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The monopoly jail rules are some of the most confusing, which causes people to get them not correct or argue over which rules room correct.


8 fun alternative monopoly jail rules

There are miscellaneous ‘house rules’ which human being may opt come use as soon as they pat Monopoly. Providing some of this a go can be a fun means to spice up your game. You’ll just need come make sure that everyone is conscious of the new rules prior to you start.

1. Short game rule

To make the video game of syndicate quicker, you can make that so that you should leave prison on your an initial turn. For this reason if girlfriend fail to roll doubles, you should then salary the fine or use a ‘Get the end of jail Free’ map to leaving jail straight away.

2. Frozen legacy rule

According come this unofficially rule, as soon as a player is in jail they can not collect any kind of rent from various other players.

3. Prison defender rule

This unofficial syndicate rule says that when a player goes to jail, they lot pay each various other player $100.

4. Free jail rule

According to this rule, when someone goes come jail, every one of the other players have to chip in to pay because that it. Therefore in a six-player game, every player would offer the human $10 to cover your jail fee.

5. Prison ends all rule

This rule is a little bit silly, but great if you favor a brief game. As soon as a player floor in jail, they room bankrupt and also out that the game.

6. Prison auction rule

The prison auction dominance states that as soon as a player goes to jail, lock must choose one of their properties to placed up because that auction.

7. Fifty percent rent rule

To discourage football player from remaining in jail, girlfriend could include a preeminence to collection only fifty percent of the rent the is due when you are in jail.

8. Cheaters go to jail

The monopoly rules nothing state what wake up if girlfriend are caught cheating, however some players have actually a dominion that you should go to jail, stay there for three turns and then pay double to gain out.

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The bottom line

The official monopoly jail rule are complex and confusing, through some intricacies over what you can do and when. This is further confused by numerous unofficial syndicate rules which human being may confuse for the genuine rules.

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At the end of the day, if anyone agrees to play by the same rules, you’re great to go. Uneven agreed at the start, you should play follow to the official syndicate jail rule which are described here.