Version: Microsoft 365
operating System: Mac, Linux, iOS
License: cost-free Trial
Developer Name: Microsoft
complete Downloads: 1,171,773
Category: Office and also Business Tools, Writing and Editing tools
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Only users v a Microsoft account space eligible for the totally free trial. If you have actually an account, you have the right to log in now. Otherwise, click the produce Account connect to register a complimentary account.While you won’t be charged during the cost-free trial, friend still need to get in payment details to continue.Microsoft accepts payment from credit Card or Debit Card, PayPal, or mobile Phone. Pick your preferred payment option and click Continue.Enter the credit transaction card numbers, PayPal information, or her mobile number to continue to the Checkout and then click ContinuePress the subscribe button.
After the payment method is confirmed, click the continue button.Click the Download the desktop computer Apps button, and your Microsoft dashboard will open up in a brand-new tab.Click download Office and the setup sorcerer’s will automatically download to her computer.Open the download file, and it will instantly begin installing PowerPoint and also the whole Microsft 365 app collection to her computer.

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How come Uninstall PowerPoint native Windows

If PowerPoint isn’t the right regime for friend or if you’ve perfect making the slideshows friend need, friend can quickly uninstall the software application from your computer system in a couple of easy steps.

Type include or eliminate Programs in the windows search bar.Scroll under to Microsoft 365 and also click uninstall.
Confirm the you desire to eliminate Microsoft 365 (with PowerPoint in it), and also the uninstallation wizard will certainly safely remove it from her computer.

While this will eliminate PowerPoint and Microsoft 365 from your computer, that won’t cancel her account. If you have actually presentations saved to her OneDrive cloud storage, you can still accessibility it.

PowerPoint Overview

PowerPoint is among the many versatile programs had in the Microsoft 365 suite. It deserve to be offered by anyone from youngsters making a picture slideshow for your friends to students producing slideshows because that class and also salesmen for highlighting the benefits of their product. Everything the reason, over there is an appropriate template design, shade scheme, and also animation or change that bring the presentation together.


Once you’ve preferred a theme or decided to customize your very own slides, you can pick your preferred transitions. This is just how the slides will switch native the existing slide come the next one. You have actually the option of using the same shift for each slide or adjust it up for each one.


You can set up animations for each picture, word, or article on the slide. This is exactly how that object will enter the page. If you have multiple animations ~ above a page, make certain to set them up in stimulate so that you don’t have actually a case where the graphic come in prior to the text or evil versa. Girlfriend can always preview how an animation will watch or how the entirety slide will certainly look prior to saving your work. Over there is additionally the choice to collection the animations to run instantly once the slide lots in Presentation Mode, so you don’t need to keep click the computer mouse for the next object to appear.


If you’re making use of PowePoint together a intuitive aide throughout a lecture, speech, or presentation, that comes with some terrific features and suggestions:

Notes: add notes that only you check out to ensure friend don’t forget what friend planned ~ above saying.Set the slides ~ above a timer: You have the right to automate the slides, therefore they change at details time intervals.Remote manage access: making use of your smartphone, friend can change slides without having actually to walk end to your computer and also click the mouse.

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Additional Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 comes through a big collection of essential apps because that computers and also mobile devices. Right here are just a couple of that you’ll get at no extra cost:

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Is PowerPoint free?

While castle no longer have actually a free desktop computer app because that PowerPoint, if you monitor the accuse above, I’ll present you just how to download it, and also the entire Microsoft 365 bundle complimentary for 30 days.

Is PowerPoint safe to download?

I downloaded the finish Microsoft 365 application suite and tested that on VirusTotal, and also it was totally clean. There to be no malware, viruses, spyware, or bloatware. It is crucial to prevent “free” or pirated versions, as these regularly have malware injected right into them

How perform I cancel mine PowerPoint/ Microsoft 365 subscription?

You have the right to cancel her Microsoft subscription by logging ~ above to her account and turn off the recurring payments. Your account will stay active until the current billing bicycle is complete.