If you want to usage Microsoft Office and also apps such together Word, Excel, PowerPoint because that Mac however without having to salary a subscription, right here we display you just how to use Microsoft Office ~ above a Mac because that free.

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Here you’ll learn just how to usage Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive and also other ms Office apps for totally free in macOS.

This will save you $150 in a one time environment of Microsoft Office because that Mac or anything up to $100 per year because that a subscription.

Note that Office 365 is now well-known as Microsoft 365 and also will it is in referred because of this here.

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Is over there A free Version the Microsoft Office because that Mac?

There is no totally free version of Microsoft Office because that Mac return there are a couple of workarounds to usage it for complimentary on macOS which we will show you here.

The closest point to a free version of Microsoft Office ~ above Mac is Apple’s iWork which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

With this in mind, here’s how to use Microsoft Office for Mac For free in 2021.

1. Download Microsoft Office because that Mac education Edition


If you’re in education, you have the right to download the student variation of Microsoft Office. This is because many education institutions have actually paid for an educational patent which deserve to be provided by students.

Many educational organizations pay because that Office 365 plans, enabling students and also teachers to download the software program for free.

Alternatively, friend can obtain student discounts on many Microsoft software.

2. Sign-up for The Microsoft Office for Mac cost-free Trial


You deserve to sign up for a one-month cost-free trial that Microsoft Office for Mac which allows you to use all Microsoft Office applications for complimentary during the period.

You will need to get in your credit transaction card details however can cancel her subscription at any type of time—even so the you don’t obtain billed.

The free trial of multiple sclerosis Office because that Mac enables you come download the desktop computer version the Microsoft Office for Mac and gives girlfriend full accessibility to the Microsoft 365 home Plan

This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and also 1TB that OneDrive storage in OneDrive.

If you’re a business you can additionally sign-up because that a 30 day totally free trial the Office 365 ProPlus.

3. Usage Office.com Online


Nowadays you have the right to use Microsoft Office.com for totally free in a web browser. However, the online version of Office isn’t as finish as the desktop version and does not job-related offline.

You can though tho open and edit Word, Excel and also PowerPoint documents in any kind of browser on your Mac.

Simply walk to Office.com and sign up for a complimentary Microsoft account to start using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for totally free on her Mac.

You can additionally upload documents from her Mac right into Office.com which will be conserved in Microsoft OneDrive.

4. Use a Microsoft Home setup Invite


If you recognize a friend or family member that currently has a Microsoft 365 Home plan they have the right to share it through up to 5 other people.

You can simply request the they send you have the right to invite via email in the Office Sharing page in their Microsoft account.

Once invited you deserve to sign-in and download Microsoft Office for Mac which contains 1TB the OneDrive storage.

Alternatively, you might agree to break-up the $100 Microsoft Office subscription fee in between you have the right to 5 rather which works out a lot cheaper 보다 buying Office because that Mac top top its own.

5. Usage Microsoft Office top top iOS because that Free


If you’ve already got one iOS machine such together an iphone or iPad then you deserve to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint ~ above iOS for free.

This is only for non-commercial usage though which means non-business related and only for personal reasons.

You can download Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also Outlook for free from the iOS app Store on your iPad or iPhone.

You can create, edit and print records for cost-free although you will need to create a Microsoft i would to perform so first.

Note that unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the iPad agree as the free version for Microsoft Office because that iOS does not support displays bigger 보다 10.2 inches.

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You can but use Microsoft Office on the iPad Pro v a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.