Comedian Michael McIntyre is bringing brand-new BBC game display The Wheel come BBC One ~ above Saturday nights. Here’s exactly how to use for The Wheel.

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Michael McIntyre come host new BBC video game show

In July, the BBC announced brother comedian Michael McIntyre would organize their brand-new Saturday evening gameshow, The Wheel. 

The production firm behind the “feel-good” gameshow, Hungry McBear, stated it to be “delighted” at the news. Here’s how the company describes The Wheel…

“Think that the most amazing funfair ride, put the world’s best comedian at the centre of it and throw in a arsenal of excellent celebrity experts… welcome come The Wheel. Truly impressive fun, laughter and tension for the totality family.”

Audiences can catch the very first episodes the The Wheel native 28 November. Episodes are an hour long and the very first series will certainly run because that ten weeks.

Host Michael McIntyre said: “I am dazzling to be hosting a display that does reinvent the wheel!


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“I merely can’t wait to acquire behind the wheel. I’m dizzy v excitement!”

How to use for The Wheel

To apply for The Wheel, every you need to do is email . All applicants must be over 18. If you email this resolve you need to receive an automatic reply with an ext details.

Hungry McBear is a subsidiary the Hungry Bear, so email correspondence goes straight to Hungry Bear.

Hungry Bear placed a call out particularly for Scottish contestants for the game present in September.

A spokeswoman because that the firm said: “We’re trying to find fun, confident and also outgoing people who think they have actually the knowledge to take it on The Wheel.”

However, the window for applications close up door on 1 October.

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To be considered for the following round of contestants, be certain to examine the BBC’s Take part In among Our mirrors website. This is wherein the BBC advertises because that members of the public to apply. 

Hungry bear Casting’s Twitter handle likewise posts the manufacturing company’s recent opportunities. However, your latest articles are an ext than 2 years old. Nevertheless, this may be the best way to get news as and when that happens.