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A controversial website is feather for people to binge-watch box sets, saying it will pay 20 TV addicts $1,000 to watch streaming solutions for a month.

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EduBirdie is looking to rental "smart watchers" to party on Netflix and also Amazon Prime. The website describes itself together a "writing platform" that gives essays and assignments to students. It has actually come under fire in the previous over insurance claims that that facilitates cheating, by enabling people come buy coursework fairly than finish it themselves.

Each EduBirdie assignment is completed to order, so might pass plagiarism checks designed come weed the end cheats—raising further ethical questions around the service.

In 2018 the website to be the subject of a BBC investigation, sustained by YouTube stars fostering the service on their channels. In total much more than 1,400 videos, which had more than 700 million views, were found to be cultivating the site. Sam Gyimah, who was then the U.K. Universities minister, said the BBC: "It"s clearly wrong because it is allowing and normalising cheating potentially on an commercial scale."

The company"s binge-watching gig—which it says is designed to measure motivation by assessing which renowned shows inspire world to study—involves city hall at least three episodes of 10 streaming series. 5 can be chosen by you, however the other five will it is in selected through EduBirdie based on the most popular shows in July 2021.


File photo of woman watching Netflix. A company is feather to pay 20 civilization $1,000 to watch Netflix because that a month. Chesnot //Getty ImagesThe company confirmed that the "watcher"s genre preferences" would certainly be taken into account, with the list of shows possibly including Atypical, Sex/Life, Ozark, Virgin River, Manifest, The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy, Undone, The Crown, The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, The underground Railroad and The Boys.

In the unlikely occasion that the 20 "smart watchers" don"t already have a subscription to the two streaming giants, EduBirdie will collection them up v one.

Detailing what"s intended of the "smart watchers," the firm said: "After the town hall every series, the watcher will have to fill a questionnaire and tell how generally inspired and motivated they feel.

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"To provide more numeral and objective data, every watcher will certainly be inquiry to finish a brief online check we arisen to show how well they can remember and perceive brand-new information after each series."

The one-month job is open to inhabitants of the united States, Canada, Australia, the joined Kingdom, Ireland, and also Singapore, who are over the period of 21. The remuneration because that the position is $1,000, or the tantamount in neighborhood currency, and also the attributed is respectable 6. To apply, click here.