One that the best reality series of the previous decade is coming back. Chip and Joanna Gaines room reviving their hugely famous HGTV series Fixer Upper for a brand-new season ~ above a new network.

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The Fixer Upper reboot will air specifically on Magnolia Network, Discovery’s joint endeavor with the Gaineses, and also will premiere at the network’s launch, right now eyed for early 2021. Magnolia, whose original Oct. 4 rollout was delayed by the coronavirus-related manufacturing shutdown, likewise announced two new original collection greenlights, to an untitled project featuring internal designer Brian Patrick Flynn and also Self Employed(wt) through entrepreneur Jonathan Morris.

Jonathan MorrisMagnolia

Self Employed(wt) adheres to Fort Worth, Texas-based entrepreneur Jonathan Morris together he travel the United says meeting few of the country’s most inspiring tiny business owners. Together, they will share story of unwavering resilience, insatiable ambition and also the winding roadways they’ve travel to successfully construct their dream jobs.

Both projects had been in the works at the network for almost a year. Their production will be changed to the pandemic.

“In the case of Brian, the display is largely about projects the does in and around his house — he resides in Atlanta — so that would most likely be a small easier,” page said.

Self Employed’s Morris is based not much from Magnolia’s house base in Waco. When the intent is for Morris to travel across the country, the very first season will likely be modified whereby it films in Texas communities within driving distance of his homebase.

The other collection on Magnolia’s original slate — many of castle in the residence renovation and also food an are — include Growing Floret, home on the road with JOHNNYSWIM, deVOL Kitchens (f.k.a. Bespoke Kitchens), family Dinner, reconstruction Road v Clint Harp, The Fieldhouse, super Dad, residence Work, The shed Kitchen and also Inn the Works.

Ahead that its launch, Magnolia Network is launching a behind-the-scenes digital collection entitled Road come Launch: Magnolia Network.

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The series will start this month on ​Magnolia’s net site and every one of its society channels and also will function a conversation between the Gaineses and talent native the network’s brand-new series.