Find her favorite stations, artists, and also songs all on her smartphone.

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Did you recognize that you have the right to listen to FM radio on your phone? you don’t need to rely ~ above your auto radio or your home music device to hear your favorite stations. Even if it is you prefer today’s top hits, the oldies, NPR, or listening come the big game, here’s exactly how to access radio broadcasts right from your device.


Find her favorite radio stations

Access thousands of live and also local radio station from your phone.

As lengthy as you have actually a smartphone, you deserve to download FM radio apps to access thousands of live and also local radio station from her phone. Among the most well-known is called iHeartRadio. The completely cost-free to download¹ and also listen and also offers hundreds of live FM and AM radio stations that you have the right to tune into at any type of time.

Want to discover your favorite regional station? No problem. Hope to record up on the news or the latest sporting activities scores? girlfriend can discover a station for that, too. Plus, due to the fact that there room so numerous stations available, you might just find a new one girlfriend love.

To usage the iHeartRadio application – or any radio station app – follow these steps.

On her phone, click the app Store (for iphone users) or Google beat (for Android users)Search because that “iHeartRadio” or merely “radio apps”Find one friend like and click download (be careful, not all of them are free)When the app is perfect downloading, open it (you may have actually to produce an account)Once within the app, type in or search for a station you like and also start listening

You have the right to listen from the phone’s speakers or plug in a pair of headphones for a an ext private hear experience.

Other methods to enjoy radio on her cell phone

There room other means to hear her favorite radio stations v your cabinet phone, too. Because that example, you deserve to follow castle on society media, choose Facebook. Countless radio stations are energetic on social media whereby they execute giveaways and post updates. Sometimes, they even carry out a direct link that girlfriend can click on to hear to the live show. Usually, you deserve to visit your website to listen, as well.

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