Tired of gift the slim girl? We"ve acquired your fix. Use these four tips to put some lean muscle on your ectomorph body. Eliminate your chicken legs and also T-Rex arms because that good!


Building muscle needs energy, and also energy needs fuel, for this reason fuel up! there is no a caloric surplus, the body will simply preserve its present size. Females who want to add lean muscle and shape to their number need come eat more calories than they burn throughout the course of the day. This translates to roughly 200-250 calories end maintenance. For many women, around 15 calories per lb of body weight have to be sufficient to maintain.

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Now, "eat more" doesn"t give you cost-free reign come raid the cookie jar, for this reason don"t overdo it. Instead, add an ext quality calorie to her actual meals. Emphasis on a balanced diet consisting of wholesome foods items from a range of food groups: facility carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Set a caloric intake variety and try to continue to be within that range to maximize calories obtainable to ensure muscle gains while limiting fat gain.

Nutrition Tip

Getting sufficient protein is particularly important because that muscle gain. Try to eat one gram of protein per lb of bodyweight. It might seem favor a lot, however it will help you develop those shapely curves.

2. Heavy As She Goes

Many women space afraid that merely touching a dumbbell will turn them into bulky, masculine, mass monsters. Have no fear! Lifting heavy weight will certainly only boost your results, not revolve you into the She-Hulk.

If you desire to construct muscle, you require to collection down those five-pounders you"ve been utilizing for biceps curls and also go heavier. Your muscles will certainly only flourish when they"re stressed. Heavy resistance maintain breaks down muscle tissue; v a procedure of repairing and rebuilding, the muscle comes ago stronger and larger 보다 before. You will develop solid curves as soon as you"re brave and an obstacle yourself in the gym.


If you"re quiet worried around getting huge, remember this: Women create much much less testosterone 보다 men. Normal testosterone levels for males are 200-1,200 nanograms every deciliter (ng/dl), compared to women"s 15-70 ng/dl. Large difference! Testosterone is a vital muscle-building hormone, so lower levels average you won"t see quick mass gains. Her muscles will flourish slowly, and you"ll have much much more control over just how much muscle you"d prefer to see.

Muscle structure Tip

If you"re no reaching fatigue by the tenth rep of one exercise, it"s time to boost the weight and lift heavier. More heavier weights cause growth.

3. An ext Is Better

Many write-ups in famous women"s fitness magazines show exercises the work simply a single group the muscles. Isolation work deserve to be necessary, specifically for bodybuilders, but the exercises aren"t always the ideal use the time. If you want results, focus on compound movements, i beg your pardon involve more than one muscle group. Think squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups, and also rows. These exercises permit you to lift more heavier weight and train more muscles per movement. They"re easy to progress and also a most fun, which will encourage girlfriend to work harder and an ext frequently.


Performing this exercises will challenge your body, build muscle, and add curves in a hurry. You might spend her time isolating details muscles v curls and also leg extensions, but you can wind up v some major imbalances and slow results. Who desires to rock a Beyonce booty through Paris Hilton biceps? Nobody! break up through your favorite isolation machine, begin a lifelong partnership with a barbell, and also save some time.

4. Crank increase the Intensity

Stop walking, avoid jogging, and also start sprinting! Cardio is crucial for health, however excessive aerobic training might actually hinder the growth of your lovely lady lumps. An extensive aerobic exercise is catabolic, depleting power that is an essential to building muscle.

High-intensity practice burns calories during and also after exercise, and also it boosts the cheap of hormones that stimulate fat breakdown. Lengthy sessions of low-intensity cardio, ~ above the various other hand, only burn calories throughout exercise and also can ultimately use carbohydrate or also protein as a fuel source. If you might be comfortable watching girlfriend reruns ~ above the elliptical because that hours, her body deserve to actually diminish your carbohydrate supply and turn come the protein save in her muscle for energy.

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Substitute those monotonous workouts ~ above the treadmill v high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. HIIT alternates in between high- and low-intensity exercises. The mix maintains the soot of a workout end a longer duration of time than high-intensity exercise alone. Twenty-minute bouts of term sprints will certainly strengthen your whole lower body, expose your incredible physique, and help you construct awesome glutes.

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.