You can save gameplay as a video clip clip. Video clip clips can then be mutual with other players through uploading lock to online services.

Saving a video clip clip

Video that the many recent 15 minutes of gameplay is continuously and automatically recorded. You have the right to save gameplay together a video clip clip, in one of two people of the adhering to ways.

push the share button, and then push the
button. Push the share button, and also then pick .

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Some games contain scenes that cannot be recorded. The preferably 15 minute of gameplay the are saved as a video clip clip perform not include scenes in which video clip cannot it is in recorded. One icon appears in the top left edge of the display at the start and also end of these scenes. When you recognize the scene you want to save, press the SHARE button twice in ~ the start of the scene, and also then press the SHARE switch again double at the finish of the scene. If you execute not push the SHARE switch at the finish of the scene, record will proceed until you reach the best length enabled by your video clip clip settings, and then the video clip will certainly be saved. To change settings for video clips and also uploads, pick
(Settings) > .

Viewing video clips that you saved


(Capture Gallery) native the content area.Press the alternatives button to sort saved video clip clips by surname or date, and delete video clip clips. Friend can additionally copy saved video clips to a USB warehouse device.

FAT and exFAT formatted USB storage devices are supported. Be sure to completely insert the USB storage an equipment into the USB port. Some devices are not compatible because of shape or design. Through HDR enabled, the color in the saved video clip clips might be various from the colours in the gameplay video.

Uploading a video clip

1. Press the re-publishing button, and also then select