Read receipts space great, however, periodically it isn’t proper to have actually them enabled, for instance when you have a business. Good thing Apple provides you the choice to save them ~ above or off. And with iOS 11, you have the right to toggle read receipts top top a per-contact basis.

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iPhone: how to permit or disable check out receipts for iMessage

Open up Settings. Scroll down to Messages.Either toggle Send check out Receipts on or off depending upon what friend prefer.

To readjust this ~ above a per contact basis, fire up the messages app and open increase the blog post thread in question. Tap on the ns on the top right, and then toggle Send check out Receipts.

Toggling check out receipts for iMessage, particularly on a per-contact basis deserve to be supervisor useful, particularly if you have actually an over-attached friend that won’t quit message you.

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