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2022 MLB All-Star Game

The 2022 MLB All-Star video game will be played at Dodger stadion in Los Angeles, California. The video game will it is in the culmination of All-Star week, i beg your pardon kicks off on Sunday v the All-Star Futures and also Legends & Celebrity Games. The night before the All-Star game is the legendary home Run Derby. The LA Dodgers will now be the hold team because that the 2022 every Star Game. Expect demand for tickets to be strong as fans across California are planning to attend this marquee sporting event.

2022 MLB All-Star Schedule

Sunday: All-Star Futures Game, add to Legends & Celebrity GameTuesday: 2022 MLB All-Star Game

MLB All-Star game Tickets

Where have the right to you view the optimal baseball football player in significant League Baseball every on the very same field? The MLB All-Star video game is the annual game between the all-star football player from the American League and the nationwide League. Every team is stood for by their peak star(s), and fans room treated to seeing all-stars choose Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Bryce Harper, Fernando Tatis Jr, Manny Machado, Clayton Kershaw, Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer and also many, many more. The style of the all-star game puts this height players in a more relaxed environment the fans can see lock play v the sole function of to chat the crowd.

Known together the “Midsummer Classic”, the All-Star video game is played in July to note the halfway suggest in the MLB season. The All-Star game provides fans v the distinct experience the watching your favorite stars from different teams play together in an exhibition game that helps decide home field advantage for the human being Series. Players in the MLB All-Star video game are selected by pan voting, and the rosters room rounded out by the coaches who choose the pitchers and also reserve players. That process insures the the most famous players in baseball will be in attendance, but also the finest players are there too. MLB All-Star game is a three-day occasion that runs Sunday with Tuesday, v the game, exhibition events, parties and kid-friendly funny happening roughly the organize stadium and also city.

Future MLB All-Star Games:

2024: TBA2025: TBA2027: TBA

2022 MLB All-Star game at Dodger Stadium

The 2022 MLB All-Star video game will be played at Dodger stadium in Los Angeles, California. The critical time the Dodger Stadium held the All-Star video game was method back in 1980, and this is just the second time the legend venue has actually hosted the big game. Dodger stadium is amongst the largest ballparks in MLB, through a volume of 56,000, therefore there will certainly be a many fans in attendance. The 2022 All-Star video game will be held by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and should be a great event because that baseball pan in southern California.


MLB All-Star Game occasion Guide

Which All-Star occasion should ns go to?MLB all Star mainly is a distinct event for any type of baseball pan to attend, but the game itself on Tuesday night is certainly the flagship of the week. The pitcher matches hitter showdowns are constantly intense as soon as it"s in between the finest in the game. The house Run Derby is lot of of fun too, an especially for youngsters who yes, really feed the the power in the stadium during the home Run Derby.

When is the best time come buy tickets because that the All-Star Game?

Demand for tickets is always strong in the organize city since it may be decades because the game last visited. As soon as the teams space set, that deserve to drive need even an ext if marquee players room voted on to the every Star beginning lineup. The systems is to buy once you know you desire to attend this unique game.

What is the finest experience for kids on All-Star game weekend?

MLB offers a ton of family members friendly tasks on All-Star Weekend. The FanFest is geared towards kids, and adults, who desire to truly experience significant League Baseball. The home Run Derby is for sure a great time for kids, particularly if you purchase tickets in the outfield whereby they can record a home run ball. The game itself is a possibility to see every one of the biggest players, so sit under by the field where you deserve to see the football player up-close and also hear your conversations.

MLB every Star video game Game FAQs

Does my child need a ticket because that a MLB All-Star game game?

Most significant League Baseball gamings require every fans to have a ticket, but there space some exceptions for young children. Our child ticket guide shares the current policies because that MLB all Star Game.

What time do gateways open for a MLB All-Star game game?

Our occasion guide provides the time that gateways open because that MLB all Star video game games. Be certain to double-check the game start time, top top the job of the game, together times space subject to change.

Bag policy for MLB All-Star video game home games?

MLB venues limit what types of bags have the right to be brought in as a security precaution, so check our bag policy overview to find out which are permitted at MLB all Star Game. Most venues only permit fans to lug in small, clean bags (purses) and also do not allow big purses, backpacks, or luggage.

MLB all Star game Tickets

We offer MLB All-Star video game tickets because that regular-season, and postseason games, including the MLB Playoffs and World series games. Solitary Game Tickets because that home gamings or away games, also as, Season ticket are accessible to purchase. To buy tickets, select the game you desire from the MLB All-Star video game schedule noted on this page.

Cheap MLB every Star video game Tickets

We sell a wide an option of tickets for each MLB game, therefore we have the right to accommodate every price ranges. Fans seeking cheap MLB All-Star video game tickets use our handy occasion page filters which permit you come organize the obtainable inventory by price. Pan looking for added discounts top top MLB All-Star game tickets deserve to join our email list to obtain our current ticket deals and special offers.

MLB All-Star game Suites, VIP Tickets and also Premium Seats

We offer premium tickets to MLB all Star game home games. Shop easily accessible Club Seats, Suites or inquiry VIP Tickets. Additionally, our team have the right to customize a MLB All-Star Game occasion package which consists of tickets, travel accommodations, and hospitality.

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MLB all Star Game

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