be a barrier of stole slats. But he's also said that a concrete option remains. Several components remain unknown: whether Trump and also Congress will certainly agree on funding for a border wall, just how much that funding would be, and what kind of wall would be built.

As problem stand, Mexico has actually not paid because that a wall. Congress has actually not appropriated money for a wall. Fencing is being constructed or has been completed at the southwest border. But not a wall.

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Trump's promise to develop a border wall surface and have Mexico pay because that it has not been fulfilled, and also the government is in shutdown as the hit continues. We rate this together Stalled.