Show Status: ActiveThe Today present is 4 hrs long 5 Taping(s) per week opened January 14, 1952 present Closes: Open finished Live TV Talk present TV Broadcast

The Today display is a day-to-day morning talk show on NBC made up of celebrity interviews, music concerts, and also current news discussions.

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This show has gone v a bewildering selection of hosts in the last few years and many that the departures have been under less-than-situations.

The Today present is a family-friendly show that is open to all ages. Through over 50 year on the air, The Today show is one of America"s longest-running and best loved TV shows. The lively morning program transmits every day from 7:00 to be to 11:00 to be from NBC"s Studio 1A in new York City"s quintessential Rockefeller Plaza. The Today display premiered ~ above the national Broadcasting company network top top the 14th that January in 1952, with radio announcer and TV personality Dave Garroway together host.

The today Show"s fun and exciting vibe is filled v a rare combination of audience interaction and also news broadcasting, that can variety from serious disputes to up-to-the minute pop culture references. The reality that the present has lasted end 50 year is no surprise due to its diverse huge audience. The show"s ar brings tourists from almost everywhere the world. The audience members organize banners and also signs in the hopes of showing up on camera, to scream out family or friends from afar. Existing hosts will regularly go as much as audience members and also ask them wherein they are from. Celebrities and also musical guest will likewise take photos, authorize autographs and talk to the audience as an included bonus. During the fast winter season of new York City, the crowd will certainly still stand exterior of Studio 1A to take it a emergence at what is going on. However, more people concerned Rockefeller Plaza in the warmth of the summer because that the tremendous lineup on the this particular day Show"s Concert series hosted by Toyota. Previous musical artist that have performed ~ above the now stage including Kenny Chesney, were Stevie Nicks, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, kris Brown, Iggy Azalea, Duran Duran, Kiss, 5 seconds of Summer, Nico and also Vinz, Ke$ha, One Direction, 5th Harmony and many others.

Hosts of the Today present greet pan on the street

Going to view The Today present being videotaped is an extremely popular and also the audience consists of a wide variety of people from throughout the nation. Plenty of of whom do a point to visit the Today present studio as soon as they come to brand-new York City as part of your trip. The experience is a great choice because that families, due to the fact that most various other TV shows do not permit children come attend their tapings.

Conceived by NBC"s then Vice president Pat Weaver, The Today show was the first show that its kind, bringing viewers two hrs of news and also human interest pieces every weekday morning. Garroway"s laid ago style and wide-ranging curiosity set the tone for The today Show, which come this day proceeds to both entertain and also inform the audience in an upbeat and also relaxed setting. The display does not just consist that news reports and musical entertainment yet many other amazing segments. The Today show often covers diverse subjects such together "How-to"s," health and wellness Tips and "Fashion Guides". Celebrity interviews are also jam-packed in the four hour morning show.

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Although the Rockefeller center location plays a huge component in the show"s success, previous co-anchors prefer Barbara Walters have actually put the display on the map as one of the most reliable live TV broadcasts. Noteworthy hosts such together Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric and also Bryant Gumbel all made their memorable point out on Today and also future master will continue to monitor in their footsteps.