If you"re unhappy with the results of recent — or even ancient — plastic surgery work and dream of appearing on Botched so Drs. Dubrow and also Nassif have the right to fix friend up, are afraid not. The fight E! reality present has one open spreading call for those age 18 and over who have endured botched surgery, unable to do too excessive or too far in find of perfection, or are merely unhappy with the perfect results, whatever the reason.

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It"s as basic as filling the end an application form — despite the process is lengthy and there space plenty of terms and disclaimers come wade with — and you"ll be one action closer to sit in front of Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif telling your story

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Keep in mind, however, that showing up on the present doesn"t mean a totally free ride. While patient featured do acquire paid an appearance fee, that fee goes towards the doctors" payments. As Dr. Dubrow made clean in a 2015 interview v Allure, he and his companion in crime don"t job-related for free on Botched, specifically as the takes increase so much of your time. Not just are they payment to appear on the show however they"re, understandably, payment for your services, too, and also those Botched surgeries deserve to rack up fairly a bill. 

To be considered for Botched, you"ll should share as lot information about your past surgery occupational as possible, together with detailing what exactly you want fixed. If you"re the victim that a botched surgery, you"ll require to explain how that happened and the lengthy term impacts on your mental and physical well-being. You"ll additionally need to supply photos of her botched area and your general appearance before the surgery.

According to Cheat Sheet, getting cast on the hit display isn"t easy, either. You"ll have to fight off thousands of rivals for one of the couple of spots on each season that the show. The show"s popularity has skyrocketed since the early days. Earlier in 2015, the was noted that 6,000 applicants were looking to take part versus the previous season"s 500. And it"s only gotten worse. Earlier this year Dr. Nassif told Hello!, "There are around 12,000 submitted for the show and the producers pick v them. That is a gigantic an option process." Botched hopefuls, you"ve to be warned.