Suppose you decided to gain your sleep pierced. You go to a dependable place, acquire the piercing, and also follow every one of the self-care instructions. One month later, you notice a huge bump in the piercing area. This can be one indication that a keloid, which is one of the most usual complications linked with body piercings, according to info from the U.S. National Library the Medicine.

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What is a keloid?

A keloid is a round, hard mass that is generally caused by one overgrowth of scar tissue. It’s most commonly found around or in piercings, and also therefore commonly appears in your nose or ear. However, keloids can likewise be found anywhere the skin has actually experienced an injury or trauma.

Symptoms include:

Redness Tenderness ede Itchiness in ~ the site

While uncommon, keloids in the nasal area deserve to sometimes ulcerate and influence the sinuses.

What reasons a keloid?

According come the journal, American family members Physician,keloids are led to by:

surgical procedure Vaccinations major acne Burns cut Tattoos

Keloids appear equally as regularly in men and women, back those v darker skin---particularly African-Americans or Hispanics---are 15 times much more likely to build keloids. They also occur much more frequently in those between the ages of 10 and also 30. In addition, there appears to it is in a genetic predisposition to arising keloids.

How are keloids treated?

The ideal treatment is come avoid developing keloids if at every possible. If you fall into one of the demographic teams that renders you an ext likely to acquire keloids, then us recommend preventing body piercings.

Do keloids constantly have to it is in removed?

Not necessarily. There room several alternatives to aid manage the condition. Keloids have the right to be treated through steroids, an anti-inflammatory hydrocortisone medication or by freezing. However, since keloids may reoccur, an ext than one form of treatment is often needed.

Because that their propensity to return, keloid removal is just one of the finest treatment options, particularly if the keloid is large. We additionally suggest some ongoing post-surgery treatment to keep them from recurring.

Conclusion: while keloids execute not necessarily need to be removed, operation eliminating them does mitigate symptoms and can aid keep them indigenous recurring. However, part keloids carry out require removal in the operation room.

Keloid remove is just one the the plenty of in-office measures we sell at Raleigh Capitol ENT. We additionally have:

Coblation turbinate reduction (treatment of nasal obstruction) Cyst removed Closure after a Moh's procedure (skin cancer removal by a dermatologist) Closed palliation of a nasal fracture fix of torn earlobes

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