Puffy popcorn kernels are unprocessed grains v fiber and also antioxidants that have the potential to come to be lodged in the gums. The structure of popped popcorn provides it awfully simple for little bits the to become lodged in the gums. Popcorn grounding in the gums have the right to prove rather annoying if no painful.

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You can try to choose out the little pieces that popcorn from in between your gums through your finger yet you might not make any progress. Here is a look in ~ the best method to eliminate popcorn kernels from your gums.

How to eliminate Popcorn native the Gums:

Start with Flossing

The best method to removed popcorn stuck in the gums or teeth is to floss that out. Relocate a item of floss between the teeth and gums, push it towards the next of the popcorn bit that is lodged in the gums and moves the floss bottom and against the tooth. In the bulk of cases, flossing will dislodge the popcorn. However, part pieces that popcorn are particularly difficult to remove. If flossing does no work, try the methods thorough below.

Brushing to eliminate Popcorn Kernels native the Gums

Rinse your toothbrush with warmth water and brush in a downward activity in the area wherein the popcorn kernel is positioned. This motion might wipe the popcorn hull appropriate off that the gums and also teeth. If this approach does not work on the very first try, repeat it number of times and also it just can eliminate the popcorn kernel.

Try a Water Pik

Some world have discovered success using water piks come flush the end popcorn hulls. Usage a water pik flosser ~ above the lowest feasible setting at first. This way, you will certainly not press the hull upwards into your gums.

What around Dental Picks and Toothpicks?

Though the is possible to usage a toothpick to remove those pesky bits that popcorn grounding in the gums and also teeth, the is no advised. Dental picks often tend to be safer and an ext effective than lumber toothpicks that have actually the potential to splinter. If other alternatives do not work, try gently rubbing a dentist pick against the hull to ease it and also move it the end from listed below the gum.

The last Resort: Visit through Your Dentist

If you cannot eliminate the popcorn kernel from your gums top top your own with the approaches detailed above, the assistance of a dentist will certainly be necessary. Reach out to your dentist to eliminate the popcorn kernel from your teeth and it will not be long until your mouth is earlier to normal. The dentist will determine if you have actually a gum abscess or if over there is one more cause for the popcorn ending up being lodged between the gums and also teeth.

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It is possible wood splinters, fingernail pieces stemming from pond biting and also other international objects can cause popcorn hulls to stick come the gums. Her dentist will attempt to figure out the root cause of the trouble so you perform not finish up in a comparable predicament in the future.