Fear aspect 2018 / 2019 Tryouts

That’s right, “Fear Factor” is coming ago to TV for an additional season and a spreading call is out to uncover courageous teams of 2.

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Do you have the organs to confront your fears? If girlfriend do, below is a chance to contend on the brand-new “Fear Factor” because that $50,000.

Fear Factor” is spreading for the new season of the famous reality TV competition. Spreading directors for the brand-new “Fear Factor” season space seeking groups of 2. The display is not just looking for happy couples, rather, they room really interested in casting ex’s. Don’t want to go on Fear variable with your ex? That may be OK as well and also the application states they are considering groups of 2 that various an individual relationships.

For anyone who doesn’t psychic “Fear Factor“…. The show is a truth TV compete style show that obstacles the contestants to challenge their fears and attempt to do the things they never thought lock would. Teams confront the scariest and also often times, grossest situations. Those who overcome their fears and also finish the challenges with the ideal times go on to success $50,000.

Can you stomach the slimiest things you can imagine?Hang turn off high buildings?Jump out of Helicopters?

Do you have what the takes to success “Fear Factor“? If you believe you carry out read on because that the casting information.

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If you deserve to handle this…


Then you deserve to take a shot at the cash and audition to obtain on are afraid Factor!

Now seeking TEAMS that TWO to compete for up to $50,000!


THINK YOU have actually WHAT the TAKES TO confront YOUR FEARS?

BEST FRIEND, COUPLES, SIBLINGS, CO-WORKERS, EXES, ROOMMATES…ETC. (must be at the very least 18 year of period or appear to be in between the periods of 18-30.)


If FEAR is not a FACTOR for you, examine out the below casting…

EndemolShine and also Casting Duo space excited come announce the hit present FEAR factor IS back! We room NOW casting teams of 2 to contend for up to $50,000! us are in search of adventurous, competitive teams who are ready for a chance to challenge their fears and compete! If you think you have actually the guts and also determination come outpace her competitors

The present is only right now casting in the Los Angeles area. Groups interested in getting on Fear factor can upload their photos and also information using the form found here.