A Research suggest in Watch dogs 2

The Watch dog 2 research Points room by much the most essential collectibles in the latest video game published by Ubisoft, adhered to by the key Data and also the Money Bags you need to retrieve while trying out San Francisco.

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Along with the crucial Data, the study Points in Watch dogs 2 permit you come unlock brand-new hacking upgrades for Marcus which means that you need to look for them as quickly as possible.

As all various other Watch dog 2 collectable, the research study Points won’t show up on her map uneven you room close come them and also you usage the NetHack ability to scan details zones. Since of this, finding all Watch dogs 2 study Points deserve to be very difficult, without learning their locations.

For every Watch dog 2 fans, we have created the following guide, v the purpose of helping those that wish to collection all study Points in the game.

Our guide consists of three elements and was split in four parts. First, we have actually the Watch dog 2 study Points places maps which have the right to be used to decide the collectibles.

Second, we have actually a text guide with hints and also tips for all study Points in the game. These advice contain valuable information, on just how to retrieve the study Points since some of castle are really well hidden.

Last, however not least, us have contained 4 videos from our Watch dogs 2 playlist ~ above YouTube, which sell even an ext information on where to find and how to collect the study Points.

Before we can move forward through the guide, there are number of things you need to know about these collectables.

In stimulate to gain all research Points in Watch dogs 2 we suggest you to emphasis on buying and upgrading Marcus’s RC Jumper and Quadcopter. This two tiny toys are forced to retrieve most of the research study Points in the city.

When you start the game, an initial finish the Driver SF objectives to get more followers and also level up. Use the points you get to upgrade the two gadgets we have mentioned. Next, uncover the crucial Data compelled to unlock the continuing to be upgrades for her RC Jumper and also Quadcopter, and only after you gain the Enhanced Spring and the Remote Gadgets upgrades, you will be able to collect all research Points in the game.

If you don’t have enough points to upgrade your toys after you finish the Driver SF operations, consider finding the ScoutX locations since they likewise award pendant to level up.

Unlike the Paint tasks or the clothing Items, the research study Points are marked on her map through a white skull on a black color diamond, yet only after friend scan specific areas.

Furthermore, girlfriend should know that some research Points are inside instances which should be choose up, if others can be gathered by hacking details devices. A Research point that have to be choose up requires your presence nearby, which means that you deserve to use the RC Jumper, or you have to acquire close to it.

Those that need hacking can be accumulated from distance making use of your phone or the Quadcopter.

We likewise suggest using the quick Travel system to move between areas, or a Unique auto such together the Dangerzone i beg your pardon is rather fast and also it’s free.

Finally, you should be conscious that our Watch dog 2 research Points locations guide complies with a details order. In various other words, the 13th Research suggest in san Francisco because that example, is additionally the 13th Research suggest in our video clip and the 13th Research point in our text guide.

This bespeak should help you a lot when you shot to find the research study Points you may have actually missed, or when you room looking for clues on just how to retrieve a particular Research Point.

Now, that we have actually cleared points out, let’s see just how to get all research study Points in Watch dog 2 and also make girlfriend the most an effective hacker in san Francisco.

Marin study Points Locations

Marin Area research study Points Locations

Research allude 1 – Look for it near point Bonita Lighthouse on height of an electric box. Simply hop on it to gain this study Point.

Research allude 2 – The second Research point is within a bunker. Go around the limited area, and stay on the rocks close come the water. While outside the red zone, send her RC Jumper through the window of the little tower whereby the briefcase is located, or sneak inside.

Research allude 3 – check the Battery Spencer bunker and also you will uncover it within a tiny cell. Since this is a limited area, remain outside the perimeter and use your RC Jumper to gain it. Continue to be on the ground, and also use the tiny walls in the courtyard because that cover.

Research point 4 – because that this Research allude you need the Quadcopter to hack the Wi-Fi sniffer. Look for package under the golden Gate Bridge, on a platform. While staying on the ground, send her flying toy to hack it.

Research suggest 5 – position Marcus on the western next of the red area when you room trying to get the fifth Marin research study Point. Now, send her RC Jumper inside, and stay close come the rocky wall. Move forward and you will find the collectible on part pipes. When the patrolling guard is away, jump on the pipes, acquire the data and recall her toy.

Research suggest 6 – in ~ this place you will an alert that the ctOS protection breach is outside the red area (south-west), but you must hack a CCTV i beg your pardon is on the other side that the perimeter. Go around the premise, and open the gate near the CCTV. If outside, send the RC Jumper to hack package close come the ground, after you odor the guard making use of the digital Door dashboard on the wall surface nearby. Now, fly your Quadcopter ago to the ctOS defense breach and hack it.

Research suggest 7 – The Research point is on the balcony of a house. If standing in prior of the key gate, electrocute the safety on the best side making use of the junction box, then rise the little shack behind him. Send your RC Jumper over the little wall ~ you distract the patrolling guard through a call hack. Rush in the direction of the collectible and exit the area as rapid as girlfriend can.

Research allude 8 – for this Research suggest use the scissor lift within the inner courtyard to accessibility the CCT box on the second-floor balcony. Send your Jumper come hack it, then her Quadcopter come hack the ctOS protection breach located in the corner of the roof.

Research point 9 – To acquire this collectable, just hack the forklift behind the structure where the Research allude is located. Place the forklift in the backyard near the yellow building, jump on that to reach the lower roof, then use the air-conditioning box to acquire on the roof whereby the Research point is located.

Research point 10 – This Research point is inside a pipeline under the pier. Fly your Quadcopter close come it and also hack the from distance.

Research allude 11 – similar to the previous one, this Research suggest is under the pier and also inside a pipe, yet you can not reach it without the explosive upgrade. As soon as you unlock it, ar it ~ above the box blocking the Research suggest in stimulate to ruin them, and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research suggest 12 – The fastest method to acquire the research Point marked on ours map by 12 is to use the scissor lift in the back alley. After you hack it, location your RC Jumper ~ above it and go up on the roof, climate drop ~ above the balcony where the collectible is wait for you.

Research point 13 – making use of your RC Jumper, open the door of the building located in the southerly side of the red area. Hack the guard’s phone call to odor him, get in the building and also pick up the Research suggest on the desk.

Research allude 14 – The last Research suggest in Marin area, is ~ above Alcatraz Island. Every you need to do is come send her Quadcopter to the optimal of the tower located near the prison’s main building and also you will watch the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Oakland study Points Locations

Oakland Area study Points Locations

Research suggest 1 – This Research allude is located on height of a huge oil tank. Usage the yellow crane close to the pier to get to the collectible. Simply reduced the crane’s platform, get Marcus ~ above it, then align the platform v the edge of the tank. Run on the tank and follow the ramp to gain to the briefcase.

Research point 2 – The 2nd Research point on our map is under the highway and also to acquire it you should hack a CCTV. Eastern of the fenced area you should find a forklift. Acquire it close to the fence, deploy the RC Jumper top top it, and raise the platform. Once inside, hack the CCTV to open the gate, climate enter and pick increase the briefcase. Alternatively, you deserve to use a van to obtain on optimal of the train cart, and from there her RC Jumper can jump end the fence, if you have actually the spring upgrade and also the rate boost.

Research point 3 – for this study Point, an initial you need to hack the CCTV box using your RC Jumper. Remain external the minimal area, and also send the RC Jumper v the gateways near the CCTV. Stay on the best side, after friend enter and also you won’t be seen. After you hack the CCTV, fly your Quadcopter to the ctOS security breach you have actually unlocked and also hack it.

Research point 4 – also if it’s inside a limited area, this Research suggest is very easy come collect. Simply fly her Quadcopter high sufficient so the guards don’t check out it, and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer within the yard.

Research allude 5 – because that this study Point, look because that a forklift in the parking lot near the building where the collectible is located. Load a crate ~ above the forklift, and head in the direction of the lower roof that the building where the Research suggest is located. The roof is close come the street. Now, progressive the forklift and also the crate after ~ you gain on top of it. Next, deploy her RC Jumper and look for the office wherein the CCTV is located. Go about the little office, and search because that an waiting duct behind two barrels. Get inside, hack the CCTV using your Jumper, climate the ctOS security breach utilizing your Quadcopter.

Research allude 6 – The research Point significant by 6 on ours map is within an office on the second floor that a warehouse. Utilizing the RC Jumper, odor the guards, specifically the one guarding the CCTV you must unlock on the soil floor. Now, head upstairs and also quickly take the research Point, climate recall your Jumper.

Research allude 7 – making use of the forklift in the backyard the the building, head to the roof and also deploy her Jumper. Hop ~ above the ventilation box close to the fenced area, then boost and jump end the fence. Hack the CCTV to unlock the gate, then pick up the Research point on the ground.

Research point 8 – This research allude is within an waiting duct and it’s secured by two CCTVs. Go to the backyard and remain external the limited area. Take regulate of the red forklift and load a crate, then place it close to the truck you see parked near the structure where the CCTVs room located. Deploy your Jumper, and also hop on the truck, then on the crate you just loaded. From over there hop ~ above the roof and over the fence top top the best side. Currently jump over an additional fence and also hack the first CCTV. While remaining on the roof, go to the other side, and also drop down exactly on peak of the stairs wherein the 2nd CCTV is located. Make certain you odor the guards far from the box first. Next, go back to the roof making use of the same truck and also the crate you have used earlier, and get within the duct to pick up the research Point.

Research suggest 9 – utilizing your Quadcopter hack the transformer come take out both guards near the CCTV you have to unlock because that this research Point. Now, distract and stun the guard on the alley. Take manage of Marcus, head inside the minimal area and also climb the trailer and the yellow stairs to with the CCTV box. Hack it, climate send her Quadcopter come hack the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research allude 10 – because that this study Point, Marcus must reach the roof that a building. Look approximately for a home window washer lift and lower it. You will notice that you can not reach it, yet there is a truck parked nearby. Relocate it close to the lower roof wherein the background is currently located, climb the truck and get within the lift. Move it up and also collect the research Point. Don’t leaving the roof yet because you will miss the next Research Point.

Research point 11 – if standing on the roof the the building mentioned above, send her Quadcopter throughout the street to hack the Wi-Fi sniffer significant by 11 on ours map.

Research point 12 – The Wi-Fi sniffer you need to hack to acquire this Research point is on optimal of the Oakland Theater. Fly your Quadcopter as much as hack it.

Research point 13 – for this Research suggest you must solve a puzzle top top the Christ the light building. When you unlock the ctOS security breach merely retrieve the Research suggest using your Quadcopter.

Research allude 14 – Take the end all guards making use of your Quadcopter, then look because that this Research suggest on the porch of the house us have significant on our map.

Research point 15 –To collection this Watch dogs 2 research study Point, look because that a scissor elevator close to the place we have actually mapped above. Take regulate of the platform and move it come the main street. Place the elevator in front of the fast-food restaurant (notice the hamburger ~ above the billboard), and also get inside. Walk up and also deploy her RC Jumper. Look because that a wooden ramp on the other side that the roof, and also close come it you will see an wait duct ~ above the building’s exterior wall. Run on it and go approximately the structure to reach the CCTV crate you should hack. Now, deploy the Quadcopter and also hack the Wi-Fi sniffer facing the key street.

Research point 16 – This Research allude is easy to get yet hard come find. The collectible is within an wait duct and can it is in retrieved making use of the Quadcopter. Check the southern side that the building (yellow) wherein the Research suggest is located, and while flying close to the ground look because that a small entrance inside the building’s wall. You should see a dumpster and over it the enntrance gate to the waiting duct. Fly through the waiting duct and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research point 17 – while standing ~ above the eastern side that the structure where this Research allude can be viewed on our map, deploy the RC Jumper and use the exterior wait ducts to reach the CCTV box that enables you to open up the gate nearby. Currently switch come Marcus and also follow the yellow stairs and the air problem boxes to with the front side of the building. Hack the elevator on the roof and go increase to find the Watch dogs 2 Research point resting on another air conditioning box.

Research point 18 – This Research allude is inside a closed yard, close to a window. An initial move the forklift within the yard to see a hole in the ground. Next, utilizing the RC Jumper overcome the street and also look because that an entrance to the wait duct. It need to be within a ditch. Monitor this wait duct and also you will departure through the feet you just discovered. Hack the CCTV to open up the gate and get the collectible ~ above the window.Research allude 19 – because that this Watch dogs 2 Research allude place Marcus in the surrounding parking lot, and also use the RC Jumper. Hop ~ above the dumpster, climate on the roof the the nearby building. Turn best towards the Research allude and jump from the roof inside the courtyard. Notification the mattress top top the wall, and also jump over it. Hack the red box, climate fly up using your Quadcopter and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer on top of the electrical tower.

Research suggest 20 – Look for the Wi-Fi sniffer in ~ this location, behind a huge billboard on which you can read Trust the Tech. Deploy your Quadcopter, paris up and also hack it.

Research suggest 21 – as soon as you reach this location significant on ours Watch dog 2 study Points map for Oakland, look for an alley and also a reduced roof. Run on package under the stated roof, then climb up and also cross the bridge in between the buildings. Continue to relocate up, deploy your RC Jumper and also jump end the next alley. Make sure you an increase its speed. Hack the CCTV box on the next roof, then use the wooden ramp to reach the roof whereby the Research point is located.

Research suggest 22 – merely fly your Quadcopter increase to gain the Research allude on height of the structure under construction. Girlfriend don’t have actually to go into the minimal area.

Research point 23 – using your RC Jumper, hop over the fence close to the trailer within the restricted area. Continue to be under the trailer and also exit close to the briefcase comprise the research study Point. Run close to it and grab it.

Research point 24 – to hack the ctOS protection breach on height of Blume Arena you must solve the puzzle ~ above the building’s wall. Clock our video clip below to view the solution. When you are done, use the Quadcopter and also hack the breach you must see close to letter U.

Research point 25 – as soon as you go into the limited area for this research Point, make certain that your RC Jumper continues to be close to the left wall. Odor the safety or electrocute them, run on the eco-friendly pipes, and also then on package where the Research allude is located.

Research point 26 – take a boat from the pier and also head in the direction of the beacon to obtain this collectible. When close, deploy the Quadcopter and also fly over the Wi-Fi sniffer to hack it.

Research suggest 27 – when you with this location, usage your Quadcopter and fly top top the roof. Get in the wait duct through the opening dealing with the key street, then look under to watch the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research allude 28 – To acquire the last Research point on ours Oakland map you need to infiltrate the Regwell Gun variety base. The briefcase is in the middle of the courtyard. You can acquire it if playing one of the goals that will lead girlfriend here, or by utilizing the RC Jumper and distracting the guards.

Silicon Valley research Points Locations

Silicon sink Area study Points

Research suggest 1 – because that the first collectible marked on our Watch dogs 2 Silicon Valley research Points map, start by hacking the nearby forklift and load a crate top top it. Take it come the southern part of the building and climb top top the reduced roof. Deploy the RC Jumper and also go with the air duct you check out nearby. Walk up, and when you with the exit, closely drop on the roof where the collectable is waiting for you.

Research point 2 – Go approximately the hospital marked on ours map over and look because that a lower roof you can reach through Marcus while on the ground. Native there go right, and also around the corner, run on the air air conditioning boxes to with the upper roof. Cross the roof in between the buildings, turn right and also drop on the reduced roof wherein you will view an waiting duct. Using the Jumper get in the waiting duct and also look for the Research point inside.

Research suggest 3 – This Research suggest is located inside a fence area. Surrounding you should see a flatbed truck and some bikes. Drive the truck in front of the key gate and lower its platform to produce a ramp. Now, using among the motorcycles jump over the fence and unlock the red CCTV box. Go about the little building and also use your Jumper to get in the wait duct above, wherein you will find the collectible.

Research suggest 4 – for this Research allude check the alley in between the buildings and also look because that a solar panel on height of some stairs. Run on it making use of your RC Jumper and then top top the nearby pergola. From below hop ~ above the roof, rotate left, boost your speed, and hop on the next house. Make another left turn, boost, and also jump top top the 3rd house. Now, boost again and also jump top top the balcony wherein the CCTV crate is located. Hack it, switch to Marcus and also lower the home window washing lift. Go up and retrieve the briefcase.

Research suggest 5 – once you room close to Stanford University, friend will be able to get the research study Point marked by 5 on our map. To carry out so, acquire the forklift nearby and journey it come the arched tunnel. Look up to see the enntrance gate to an wait duct. Location the RC Jumper ~ above the forklift, advanced the platform and jump inside the claimed air duct. Monitor the tunnel and also drop inside the chamber wherein the CCTV crate is located. Hack it, then switch to Marcus and also deploy the Quadcopter. Inspect the roof for the ctOS protection breach i beg your pardon is currently unlocked.

Research point 6 – inspect the south component of the minimal area to view a hole in the fence. Use the RC Jumper to enter the premise, revolve right, run on the blue barrels and also enter the air duct. Walk all the means up, climate drop inside the garage. Hack the red box (CCTV), take it the forklift and also drive outside. Location your Jumper ~ above the forklift, walk up and jump ~ above the roof. Discover it to uncover a hole on the various other side and also drop within the following garage to get the briefcase.

Research allude 7 – ar Marcus top top the east side that the building and also use her RC Jumper to get on peak of the dumpster in the corner nearby. Run on the air conditioning boxes, climate cross the bridge between the buildings and you will uncover a small office v a CCTV crate inside. Get in the wait duct adjacent and girlfriend will end up near the red box. Hack it to unlock the ctOS security breach, and collect the Research suggest using the Quadcopter.

Research suggest 8 – making use of Marcus, just follow the stairs exterior the building to reach the terrace wherein the Research point is wait for girlfriend on a table.

Research point 9 – This Research point is top top a balcony. Begin in the south-western component of the area, and also look because that a van. Journey it close to the lower wall, just behind the van. Jump on the van, go up top top the air air conditioning box, revolve left and also move towards the collectible. Rotate right and also go increase on the next balcony, climate cross the bridge between the buildings. Walk left and jump down again, then rise the yellow stair to acquire the briefcase.

Research suggest 10 – utilizing the RC Jumper hop top top the solar panel and also then top top the roof to uncover an waiting duct. Make sure you take it a closer look at to the route you have to follow before going inside, then enter the duct to hack the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research allude 11 – for this Research point you should hack 4 CCTVs, for this reason make certain you follow the red lines. Two of lock are really easy to access since they are not obstructed. The third is behind part planks you have the right to smash with the auto nearby, when the 4th is behind some shelves, and also can be got to with the RC Jumper. After you hack every four, use the Quadcopter come hack the protection breach on the roof.

Research allude 12 – once you with the location on our map, friend will notice that it’s a playground. Go into the yellow slide, climate the wait duct on top on the tower. Move towards the collectible and also continue to drop inside the waiting duct till you get close come it therefore you deserve to hack it.

Research allude 13 – This Research allude is most likely the most an overwhelming to get. It’s in a limited area, i beg your pardon is in truth a building and construction yard. To obtain the collectible you need to reach the roof of the main residence which is not finished yet. Use the forklift in the yard and the RC Jumper yet be really careful because there are plenty of guards here. Head towards the residence using the forklift and also load the crate close to the green pipes in prior of you. Jump on it using the RC Jumper and also head come the roof. With the various other side and also enter the wait duct. Autumn inside and continue to monitor the duct till you reach an additional grate you can open. Ar an explosive here to damage the barrels blocking your path, but move away prior to detonating the charge. Now, get in the room and also get the briefcase.

Research point 14 – odor the guards through the RC Jumper and look because that this Research suggest on numerous wooden boxes near a shack. You can likewise engage lock if you prefer or stun them making use of the IED ~ above the Quadcopter.

Research suggest 15 – This Research suggest on san Bruno hill is an extremely easy to collect v the Quadcopter. Without entering the red area, fly over the guards and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer v the window.

Research suggest 16 – place Marcus in the north-eastern corner of the structure we have marked on our map, and also look because that an exterior air duct over the yellow windows. Paris under the said air duct and you will view a hole you deserve to enter and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research allude 17 – The final Watch dogs 2 Oakland Research suggest is not contained in our video clip guide yet it shows up on the map above. That is located inside a container top top a platform. Girlfriend can notification that the stated platform is ~ above water. To acquire on it, you have the right to use the flatbed truck to produce a ramp ~ above the shore, climate jump on that while control a bike, or you have the right to use a boat. As soon as you room on the platform, look inside the red container and use the RC Jumper to get the briefcase ~ above the yellow pipes. You will additionally reach this location when girlfriend play The Zodiac Killer DLC side Operation.

San Francisco Research point out Locations

San Francisco Area study Points

Research suggest 1 – The first Research allude on our map is located in a campsite. Look for it top top a box close to a pink flamingo.

Research allude 2 – This Research point is behind a gas station. Inspect the backwall for a crate and an waiting duct. Use the RC Jumper to acquire inside the waiting duct, then hop ~ above the higher roof. Overcome it and drop on the reduced roof to hack the CCTV box, then go back to the ctOS protection breach and hack it.

Research suggest 3 – To gain the next Research Point, position Marcus in front of the key gate, and use the RC Jumper come infiltrate the area. Stick to the right-side wall surface and distract the guard close to the CCTV box, climate hack the ctOS protection breach ~ above the roof making use of the Quadcopter.

Research point 4 – approach this Research suggest from the backyard, behind the big silos. Monitor the yellow stair behind the containers and hack the CCT crate on the roof of the structure nearby, then usage the Quadcopter to with the greater roof whereby the collectible is located. Open the door and hack the Wi-Fi Sniffer.

Research suggest 5 – Look for the fifth San Francisco Research suggest on ours map, in the area under the bridge and use the Quadcopter to reach it.

Research point 6 – Take out all security in the alley, then go into the air duct ~ above the soil to acquire the collectible.

Research point 7 – The Research point at this ar is inside another air duct. Go into the area whereby you will check out a building under construction and also check the 3rd floor. Near the stair is a grate that enables your Quadcopter or RC Jumper to enter and also hack the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research point 8 – usage the Quadcopter to with the Wi-Fi sniffer inside the beacon ~ above the water. Hack it while flying above the beacon.

Research point 9 – at this place on our map friend will uncover a big building. Just use the Quadcopter to fly up on the roof and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer near the pool.

Research point 10 – method the restricted area from south-west and stay over the guards and close come the appropriate wall. Run on the yellow container i beg your pardon holds the study Point, climate drop behind the adjacent guard to collect it.

Research suggest 11 – monitor the hill up and also locate a blue residence with a pergola in the corner of the backyard. Run on the pergola and also deploy the RC Jumper. Relocate from one roof to another until you with the balcony whereby this mountain Francisco Research suggest is waiting for you.

Research allude 12 – Hack the Wi-Fi sniffer in ~ this place using her Quadcopter. You can do it through the glass wall of the bridge, when standing listed below it.

Research point 13 – To obtain this Watch dogs 2 Research allude in san Francisco area, look because that a shed. Obtain close come it, activate the NetHack capacity and hack the camera inside the shed. Now, hack the ctOS defense breach.

Research allude 14 – because that this Research allude use her RC Jumper, get in the restricted area v the front gate, and hide behind the trailer ~ above the ideal side. Run on the wood planks close to the trailer and when the guards are not looking, gain the collectible.

Research suggest 15 – Look for a forklift near this collectible and use its platform to acquire on the balcony wherein the situation is located.

Research suggest 16 – begin by activating the window washer elevator on height of the building, and also take Marcus to the roof. Deploy the RC Jumper, and from the corner of the roof run on the balcony top top the other side. Go about the balcony, hop top top the crate on the various other side and also hack the Blume CCT box. Go back to Marcus and also open the grate that permits you to get in the waiting duct.

Research allude 17 – girlfriend can get this Research suggest by an increasing and jumping with your RC Jumper indigenous the porch of the green house nearby.

Research suggest 18 – The first Research allude in golden Gate Park is on peak of a windmill. You deserve to hack it through your phone or using the Quadcopter.

Research allude 19 – The 2nd Research point in this location is top top the balcony of the Le Potager restaurant. Examine the parking lot because that a scissor lift and also use it to acquire the collectable.

Research suggest 20 – Look because that this Research allude under a bridge. Girlfriend can get it while playing as Marcus.

Research suggest 21 – because that this collectible take control of the scissor lift and get it the end of the limited area. Placed the RC Jumper inside, climate go back to the red zone and get the RC Jumper ~ above the upper platform.

Research allude 22 – The briefcase include the Research allude is on the ground, inside a limited area. To get it you have the right to melee all guards, you deserve to stun them or, you deserve to kill lock if girlfriend like.

Research allude 23 – simply use your Quadcopter to obtain to the roof and also hack the sniffer we have significant on our map.

Research allude 24 – close to the Painted ladies is an additional sniffer you deserve to hack just by flying your Quadcopter. Look because that it on the roof that a large white building.

Research point 25 – strategy the limited area indigenous north-west, monitor the stairs up and head left climbing the surrounding roof. Deploy the RC Jumper and also drop close to the stairs once the guards room not looking. Look under the claimed stairs because that the briefcase and also the study Point.

Research suggest 26 – inspect the roof that the structure we have significant on ours map and also use the Quadcopter to hack the sniffer.

Research allude 27 – similar to the ahead one, the sniffer is attached come an antenna ~ above a lower roof between two large buildings. You have the right to hack it utilizing the Quadcopter.

Research point 28 – throughout the street from Papa B’s Pawn is a big building. You have the right to reach the rooftop and also the sniffer using the Quadcopter.

Research point 29 – This Research point is phibìc from Transbay Center and it calls for a motorcycle. When you acquire one journey up the stairs to the peak floor of the Transbay Center, and look because that a wooden ramp behind a restaurant. You need to see some environment-friendly tables nearby. Jump on the wooden ramp and also you will land on the balcony where the briefcase containing another Watch dogs 2 Research suggest can it is in found.

Research point 30 – To get the 30th Research allude on our map, check the inner courtyard and activate the home window washer elevator. While on the roof, revolve right and also jump end the white gate on the left next to watch the collectible under a blue umbrella.

Research allude 31 – This Research allude is under the pier. Usage the Quadcopter and also check the finish on water. Enter through the hole above the white wooden fence, climate look because that the collectable at the various other side of the pier (close to the shore).

Research point 32 – To obtain this research study Point marked on ours map, usage an IED to ruin the grated wooden fence under the porch of the restaurant. Make a hole close to the stairs and also use the RC Jumper to access an air duct wherein you will discover the sniffer.

Research point 33 – Look for the Wi-Fi sniffer top top the beacon in the water, and also hack the from distance using the Quadcopter.

Research point 34 – usage the Quadcopter come hack the sniffer under the just Bridge, in ~ the ar we have marked on our map above.

Research point 35 – because that this Watch dogs 2 Research allude use the RC Jumper and enter the waiting duct located under the prior stairs that the restaurant in the corner of the street. Girlfriend will also find one of the hidden Gnomes here. If you want to collect all 10 make certain you inspect our guide.

Research allude 36 – ar Marcus in prior of the north-eastern gate of the minimal compound, and use the wood crates to get your RC Jumper inside. Jump over the fence and through the open home window at the bottom that the yellow stairs. When inside, monitor the stairs up behind the guard, and pick increase the briefcase and also the research Point.

Research suggest 37 – while on the ground, go about the large hangar mapped above, and check the little building in the corner. Open up the grate v your RC Jumper and hack the CCTV crate inside. Now use the scissor lift to get Marcus on the roof, and the RC Jumper to enter the air duct you have unlocked. Follow the tunnel and in the next room jump end the boxes and also enter the air duct nearby the ground. In the following room jump inside the air duct on the best side (notice the grate ~ above the floor), and follow the tunnel. As soon as you exit, friend will see the Wi-Fi sniffer.

Research allude 38 – West of Coit Tower is one more Research allude you deserve to collect using just your Quadcopter. Examine the rooftop that the home we have significant on our Watch dog 2 map above.

Research point 39 – remain on the alley phibìc of the restricted area and also send the RC Jumper to retrieve the briefcase. Run on the dumpster, then over the fence to her right. The guard right here should face the other way, therefore sneak behind him and get the collectible on the ground.

Research suggest 40 – for this collectible walk to the earlier alley and also hack the CCTV crate in the little room with a yellow ladder ~ above the exterior wall. Fall the RC Jumper within the waiting duct come hack the CCTV, then usage the scissor lift exterior to obtain your RC Jumper ~ above the roof. Overcome the stated roof and also enter the waiting duct you have actually unlocked. Follow it and also you will uncover the Wi-Fi sniffer and also another hidden Gnome.

Research allude 41 – The Wi-Fi sniffer we have significant on ours map is behind a large billboard showing a blue car. Hack it with your Quadcopter to gain the study Point.

Research suggest 42 – This Research allude is inside an underground garage. Once you reach its ar you will see that is behind a locked door. Hack the camera outside, climate the tablet computer in the room whereby the collectible is located. After you get access, open up the door and get the briefcase.

Research point 43 – The Wi-Fi sniffer is on optimal of a pillar in Union Square. Fly her Quadcopter as much as hack it.

Research suggest 44 – Make sure that as soon as you reach the building we have mapped at this location you go approximately it trying to find a hole close to the ground. The hole must be in ~ the bottom of some stairs and will allow your RC Jumper to go into the area under the stairs and also get the research study Point.

Research suggest 45 – usage the Quadcopter to with the sniffer ~ above the roof of a building on which you can additionally see a green billboard. The sniffer is top top an waiting duct.

Research point 46 – South-east the Lombard Street you will find an additional Research suggest you can collect using only the Quadcopter. Merely open the grate come the wait duct and fly within to find the sniffer.

Research point 47 – for this research Point, deploy her Quadcopter and also fly up over a blue building. The sniffer you must hack is under a wooden porch. Make sure you align your Quadcopter accordingly.

Research allude 48 – location Marcus north-east indigenous the limited area, and also use the RC Jumper to obtain the collectible. Jump on the rocks and over the bench top top the terrace since the safety won’t view you.

Research allude 49 – The briefcase you should retrieve below is in a backyard. You can distract the guards or just sneak behind them to get it. Friend should discover it close to a little shack, top top the ground.

Research suggest 50 – This Research allude is within a room provided to prosper marijuana, behind a blue house. Over there is a feet in the wall surface and you have the right to use that to paris inside, or you can hack the sniffer while gift outside.

Research allude 51 – Look because that this Research point collectible under a porch. To acquire it, inspect the reduced area close to the green bushes for a grate and also an wait duct. Paris inside, then up, and continue to monitor the tunnel to reach the sniffer.

Research point 52 – if standing in prior of the gateways that lead within the restricted area, produce a diversion on the best side of the garden to entice the security away. Now, use the RC Jumper and also rush towards the briefcase i m sorry is located under the Tidis coporation, group sign. Recall the Jumper and also leave the area.

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Research suggest 53 – Deploy the Jumper on the east side the the bunker marked above, then an increase and jump to the top level wherein the briefcase is wait for you. If you move fast, nobody will view you.