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GUARANTEED Ticket Holders:Our ticket distribution begins at the time published on her reservation letter. That is NOT necessary to come early, however please it is in on time. It is in ~ your own discretion as to how at an early stage you would like to come to organize a location in line. Upon arrival, girlfriend will join the heat in our holding area and receive a numbered ticket in numeric order. At loading time, you will be carried into the studio in numeric order. STANDBY Ticket Holders:Our ticket distribution starts at the time published on your reservation letter. It is in ~ your own discretion as to how early on you would choose to arrive to organize a location in line. Entrances for the line will not open until 9:00 AM, however, it is not within our control regarding how early world arrive. "},"question":"How is the audience seated? ","answer":"First VIP will be lugged into the studio. Following Guaranteed ticket holders space seated. If there are empty seats available, we will carry in Standby ticket holders on a first come, an initial serve basis. Please save in mental that us overbook the show. Any kind of Standby ticket holder the does not get a seat in the studio audience will be accommodated in the Riff Raff Room. The Riff Raff Room is situated inside where the display will be regarded live and uncut on flat-screened monitors. Please recognize that the collection cannot be checked out from this location. ","question":"Will I have the ability to sit v my entire party? ","answer":"We shot our best, however unfortunately us cannot insurance your entire party will certainly sit together. ","question":"Is the letter my ticket?","answer":"NO. The letter friend receive(d) via email is her reservation letter. The person who booked the reservationMUSThave their name on ours audience list. This human being must present a photo ID to inspect in their party and receive tickets to be admitted right into the show. For Warner Bros. Protection purposes, anyone in her party must achieve a picture ID at all times. ","question":"Is there wheel chair access?","answer":"YES. We have the right to accommodate because that wheel chair access. If friend or anyone in her party is handicapped, you re welcome be sure to allow us understand when we email to sell you tickets. We must be notified of all handicap at the very least two weeks before your display date. ","question":"Who room the guests on the show and also when will certainly the show air?","answer":"These details change on a daily basis. We execute not release any type of of this information until the day of her show. Girlfriend will uncover out when you involved the studio. Ellen will certainly be here! ","question":"Is there anything that i am NOT enabled to carry to the show?","answer":"You space not enabled to bring any kind of CAMERAS, spicy objects, knitting needles, mace, weapons, knives, and/or scissors. Think airport security: if friend canu2019t take it it right into the airport, that is not enabled at WB. Cell phones v cameras space okay, yet must be fully turned off before entering the studio. We do not hold any type of belongings and also are not responsible for any kind of items that room confiscated! ","question":"How old do I need to be to pertained to the show? ","answer":"Everyone in her party must be at the very least 14 years old. Every minors need to be add by one adult and also have evidence of age. A high college ID, bear certificate or passport might act together proof of age for those 14-18 years old. ","question":"Where is the finest place to park?","answer":"In the parking framework off the Olive Avenue labeled WB gate 3. Guest parking is accessible on the optimal floors. Please use the elevator and also proceed come the first floor audience area close to the visitant center. ","question":"May I lug food and drinks for the line? ","answer":"YES. Over there are likewise local establishments within wade distance. This places have the right to be discovered on the map provided. No food or drinks will be allowed inside the studio. ","question":"What am I permitted to wear?","answer":"Please dress nicely. You may be top top camera! us recommend service casual or upscale/trendy attire. You re welcome wear glowing colors, no black color or white. Dressy jeans room permitted. Please note that the is frequently cold in the studio. You may want to bring a light jacket or pullover to stay warm. We perform not allow anyone to wear Ellen and/or WB apparel, shorts, beachwear, or shirts with large logos. Team coordinating outfits space not allowed. We reserve the best to deny entrance to anyone inappropriately dressed. ","question":"Can I carry Ellen a gift?","answer":"YES. Please educate a staff member if you have a gift. You will certainly be asked to explain it in ~ the protection checkpoint. No gifts may it is in handed personally to Ellen at any kind of time. ","question":"Will Ellen sign any autographs? ","answer":"Unfortunately, NO. Because of time constraints and also the number of people us accommodate per show, Ellen will be can not to administer anyone through autographs or hugs. Please perform not bring any items to it is in signed v you come the show. ","question":"Do you recommend a hotel in the area?","answer":"You deserve to go virtual to look because that hotels on various websites using the zip code 91522. ","question":"If it rains what happens? ","answer":"Please understand that some of your time will certainly be outside. Please bring necessary thing to keep you dry. We will perform our best to make important adjustments to do you together comfortable as possible. ","question":"If the taping is cancelled or rescheduled, will certainly I be reimbursed for travel expenses?","answer":"NO. The Ellen DeGeneres present does not reimburse travel costs due to present cancellations. ","question":"May i donate my ticket to be auctioned?","answer":"NO.

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Tickets have no cash value, space non-transferable, and may not be auctioned or sold. ">}>,"disableBanner":false,"banner":"should_show_title_on_mobile":false,"subtitle":"If you have any additional questions, you re welcome feel complimentary to contact us. View you in ~ the show!","should_show_description_on_mobile":false,"title":"CONTACT US","url":"http://send.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/459","title":"Welcome come The Ellen DeGeneres Show!"}">