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Nov. 8, 2018 12:44 pm, Updated: Nov. 7, 2019 1:43 pm



reflecting respect come veterans and the flag they combated to defend is front and center for numerous Eastern Iowans in November, but what"s the best means to show respect to our country"s flag? 

Many human being know the basics: the you respect the united States" flag by keeping it turn off of the ground, never flying the upside down, and also you have to always face the flag v your hand over her heart once saying the Pledge of Allegiance. However when the time comes to retire enlarge flags, there are processes and also procedures to follow in order to show respect. 

This is a emphasis that is an extremely important come Jacob Wittrock and Scott Greenman in ~ Stewart Baxter Funeral and also Memorial Service. That"s why castle have produced a special regime that helps world properly dispose of American flags that have to be retirement - and also replaces them through brand new flags in ~ no cost.

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"While many civilization love to display screen the flag, a lot of folks space unsure how to take care of it as soon as the flag is take it or simply worn out," Wittrock said. 

And Greenman added that gift sure just how to take care of the flag properly can be confusing. 

"You can do a flag retirement yourself, but it have the right to be a the majority of work to do it right. Why not let Stewart Baxter make it easy?" stated Greenman.

The American Flag doesn"t often involved mind as a recycled item. That"s because we cave them proudly and also the thought of throwing lock in the garbage bin (or also the recycling bin) would certainly feel unpatriotic - however most people agree that it is much worse to hang a tart or damaged flag than to dispose of it properly. 

But, what walk it typical to properly and also respectfully dispose that a flag? There are several techniques that space all taken into consideration correct.

Ceremonial Flag Burning

Before friend gasp at the thought, follow to Wikipedia, this an approach of burning is in no way haphazard or unpatriotic, rather it needs a particular ceremony, where the flag is folded correctly, laid on a bonfire and also burned patriotically. While burning the flag, world in attendance should salute, or having someone at the burning ceremony recite the Pledge the Allegiance or sing the nationwide Anthem. 

But the flag"s product must be taken into consideration first. 

When the password for American Flag disposal to be written, almost all flags were made of organic cloth. However, today countless flags space made native nylon, polyester, or other synthetic materials. As soon as burned, these contemporary materials may produce fumes that space harmful to the environment or your health. So, be certain to inspect the product of her flag before you make the selection to burn that on your own.

This procedure is frequently used by individuals retiring their an individual flags, in ~ home. However what if girlfriend don"t feeling comfortable burning your flag on her own? What if girlfriend don"t know exactly how to effectively fold a flag? Or what if you simply can"t construct a fire on your property? then you have other options.

Flag Burial

To ask the flag, begin by finding a dignified wooden box - it have to be of great quality and construction, together this box will serve together the flag"s vessel together it is interred in the ground.

Fold the flag correctly and also respectfully, location it in the box and then ask it in the ground.

You might even consider giving your flag a quick "funeral". Offer a speech on the prestige of the flag then was standing at attention as the flag is lowered into the ground. Watch a minute of silence as the flag is buried. You may even pick to mark the funeral location through a small, patriotic marker.

Flag Shredding

You may also shred her flag. Shredding an American flag might seem violent, however the united state Army"s Heraldry institute assures united state that shredding is an acceptable disposal method, listed it is done through reverence. 

Use a spicy pair of scissors to slowly and also accurately different the thirteen stripes, leaving the blue star-spangled ar intact. 

After the flag is reduced into pieces, location it in a receptacle fit for burial and bury it following the above procedures or ceremoniously burn the piece one by one, beginning with the stripes and also ending with the blue field.

Give your Flag to a Qualified organization for Disposal

Finally, certain United States federal government organizations offer services to command the ceremony to properly dispose that flags because that no charge, top top request.

In the Linn ar Area, Stewart Baxter Funeral and also Memorial services are working with the neighborhood American Legion and Boy Scout teams to aid you respectfully retire one old flag- and even far better than that, lock are supplying a brand-new flag to change each the the retirement flags- in ~ no expense to you.

Jacob, Scott and the staff at Stewart Baxter Funeral and Memorial Services, yes, really cares about veterans - and also the American flag - and also they follow through on this emotion by hosting this flag retirement ceremony every year - with aid and help from the Legion and also the Scouts.

From currently through November 16


, drop your tattered flag off at the Cedar Rapids (9am-5pm) or Mt. Vernon (1pm-5pm) Stewart Baxter locations from Monday with Friday and also you can obtain a brand new 3-5 foot flag to change it. Stewart Baxter and the business groups will make sure that your old one is correctly disposed of.

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So, this Veterans job season, think around your flags and also what problem they space in. It"s basic to skipping a flag that has currently seen its best days, yet it"s likewise easy come retire it and also at the exact same time to acquire a brand-new one to replace it many thanks to Stewart Baxter Funeral and Memorial Services.