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You can request a review receipt as soon as you send one email, however there"s no guarantee you will acquire a check email. Dave Johnson/Business Insider


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Send the message. Girlfriend will obtain an automated email reply.


This reply will educate you when the email was opened if the recipient enables it. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How to request a check out receipt in Outlook because that every email you send

1. In Outlook, click "File."

2. then click "Options."

3. In the Outlook options dialog box, click "Mail" in the navigation pane top top the left.

4. In the "Tracking" section, uncover the ar labeled "For all messages sent, request:" and then click the checkbox because that "Read receipt confirming the recipient perceived the message."


If girlfriend prefer, you can turn on check out receipts for every outgoing messages. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

5. Click "OK" to conserve your changes. Now a review receipt will certainly be requested immediately with every outgoing message.

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