When you uncover you’re expecting 3 or much more babies, it’s normal to feeling shock and disbelief. Being pregnant with triplets or more does mean you and your medical team will need to take more care, however most families with lot of pregnancies discover having several babies at as soon as to be a an extremely positive experience.

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How carry out "higher order multiples" occur?

Three or more babies are known as "higher order multiples". This kind of many pregnancy deserve to occur since a solitary fertilised egg splits, an ext than one egg is fertilised, or both things happen at the very same time.

Higher bespeak multiples rarely happen naturally, and are commonly the result of fertility treatments.

In 2017, 2 in 100 births in Australia to be a multiple birth. Of these, virtually all were twins. Simply 2 in 100 that the lot of births to be triplets or higher.

Extra treatment during a lot of pregnancy

If you space carrying triplets or more, you deserve to expect the same early pregnancy symptoms that you would suffer if pregnant through one baby, however they are most likely to start sooner and be an ext severe.

You will need extra medical treatment throughout the pregnancy. You might see a team of professional obstetricians, midwives and also ultrasonographers experienced in higher order lot of pregnancies. You may likewise be described a physiotherapist or dietitian.

You will require tests such as a glucose tolerance test to inspect for gestational diabetes and frequent ultrasounds come see just how your babies room growing and whether there are any type of problems with the placentas or cords.

The most typical pregnancy complication through triplets or an ext is premature birth birth. Your health care team will additionally keep an eye top top your own health. Moving multiple babies puts you at higher risk of:

polyhydramnios — having actually too lot amniotic fluid roughly the babypostpartum haemorrhage — heavy bleeding after the birth

Talk to your medical care team if you have any kind of concerns if you space pregnant.

Looking after yourself during multiple pregnancy

If you are carrying triplets or more, you will thrive bigger much more quickly than through a typical pregnancy. You will should eat more to fulfill the babies" nutritional needs. You may need to take iron and folic mountain supplements. Your health care team will administer you with a nutrition plan.

You are much more likely to experience annoying pregnancy symptoms choose reflux, haemorrhoids, varicose veins and also constipation. Delivering triplets or more method you may also experience backache, therefore correct attitude is really important. Always bend her knees as soon as lifting, tilt her pelvis forward once sitting, standing or lying, and also consider stomach support.

Because the babies are likely to be born early, it"s a good idea to get the nursery ready and attend antenatal classes earlier than you would for a single pregnancy. If possible, look for classes or details evenings designed particularly for females expecting a lot of birth.

You will obtain very big and worn down in the later on stages of the pregnancy. You might have problems sleeping, yet frequent rest and also drinking many of water will help.

Towards the finish of the pregnancy, girlfriend will need to limit physical activity and travel, and may must go on bed rest. You will certainly usually need to stop work earlier than with a solitary pregnancy. Your medical care team deserve to advise girlfriend on the right time because that this.

When space multiple babies born?

While a common pregnancy typically lasts 40 weeks, triplets are frequently born earlier. However, typically the much longer your babies can stay in the uterus, the better. However when you space pregnant v triplets or more, complications often construct that average it"s much better for you and your babies if they are ceded early.

Most lot of births take place by caesarean section. Your clinical team will certainly decide as soon as to deliver based upon your health and also that of the babies. You may need to continue to be in hospital because that a while prior to the birth.

If friend experience any signs the preterm labour, contact your doctor immediately.

Where come find much more information

If you are expecting greater order multiples, it"s typical to problem about possible pregnancy complications, how large you will certainly get, how your other kids will cope, and what help you will need. Because that support and resources, call the Australian Multiple bear Association.

You can additionally call Pregnancy, Birth and also Baby on 1800 882 436 for advice or support 7 days a week

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Last reviewed: December 2019

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