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September 11, 2015

This Friday, September 11, college student News remembers and reflects ~ above a work that adjusted America. We take girlfriend on a tourism of the nationwide museum specialized to those lost and also those who provided their stays trying to save others. We also cover a far-reaching anthropological find in southern Africa, and we report on hefty flooding in Japan ~ weeks of rain and also the arrival of a tropical storm.

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1. On Tuesday, us reported that most of the asylum seekers in europe refugee dilemm were from three countries. Name among these countries.

2. The U.S. FDA has actually released a new warning focused on the powdered kind of what main nervous device stimulant?

3. What nation is planning expropriate 800,000 migrants and also refugees who space flowing right into Europe from the middle East and parts that Africa?

4. What world-famous landmark was standing in Salisbury Plain, outside of Salisbury, England?

5. In what U.S. State is the neighborhood of Whittier, which has a population of 218 the is mostly housed under one roof?

6. “A an international force for good” is the previous slogan of what branch that the U.S. Military?

7. Name the longest-reigning king in british history.

8. Who is Britain’s current prime minister?

9. Name one of the 3 shark species that room most likely to assault humans.

10. Top top what date did president George W. Bush say, “A great people has actually been moved to safeguard a an excellent nation”? college student News is developed by a team the journalists who consider the usual Core State Standards, nationwide standards in various subject areas, and also state criter when producing the show.


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