HGTV viewers very first got to understand Christina top top the Coast"s Christina Anstead on she hit series Flip or Flop, on i beg your pardon she starred v then-husband Tarek El Moussa. Together the show"s popular grew, the pair quickly found themselves among the network"s most famous stars — until their an individual life imploded once they break-up up. However, the display must go on. If the two room no lengthy married, they continued their skilled partnership on Flip or Flop as if nothing had ever before happened — or at the very least that was just how it was expected to show up to viewers.

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But through 2019, HGTV had determined it to be time because that Christina Anstead to walk solo, launching her very own series Christina top top the Coast. This time, she wouldn"t it is in flipping houses, yet taking on daunting design tasks for clients. Meanwhile, cameras would certainly also record her an individual life as she embarked on a new marriage v her 2nd husband, brother TV organize Ant Anstead.

So, what"s there to know about the show? Discover the untold fact of HGTV"s Christina top top the Coast

The an initial season of HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast debuted in feather 2019, following Christina Anstead"s exploits together she remodeled luxury residences in southern California when shining the spotlight top top her personal life and her search for a new home.

"I had a lot walking on last year, and also I believed it would certainly be amazing to display a little bit an ext of my real life," she told the New York Post. "And civilization love seeing actual estate and different houses for sale and also it"s fun for viewers to gain a glimpse into the Newport coast market, i m sorry is fairly pricey. It"s fun to watch the house-hunting process, and what it s okay you a home on the water versus inland."

Shifting the emphasis to design, she added, was an organic evolution. "I know what I constantly enjoyed about Flip or Flop was the style part, so it just naturally made feeling to get much more involved in act makeovers," Anstead explained. Hope Christina top top the Coast will have the ability to avoid managing all the false things human being often believe about Flip or Flop.

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During a might 2019 chat with People, Christina Anstead couldn"t contain her excitement end the launch of HGTV"s Christina top top the Coast. "I aid write every script," she said. "I give everything, it"s just been an tremendous experience." As she guess the come of her brand-new show and her brand-new baby, she told the magazine, "It"s a dream come true."

That dream, she explained during an HGTV session at the Television doubters Association press tour just a couple of months previously (via Fox News), was the happy result at the finish of a really uncertain duration following her divorce from Tarek El Moussa. "As you males know, it"s been a challenging pair of years for me," she admitted. "I"m right now filming Season 8 that Flip or Flop, which is exceptional that it"s been on because that eight seasons, however when the divorce to be going on and also everything was happening, i didn"t understand where my career was going come be."

When the possibility was presented to branch out with her very own show, she recalled simply being "really excited" to execute something on she own. Plus, it provides viewers the chance to find out some that the things most world don"t know about Christina Anstead.

If over there was any doubt that fans of Flip or Flop wanted to check out Christina Anstead front and center in her very own show, HGTV was reassured by the monster ratings that Christina ~ above the Coast traction in. The first season that the series, trumpeted HGTV in a push release, thrust the network come the no. 2 position among all cable networks in the time slot among women 25 come 54. In addition, HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast carried in an ext than 12 million complete viewers throughout its first season.

The season finale, "which featured never-before-seen clip from Christina"s wedding to Ant Anstead," verified to be the season"s highest-rated episode, transporting a rating the was 14 percent higher than the season average.

The series also showed to be a struggle on HGTV"s digital platform, HGTV GO. "The premiere episode was made easily accessible on HGTV go on may 16 and was the most-streamed illustration on the platform," the release noted. "The overall collection ranked amongst the top five most-streamed collection on HGTV GO."

Christina Anstead couldn't contain she excitement end the regeneration of HGTV's Christina ~ above the Coast

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Given the success of HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast, the didn"t take lengthy for the network to announce it to be ordering a 2nd season. "HGTV knew Christina ~ above the Coast would certainly be a winner and the collection absolutely delivered," stated HGTV president Jane Latman in the announcement. "More 보다 12 million viewers tuned in to clock the freshman season because they loved having a brand-new opportunity to clock Christina evolve personally and professionally." Latman noted that Christina Anstead has actually only grown much more popular with viewers through the show and also that the 2nd season of Christina on the Coast would focus top top Anstead"s "design business" and also how she "navigates relationships through her friends and family, including her husband and new baby." Latman noted, "Everyone is rooting because that her and her household as they construct a whole brand-new life."

Following HGTV"s announcement, Anstead shared her elation in a joyful Instagram post, writing, "So beyond excited to announce that Christina top top the Coast has been choose up for a second season!!! 13 brand brand-new episodes coming in 2020!! give thanks to you
hgtv because that the opportunity — and also to all of you because that your support — for this reason grateful!!"

Christina Anstead's husband is "pretty involved" in HGTV's Christina ~ above the Coast

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Christina Anstead"s husband, Ant Anstead, has actually been a big part that HGTV"s Christina top top the Coast, and she described his involvement in one interview v Yahoo! Entertainment

"I think he"s on every episode. I mean, maybe he"s not on one of them, but, yeah, he"s quite involved," Christina explained. "He"s not affiliated in the design process or any of the stuff, besides just helping to fix up our very own house. But, yeah, the does a automobile show <Wheeler Dealers> on MotorTrend network, for this reason he"s used to gift in a garage v mechanics. Now, he"s through me home hunting through the beach, talk about an individual stuff." She noted that her husband is "really real and just nice and also laid-back" and also that he had a good time filming the show.

As she explained, showing viewers her an individual life together a divorced mommy of 2 who to be expecting a baby v her brand-new husband come naturally. "It was easy. It was fun," Anstead said. "I mean, it"s all great things that were going on, so it was fun acquiring to perform it top top camera."

The first episode of HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast featured Christina Anstead renovating the residence of client Cassie Zebisch. Zebisch, however, is much more than just a client — she"s likewise Anstead"s publicist and also best friend since junior high. 

That to be a huge reason why Zebisch lived through the Ansteads during her renovation. "Christina and also I have actually such great chemistry in genuine life, and also we simply did our thing, prefer we perform every work together," Zebisch said House Beautiful. "At this point, is just part of my life, so the cameras room normal."

The remodeling did not come without surprises, such together the exploration of termites in the floors, and Zebisch insisted the she wasn"t told around any of it until the cameras were rolling in bespeak to capture her yes, really reaction. " love come share points as they happen — those reactions room real," she said. "I"m no an actress. During any renovation, there space surprises, and also that"s when it it s okay stressful. When it"s her money, you"re like, "Oh my god, how much is that going to cost?" it goes quickly, and also that"s what go out my mind."

Even Christina Anstead's finest friend had actually to pay for renovations ~ above HGTV's Christina ~ above the Coast

While viewers might assume the the world receiving home renovations that room featured on HGTV"s Christina on the Coast get all the work for free, that"s not the instance — also if you occur to it is in Christina Anstead"s ideal friend. 

"I great it was free," Cassie Zebisch called House Beautiful. "We"re spending real money here, but I would perform it 10 time over, it to be such a good experience. End the years, I"ve heard Christina say that people regret not spending, so i tried to do smart choices."

Zebisch"s long relationship with her BFF might not have resulted in a free reno, however it did provide her v an included level the trust. This was evident when Anstead had the ability to convince Zebisch to adjust her plans because that a monochrome all-white kitchen and adopt a bolder option. "This is my an initial time law something prefer this, and also a huge part that it, because that me, was trusting the process," Zebisch explained. "Christina and I have very similar tastes, and also I knew she wouldn"t execute something she wouldn"t want in she own house in mine."

Christina Anstead wasn"t the only familiar face from Flip or Flop to show up on HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast. Overseeing the brand-new show"s renovations to be contractor Izzy Battres, who has helmed the renovations on Flip or Flop since that show"s an initial season. 

In an interview with Orange Coast magazine, Battres revealed the turning point in his life was "meeting Tarek and Christina." that shared, "Even prior to <Flip or Flop>, Tarek and also I would certainly go all day act houses." because of his existing relationship with the now-former couple, when he to be asked come audition because that the display that would certainly become Flip or Flop, it to be no huge deal. "So as soon as I walked into that home to audition, it was just an additional job ns was doing," he explained. "I didn"t really notice the cameras at all, to it is in honest."

And plainly his endure on Flip or Flip helped him land HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast!

For fans of HGTV"s Christina on the Coast who want more, the show"s network offers an online companion series, Christina on the Coast: Unfiltered

The digital series, revealed HGTV in an announcement, "gives fans an within look right into the make of the series." The network noted, "The digital episodes will certainly roll out on the HGTV app,, ~ above demand throughout all platforms and also HGTV"s YouTube channel each week ~ the tv episodes air. Join by friends native the lull of her brand-new home, Christina share behind-the-scenes footage, recalls favourite scenes and designs from the series, and also talks openly around her exciting brand-new life."

Unfiltered offers viewers of Christina top top the Coast even more insight right into both the show and also Christina Anstead"s life, special candid conversations between Anstead and also pals Shannon Houston and Cassie Zebich, through Brian Balthazar serving together host. One episode featured Anstead sharing her thoughts top top "packing up and also moving on" as she and also husband Ant Anstead moved right into their brand-new home. "It was really emotional," she admitted before Christina top top the Coast footage played of her revealing her daughter"s "heartbreaking" reaction come leaving their old home. "It is raw," she admitted. "I mean, that"s a raw moment."

According to Christina Anstead, HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast permitted her an possibility to current herself in a manner that was much more open and honest than she was ever before able to carry out before. As she explained in one interview with People, she felt it was supremely necessary that viewers acquired to view her in a truly genuine way. "This is the yes, really me, unfiltered," she said, "just just how I desire to execute a show."

Not just is Christina top top the Coast a exit from Flip or Flop, it"s additionally "totally various for HGTV," she said, adding, "I just feel lucky that I even got to execute it, because it"s not work. It"s just fun."

She mutual even much more about her hopes and also dreams for Christina ~ above the Coast with HGTV. "The past couple of years have brought a many of adjust into mine life and also I am so excited to check out what the next stage has actually in keep for me both professionally and also personally, over there is so lot to look forward to and this is only the beginning," she said.

How HGTV's Christina on the shore is setup the record straight around Christina Anstead's divorce

Christina Anstead"s divorce native ex Tarek El Moussa, who has actually quite the twin life, was far from a common split. Not just did the exes continue to occupational together top top Flip or Flop, but they did for this reason while tabloids and online gossip website spewed the end rumors and also wild speculation about details of your divorce. 

During an figure on Good Morning America, Anstead described how opening up her personal life come viewers is her way of dispelling the gossip and setup the document straight. "I think because our divorce to be so public and also there were so plenty of stories and also false stories and also so lot going on, the for us, actually including some of our genuine life into the show is important," she explained.

In fact, proceeding their Flip or Flop partnership helped the exes navigate their post-divorce relationship. "It"s no really azer for united state anymore," the star of HGTV"s Christina top top the Coast said. "I like to furious him and he likes to tease me for this reason what you"re seeing on camera is me simply really offering him a hard time the end of good nature."

Curious regarding why they split? Here"s the genuine reason the Flip or Flop stars divorced.

How HGTV's Christina on the coast is various from upper and lower reversal or Flop

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Viewers had grown come love the style of Flip or Flop, in which Christina Anstead and ex-husband Tarek El Moussa redesign and renovate fixer-uppers that they can sell at a profit. When challenged with the opportunity to beginning her very own show, Anstead felt it was vital that the brand-new series not retread the exact same ground. 

"In Flip or Flop, we"re designing for the masses for this reason the style has to be a little an ext streamlined we"re appeal to every buyers in general," she called Fox News. "Whereas ~ above this present I"m making for a particular person. For this reason it"s really tailored to their very own needs and much much more design-specific... Ns really need to keep in psychic what they love. I really obtain to understand them their taste."

The star the HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast added, "So usually the premise is I"m helping a homeowner, which could be a single person or a couple, solve up their space." She further explained, "It has amazing before and also after transformations and I obtain to work straight with homeowners. ... And the good part about it too is the it follows a B story through what I"m act in my very own life in 2018."

While the success of Flip or Flop driven Christina Anstead to stardom and also placed her on a path bring about HGTV"s Christina ~ above the Coast, she admitted that she feel some significant pressure as soon as launching her very own show. "I"m not gonna lie, yes, it is an ext pressure," she told Entertainment Tonight, "especially knowing that the entirety thing was followed from start to finish, and that"s the very first time I"ve ever before done that on television. I certainly felt pressure for it to it is in perfect."

Another part of that press came indigenous unveiling a whole new format different from what fans had concerned expect native her earlier show. As she explained, as soon as launching something brand-new there are always concerns about whether viewers will adopt it. "Flip or Flop was a home show based on designing residences for the masses — castle were constantly designed so that any kind of person could walk in and also like the and snapshot themselves living in it," she explained. "Christina top top the Coast is developing for various other people based on their very own style, for this reason it"s much much more high design and also you"re obtaining to know other people in the show."

Now that Flip or Flop and Christina top top the Coast have both come to be established hits because that HGTV, fans have the right to only imagine what lies ahead for Christina Anstead. One thing she doesn"t arrangement on doing, however, is creating her own network like Fixer Upper stars Chip and also Joanna Gaines, who announced in 2018 they"d it is in launching their very own network through HGTV"s parental company, Discovery.

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Asked if she might see it s her doing something similar, Anstead admitted the building whole network around herself wasn"t even something she had actually considered. "I"ve never thought that that," she called the New York Post ahead of the premiere of HGTV"s Christina top top the Coast. "I think that"s amazing yet that"s never ever been a large thing because that me."

At the time, with her new show"s very first season still come premiere, Anstead"s ambitions because that the future to be far much more modest. "Right now, I"m hoping that Christina ~ above the Coast gets picked up for an additional season," she admitted. Happily because that both Anstead and her fans, that dream to be fulfilled later on when HGTV announced its plans for a 2nd round of Christina top top the Coast.