Are you ready to see your fixer upper? The lovely renovation series that turned Chip and Joanna Gaines into family names is coming ago to TV. A fresh version of Fixer top will debut at some time in 2021 top top the new Magnolia Network, the Gaineses announced august 4. 

“These past couple of years, we’ve continued tackling renovations and projects, law the job-related we’re passionate about, however I nothing think one of two people of united state anticipated just how the display would come to be such a permanent fixture in ours hearts,” Chip and also Joanna claimed in a statement. “We’ve missed sharing the stories of these families and also their houses with you, and also we’re excited to do that again an extremely soon!”

‘Fixer Upper’ is now spreading

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A brand-new season that #FixerUpper is comes to Magnolia Network in 2021!

A write-up shared by Magnolia Network (

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New episodes of Fixer top won’t air until following year. However casting is already underway for the upcoming season.

Producers are currently on the hunt because that homeowners (or those who room in the end stages of close up door on a home) and who live within 30 miles of Waco, Texas, follow to an announcement on the Magnolia Network website. You likewise need to more than the age of 21 and be able to start work on her renovation project in the early on fall that 2020. 

You require a $50,000 renovation spending plan to be on ‘Fixer Upper’


Joanna and also Chip Gaines | Nathan Congleton/NBCU photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty photos

Living in Waco and having a home that needs some TLC won’t be enough to acquire you top top Fixer Upper. You also need a nice sizable remodeling budget.

People who appear on the show must be ready to invest at least $50,000 on their renovation. It is up from the $30,000 budget that was required throughout the show’s initial run top top HGTV. They likewise need come have total trust in Chip and Joanna. Homeowners have to hand over “complete design control the the project” to Gaineses, together with their design and also construction teams and also the Magnolia Network. Not just that, however they’ll need to vacate their house for the whole duration that the renovation. 

Not just will you need a five-figure reno budget plan to show up on Fixer Upper, but if you desire your house to look exactly like it does in ~ the end of the show, you’ll more than likely need come spend also more. In the past, the furniture and also decor Joanna supplies to stage a home wasn’t provided to the homeowners, despite they were given the opportunity to acquisition the items ~ the project was complete.

Those interested in getting that signature Fixer upper look in their own home deserve to email casting

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"We room mostly simply giddy about getting the band ago together again therefore we can share the story of this families and their dwellings with you." Read about Chip + Jo's decision to film one more season of Fixer upper at the link in our bio.

A article shared by Magnolia Network (

In 2018, photographer Rachel Whyte talked about her suffer on Fixer upper with nation Living. Whyte, who was a Magnolia employee, shared some much more insight into how a renovation spending plan is developed. 

“You have to sign off on your budget at the beginning and also we actually didn’t have any surprises come up during filming,” she said. “The budget plan goes towards your great list, however the architecture team will additionally make decisions around what they think the home needs to be a TV-worthy renovation.”

Whyte additionally said the procedure was “pretty hand off” and that she and her husband only met through Joanna double in person. Yet when she saw her update home, she to be thrilled. The pair “fully trusted” Chip and Joanna come hand the renovation, and they couldn’t have actually been more happiness with how it turn out.