Did your facelift or nose job not rotate out fairly the means you hoped? probably you’re regretting stretching your earlobes or have chose your breast implants have to go. Whatever your problem, Dr. Terry Dubrow is below to help. The Orange ar plastic operated doctor stars top top Botched, where he and fellow doctor Paul Nassif deal with plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong.

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When he’s not showing up on TV, Dr. Dubrow functions out the his office in Newport Beach, California. Not just does he fix botched surgeries, however he likewise offers patients a full selection of surgical actions like chest augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and also tummy tucks. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, facial fillers, chemistry peels, and also microdermabrasion are additionally on the menu.

Scheduling a consultation v Dr. Dubrow

drpaulnassif deals with the hardest situation in plastic surgery. And then i come in and save him. 9/8c top top E!

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If you’re interested in working with Dr. Dubrow, you can start by scheduling a consultation. To get started, fill out a type online or contact the office in ~ 949-515-4111.

A consultation expenses $365 and can be excellent either in human being or over the phone. You will do it pay once you make your appointment, and the consultation fee is not applied to any future procedures, according to an email from his office. When Dr. Dubrow does not do phone consultations himself, he is existing for in-person consultations that happen on Mondays and Fridays. You’ll likely need come wait 3 come 4 main for her consultation, if surgeries generally are booked 4 come 6 weeks after ~ a consultation.

While Dr. Dubrow’s office is in southerly California, friend don’t have to be in the area to end up being a patient. Part patients travel from around the country and also the people to work with Dr. Dubrow.

Dr. Dubrow’s fellow Botched doctor Paul Nassif also offers consultations for human being interested in pursuing plastic surgery.

Applying to it is in on Botched


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If you think her plastic surgical procedure disaster provides you a an excellent candidate because that Botched, don’t contact Dr. Dubrow’s office, because they nothing handle casting for the show. Instead, head to the Botched casting page. You’ll should share info about your past plastic surgeries, what you want fixed, and also how the botched sugery happened and also how the has influenced you. You’ll also need come upload photos mirroring your botched area and your appearance before the surgery. You must be 18 or end to apply.

Getting actors on the present isn’t easy. Over there are supposedly thousands that applicants for just a few dozen spots every season. Those who do show up on the display are paid for your participation, however Dr. Dubrow doesn’t work for free, the told Allure in 2015, so civilization typically end up putting the money they receive toward the surgery.

If you’re not willing to flaunt your flaws ~ above television and also don’t desire to pay numerous dollars because that a consultation, yes a cheaper means to get advice indigenous Dr. Dubrow. You could buy one of his books. With his wife Heather he is the writer of The Dubrow Diet and Dr. And Mrs. Guinea Pig existing the Only overview You’ll ever before Need come the finest Anti-Aging Treatments.

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 He likewise wrote The Acne Cure with co-author Brenda Adderly.