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Make certain you see numerous bars because that SMS or, if there"s poor cellular reception, a heavy Wi-Fi signal because that iMessages. Dave Johnson/Business Insider If you want to send an MMS message (a text message that consists of photos, video, or audio), make sure MMS messaging is turn on. Begin Settings and also tap "Messages," climate make sure "MMS Messaging" is turn on by swiping the switch to the right. Girlfriend might additionally want to ensure your cellular plan includes MMS, though basically all do.

ensure MMS is turned on in Settings. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Check to watch if you have the right to receive message after every of these steps. If not, relocate on to the next section.

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Make sure that your iPhone is configured to obtain text messages

1. begin the settings app.

2. insanity "Messages," then tap "Send & Receive."

3. In the "You can receive iMessages" section, her phone number should have a examine mark next to it. If it"s not checked, execute that now and also check to view if you deserve to receive messages.


your phone number have to be checked in stimulate to obtain messages. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

If your phone number isn"t displayed there in ~ all, you require to connect your phone call number to your Apple ID.

1. at the top of the screen, insanity "Use your Apple ID because that iMessage."

2. Sign into your Apple id account making use of your email and password.

3. her phone number must now be provided in the "You have the right to receive iMessages to and reply from" section. Make sure it"s checked and test again come make certain you deserve to receive messages.

If this doesn"t resolve the problem, it"s more than likely a more facility issue, and also likely pertained to your moving service. Girlfriend should contact customer support at her cellular service provider to get additional assistance troubleshooting your issue.

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