Nailing the perfect virtual dating profile isn"t constantly easy—and it deserve to be frustrating when you placed the time in and still feel prefer you"re not getting enough likes or right-swipes.

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Luckily, date apps collection data, i beg your pardon can assist you number out how to rig the system and also get method more matches. Below are eight methods to get an ext eyes on girlfriend instantly, based on information listed by OkCupid:

1. Make certain you"re make eye call in your key profile photo.

While that candid shooting of girlfriend laughing through your friends is beautiful and also can be a part of her profile, your an initial photo should display your eyes focused out in ~ potential dates.


"We discovered that images on her profile of friend looking directly at the camera at some point perform better," states Melissa Hobley, cook marketing officer in ~ OkCupid.

And it makes sense: Strong eye call is scientifically proven to do you an ext memorable, follow to a 2012 research on eye contact and also facial recognition. Using this science to your advantage is the subtlest method to make a lasting impression.

2. No. Sunglasses.

It"s clear fine come wear shades in a group pic at the beach, however your first photo or 2 should show your whole face, according to OkCupid"s data team. The stats found that profiles through sunglasses in the very first image obtain about 20 percent under likes 보다 those there is no sunglasses.


3. Usage photos to display off your personality.Your selfies might be fierce, but TBH, a profile complete of your best angles won"t say much about you other than you"re feelin" yourself.

“Don"t incorporate only one photo–upload a selection for the best response," Hobley says. "Be certain to display a well-rounded variation of you yourself shot to present off her family, her friends, her hobbies."

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4. Throw in an ext recent image of yourself.

OkCupid"s team discovered that routinely adding new photos doubles file likes, and it provides sense. For one thing, if you have completely different hair in the Instagram you attached out to, it have the right to come off choose you never examine your app.

Also, ~ above the off-chance that someone"s watched your profile before and also swiped left based upon one photo, adding new pics offers you a second shot in ~ that an initial digital impression.

5. Actually compose something in her profile.

Sure, it deserve to be both annoying and a little an overwhelming to craft a couple of sentences about yourself. Where carry out you also begin?

But honestly, as long as you"re difficult to things around yourself (and no a judgy list of the types of human being you won"t date), message is far better than no text.

"We can’t stress and anxiety this enough yet fill out your whole profile!" Hobley says. "Fuller profiles present up an ext to various other users and therefore boost the odds of acquiring a match," Hobley says. Additionally, OkCupid researchers uncovered that captioning photos boosts your opportunities for a choose by 30 percent.


The last point you desire to perform is look choose a spam bot or someone who have the right to barely make the effort to compose a few sentences about themselves. PLUS, the much more things you have actually as conversation-starters on her profile, the less complicated it is for someone to talk to friend first.

6. Cite your favourite band.

OkCupid uncovered that movies, books, and also sports are amongst the interests world write around most commonly on your profiles—but music tops the list.

"We introduce letting world know that your favorite artist is,” Hobley says. And it doesn"t need to be a perform of musicians–song lyrics and memorable concerts room also good convo-starters.


If you"re ~ above an app that lets you connect out to her Spotify, take advantage of the to immediately excite potential partners—you have actually something in common! Anything else that could make who say "OMG ME TOO!"—like favorite foods, hobbies, take trip destinations—should it is in in there, too, due to the fact that learning who loves miscellaneous as lot as you carry out is the many natural means to cause a conversation starter.

7. Store your file up-to-date with cultural references.

"If her favorite show a year back isn’t her favorite today–keep the fresh!” Hobley says. Dated references choose Breaking bad or Lemonade could make it look like you haven"t watched or heard noþeles new—or supplied the app—in ages.

You don"t have to go overboard and stress yourself out with being #relevant, however if you happen to love Crazy rich Asians and also want to gush end it through someone, lug it up!

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8. Definitely, absolutely proofread.

You don"t need a college thesis-level essay, but you carry out want come make certain your "you"re" is the appropriate one.

According come OkCupid"s data, over 75 percent of civilization say castle are less likely to respond to who who has grammar or assignment mistakes in your profile. Once you fail to carry out a fast scan that your brief profile, it might seem prefer you don"t care enough come make even the tiniest that efforts. Would you to trust someone with a typo-laden bio come thoughtfully arrangement a day or communicate in a stimulating conversation? Nope. It"s the bare minimum you can do to make yourself look great on one app, and also it renders all the difference.

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