Getting points for free has constantly been really appealing. Now just how will it it is in if we can get totally free data on her Android phone? Surprised? Here"s how you can get free data in just a few minutes.

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Earning cost-free data without spending vast amounts top top recharging data packs appears to an amazing stuff isn"t it?

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We at have actually highlighted miscellaneous apps come make your life easy and also stressless. Whether its around how friend can ending up being a singer v Auto-tune apps, or exactly how you deserve to spy on your husband without poignant his phone.

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Now that many smartphone users favor staying online almost 24*7, here"s we have a few apps in our jukebox, v which you deserve to get complimentary data.

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Gigato is the best-known app that will administer you with totally free internet data. Installing the app can enable the user to obtain data benefits, which have the right to be redeemed to her mobile that from her Gigato carrier as and also when needed.


How to knife data v Gigato:

STEP 1: install the Gigato application from Google play Store

STEP 2: Open the app, and also you deserve to see a list of assorted apps on her screen.

STEP 3: Gigato can present you every the supported apps the are currently there on your device, and will introduce you to download the left over apps.

You deserve to simply install these apps and also get cost-free data, and also enjoy the uninterrupted internet access.



Hike Messenger has come a long means since that is release and have been offering various different advantages for its users. The app after that Rs 20 cost-free recharge for per referral, is now offering totally free internet data per referring to your contacts.


This is how you have the right to get totally free with Hike Messenger:

STEP 1: Install hike messenger on her smartphone

STEP 2: Signing up will immediately fetch friend 20MB bonus reward. There"s more waiting for you through the app.

STEP 3: Next, you need to start inviting your friends to install hike messenger via text, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any type of other medium. Start sharing now and ask friends and also family to download it !

STEP 4: After castle install v the referral code you had actually sent them, girlfriend can check the "rewards/extra" alternative on her hike messenger for the MB you have actually earned, and also can redeem it on her number.


Databack is an additional app which deserve to gift girlfriend with cost-free internet data, for easy and also uninterrupted browsing, to remain up-to-date. The best things about installing Databack, is that the user have the right to get even 3G/4G data pack facility.

How does Databack work:

STEP 1: download the application from pat Store

STEP 2: You space now forced to fill a couple of details. Go into your name, email id, call number and also input referral/promo password as KMH86241 and click on use option

STEP 3: Next, verify your mobile number, because that the application to operation smoothly

STEP 4: You can now start referring your friends, by tapping ~ above Invite to acquire bonus option.

STEP 5: ~ your contact has installed the Databack application with the referral number friend provided, you"ll knife a few MB data, which deserve to be redeemed after ~ you have 120MB in her carrier.


KickBit application has hit the market really recently, and also has acquired popularity through by offering totally free 3G cost-free data because that Android users.

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How to obtain enjoy 3G totally free data through KickBit:

STEP 1: Download the new version of the application from play Store

STEP 2: add your details and also verify your mobile number by beginning the OTP friend received

STEP 3: After installing the app, the user will certainly instantly acquire 10-50 MB web data together a sign-up bonus

STEP 4: start referring your friends and also family via text, or social media platforms to earn much more MBs

STEP 5: After your friend earns 100 MB data ~ above KickBit, there;s a golden opportunity for her to knife 10MB data, without doing anything

Here"s how TaskBucks work:

STEP 1: Download and install the application from pat Store

STEP 2: go into the referral password on installation and the user will automatically be credited a couple of MBs together a reward on signing up

STEP 3: Start referring your friends and family via text, or social media communication to earn much more MBs

Although the early data intake in installing this apps has been cut from your key account data balance, installing these apps can fetch girlfriend extra MB of cell phone data than you spent.